David Tom OUT! Burgess Jenkins IN! The Shocking Recasting of Billy Abbott on ‘Y&R’


Just as the long memorial day holiday weekend was getting ready to begin word broke that “” was recasting the role of Billy Abbott. According to Daytime Confidential, “Y&R” has decided to go in a different direction with the character and has let go. He is being replaced by actor .

“So excited to be joining the Y&R family! Thanks so much for the outpouring of warm welcome from all the fans!” wrote Jenkins who confirmed his joining on Twitter.

In addition to his role as Sergeant Eddie Hall on Lifetime’s “,” Jenkins has appeared in episodes of “,” “” and “.” He starred in the ABC Family original movie “” alongside .

Bjoern Kommerell Photography
Bjoern Kommerell Photography

Tom originated the role of an adult Billy in 1999, for which he won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series in 2000. He remained with the series through 2002 and subsequently appeared on “” and “” as Paul Cramer, who helped jumpstart the baby switch storyline that spanned from Llanview to Pine Valley in 2004. In 2008, took over the role, which garnered the actor with two Daytime Emmy Awards in 2010 and 2013 in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his portrayal. After opting not to renew his contract, it was announced in November 2013 that Tom would return to “Y&R.” The actor began airing in early February.

(Nikki Newman) wished Tom the best on Twitter. “I’ll miss U so much. Don’t let it get u down. U R a fabulous actor, friend & U R my family. Ur talent will take U where U belong,” wrote the actress.

Jenkins will first appear onscreen in late June.

  • Timmy Lee Roberts

    Stupid is what this is! Old Jill Farren Phelps needs to make David Tom the new Adam.

    • don

      not going to happen my friend.

  • Didi

    They should have done this in the beginning and taken time to cast the role and think of the “direction” for Billy. Nothing against Tom, but why is it fans knew that he wouldn’t fit as “todays Billy” but the people running the show couldn’t see that? Someone running that show needs to be fired. How horrible and humiliating for this young man, he seems like a good guy. It’s not his fault the character changed since he first played it and doing a poor imitation of Billy Miller just didn’t cut it. He should keep acting, but go on a different show with a fresh new character. Good luck to him. They are going to have the same problem when they recast Adam Newman. Both MIller and Muhney were one of a kind. That show should have done EVERYTHING to keep them.

    • Angela Beddow

      Lets just say..its a mess. Don’t kno circumstances of this sexually assault with Hunter so what really is the deal..here say, has this been proven with facts. I have watched Y&R 4, 45yrs. Has never been this bad never. Really hate 2stop…facts, people may b more understanding of this whole firing with Muhney!! Now as far as Billy Miller, now that guy is the bomb. Love ya my 2bestest buddies..no 1 will ever replace u2 4sure! Never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Joanna

      Muhney was fired completely out of the blue last December. He said himself he didn’t even see it coming. The whole “he’s dead” storyline was rushed to get rid of him and have a new guy in the role. Apparently he’s coming back this summer after being away since like January. I hope they don’t make the new guy play Adam the way Muhney did. They should have him come back a changed man and the only legal crap he needs to answer for is Delia’s death. The fact that he sees Billy and Chelsea get closer and his angered by this will only make him want to get revenge on Billy and that makes the character enter into Muhney territory and this new guy better be up to the challenge. He did crazed psychopath better than most on this show and it’s a shame he got the boot the way he did. I’ve been watching the show for almost 5 years now and I don’t know how much longer I can watch it if this is what they do to outstanding actors.

      • Charlotte DiLondon

        You’re a riot. They need you to write the script for Adam, I love it.:):):)

  • don

    They should have adjusted billy to david tom but instead they kept billy miller’s billy and it was not good for DT

    • Sean John

      Glad to read a comment that makes sense!!!!

  • Charlotte DiLondon

    David Tom, was the original first Billy, and he is a great actor, but he just didn’t fit the role of an older Billy, who’s married and has children. He was just too young to play that role, and make it believable. Tough luck, Tom.

    • James Scott

      what are you talking about. David Tom is older than Billy Miller.

      • Charlotte DiLondon

        David Tom looks too young, hows that?

  • Charlotte DiLondon

    If Billy Miller just won’t come back, Burgess just might work out. He is quite handsome, and may be a good fit for Victoria.

  • led136

    Sure am glad David Tim is gone don’t know about this new Billy never seen him before sure wish kelly was gone can Ian Ward please get what he desires painful

  • Leenywoman

    They didn’t need to adjust the part of Billy to
    David Tom…a really good actor can play Any part he is given. David Tom just couldn’t do it. He always looked like he was trying too hard and all the stupid faces he made is what did him in. Hope the new guy is better. Would rather have Billy Miller back. That Jill lady was a fool to let BM and MM go. No one can take their place!! Michael acting with Eric B. was the best ever! Get rid of Jill Phelps and make things right!!!!

    • don

      the new guy i don’t believe will suceed because they are still writing billy to billy miller’s and burgess jenkins does not have similar temper as billy biller so that is gonna fail if writer do not adjust the character for him which they did not do for david tom

  • Joanna

    I am so upset with how Y&R has dealt with Billy’s character. With the way the story lines surrounding him are going, he and Victoria could just have a quick divorce and Billy could go away forever. This would make the baby storyline easier. Have the baby be Stitches. However, I’m hating that Stitches ex and child are going to be featured in the show sometime this summer. They don’t need to be around and neither does this so called “terrible secret” that Stitch is hiding. If Billy is going to stick around then ONLY Billy Miller should play him. This show is going through to many cast changes for my liking. Recasting, Adam, Phyllis, Kelly, and Billy all in the same year? Do they want the show to crash and burn? next we will be hearing that Eric Braeden has been recast. They did it with Ridge on B&B and it’s not working, but then again there are a lot of things about that show that aren’t working. This new casting news about Billy is just so disappointing to me. Please let it be the last of the year.

    • Bridgette Goff-england

      I think bringing in the ex wife and son would be interesting because we can finally find out what he is hiding from everyone. And they did not recast Phyllis I hate that Billy Miller was recast I loved him.Of course the show is going thru a lot of changes 2 of the members decided to go into different directions that is a part of business.

      • Cobble

        Phyllis is being recast by Gina Tognoni who use to play Kelly Cramer on oltl. Michelle Stafford is now on GH.

      • Charlotte DiLondon

        Phylis has been recasted. Her character is needed for the story line of Nick’s true daughter. They need to get rid of stitch and Dillons dad. I don’t like either one.

    • Anna Atkinson

      I’m with u all the way.

  • lucy2010

    Good luck with this. I watched Army Wives, Nashville and Drop Dead Diva regularly and I don’t even vaguely recognize this actor. They don’t have a chance of replacing Billy Miller with such a forgettable actor. On the bright side, maybe the David Tom debacle will have them rethinking Adam and go back to MM begging him to come back.

    • TAS

      I agree with you totally. Jill Farren Phelps clearly needs to be let go SO many mistakes have been made by her, BM & MM being the biggest and the writing is TERRIBLE!!

      • Charlotte DiLondon

        I want to see Micheal back as Adam, and if money is the problem, they can start getting rid of people like Stitch, and this cassie look a like, and the black lawyer, who ditched Neil, and her brother ,, I can’t even think of their names, the guy who is going to Mary Ashley’sdaughter. They all can go.

  • Cobble

    I’m relieved they are letting David Tom go. It hasn’t been the same since Billy Miller left. I fast forward just about every scene with David Tom in it. I’m so excited that Burgess Jenkins is going to play Billy. I’m sure he will do an awesome job. Loved him on army wives.

    • don

      I don’t think is gonna be billy does not any similarities with billy miller and acting styles that is why david tom fired actualy the writers wrote billy miller’s billy and david tom had to played and did not any luck so I don’t think this new billy will either. Jenkins could be seen as a recast of stich tough have some acting similarities with sean carrigan stich.

      • Yankey

        What did I just “try” to read? I could not understand a lick of what you’re trying to day, Don.

        • Yankey


          • Don

            Have u been drinking pal?

        • don

          He doesn’t have the same acting style as billy miller’s and that is why david tom was fired. the new billy I see him as a recast of STITCH (BEN) because he has acting similarities with sean carrigan. Did I make myself clear or did you not understand at all pawl.

    • Charlotte DiLondon

      Cobble, this jjust might work. I saw a close up of Burgess, and he is quite handsome, now if he can act, we may have our Billy. I hate to say it, but I don’t think Billy wants back on.

  • RedRiver38

    This shuffling of actors playing Billy Abbott, Michelle Stafford’s disinterest in returning, bad recasts of Abby and Kyle, plus no one “good enough” to replace Michael Muhney’s Adam, shows just how poorly Y&R is now produced. The writing is atrocious. Viewer comments on soap boards are all commenting how boring and horrible the show has become. The ratings are falling and key female demos are at all time lows. There’s only one person to blame for this mess: Jill Farren Phelps.
    The woman has got to go.

    • cdh195077

      I agree with Red River38 about Jill Farren Phelps. I got a feeling if the rating started to go downhill she will be fired.

      • don


        • cdh195077

          The writer didn’t give David Tom word to make his Billy Abbott come alive. He was acting like a victim every day. I hope that the new Billy will get word to make his character come alive. I wouldn’t shock if GH don’t hire another actor that was fired from Y/R as Jason Morgan.

    • Rodney Hakes

      Totally agree with you. The show has become unrecognizable and your specifics regarding recasts are spot on, particularly with Kyle. Replacement Kyle is already gone. Replacement Abby is grating. Michelle Stafford had not interest in coming back because did not like the way that JFP treats the actors. This whole Billy debacle is just further evidence of the mismanagement of this show. I actually liked David Tom, but apparently most people did not like his characterization. They made a HUGE mistake not working with Billy Miller.

      I have been watching GH since the beginning of the year because they cast Maura West, one of daytime’s best from ATWT. Now, to my great pleasure they have cast Michelle Stafford as Nina Clay. I’m telling you guys, if you don’t already watch GH, you should start. It really is a great show.

      • Charlotte DiLondon

        Thank you rodney, I wondered what Carly from ATWT. Now GH has two of my favorites, I will start watching. I hope I can catch up with the story line.

        • Rodney Hakes

          I have actually found it pretty easy to get into GH even though I have never watched it before. Maura West plays Ava Jerome and she is fantastic.

    • SelenaMillieux

      yeah get out Jill!

    • Jgs Daycare

      I wish old Abby come bacteria too she on General Hospital now I don’t like Her on it bad acting

    • VIsidore`

      I like the new Abby. The old Abby got on my nerves. Kyle was terrible and so Kelly.

  • Jamie

    I know people who have been watching Y&R for a long time love David Tom, but good heavens, he is horrible. His horrendous acting was even more striking as he took over for Billy Miller, who had been killing it for months. Hopefully this new guy can at least act.

    • cdh195077

      I must agree with Jamie. David Tom wasn’t give anything to work with. I wouldn’t shock nor surprised if Billy Miller or David Tom don’t become the newest Jason Morgan real soon.

      • THW

        I believe Jason character should be Michael Muhney!!!

  • Andrea Miller LaBarbera

    They never should have killed Delia…now we lost Chloe…. This recasting had got to stop….You have them both *die* …and then later the real actors return. You don’t dare replace Victoria Rowel/Dru so you really shouldn’t with Phyllis..Billy or Adam …That simple …

    • Jgs Daycare

      Stop recast just kill them off let be not right they go stuck great job some one new come screw it up make worse then before

  • ashho1e85

    The only Billy worth watching is Billy Miller. Gorgeous to look at and an amazing actor. I agree, the story lines are so boring now, all the good ones are gone, and all the veterans story lines stink. Whatever the reason, it’s time to figure it out and change it!

  • Blink

    Wish the new actor luck, he has a tough crowd to please and being a novice to daytime he can get eaten alive. He might want to ring up Michael Muhney on the transition from primetime to daytime. IMO the Billy character was changed too much upon David Tom’s return. Billy Miller’s Billy was at least remorseful, regretful and took on some responsibility. The Billy they wrote for David Tom was whiny, unremorseful and took no accountability for his actions. Not to mention, he was on too much IMO. Seemed everyday we were getting Billy in scenes with Victoria, Chelsea or Chloe. It is unfortunate, they let David Tom take all the heat and backlash from the fans and now they’ve fired him. Hopeful this Billy will be played with a little more maturity.

    • cdh195077

      I would love to see Michael Muhney would be perfect to play Jason Morgan alias Jason Q. Good luck to the future.

    • don

      U are making a point that they seem to not understand they did not adjust billy to david tom they let him play billy miller’s billy and that was more than a mistake it is a big error of judgement plus they had him auditon to get the role back and haven’t seen they were either drunk or they did not want to see that he could not play that billy the should have written billy to his capacity they did not that is why he failed miserably.

  • 51-CENT

    D. Tom is a good actor. But Billy Miller was a hard act to follow. See below.. That’s our Billy until someone can do better.

  • 51-CENT

    oh yea.. shake up the boring story lines… add a few shake up characters that are not current residents of the Genoa City women/man swap….
    Example: Sharon–>Nick, Adam, Victor, Adam,Nick….

    Like the Angelina story lines…

    • tippytoez

      not to mention Sharon with Brad, Jack and Billy. Remember she had a 3-man paternity test for Faith (Nick, Billy and Jack) yet she keeps harping on Nick about Phyllis.

  • SelenaMillieux

    i dont think David Tom, is so bad he was the original Billy although Billy Miller is such a tough act to follow the guy has such an edge and incredibly attractive. Writers need to go by what female viewers want, and its Billy Miller!

    • Jgs Daycare

      Agree writer bring back billy miller like there bringing back real Adam Newman back I here great news

  • justsaying1208

    David Tom may have been the original adult Billy, but Billy Miller formed the role into the sometimes not so adult acting Billy that we all love and miss dearly. Problem is I can’t imagine that anyone will be able to replace Billy Miller or ever get Billy Abbott back to that level of greatness. I fear many failed Billy’s in the future if Billy Miller isn’t brought back, give him whatever he wants, we’ll take up a collection

    • LorriLee

      I hate the lose of Billy Miller. I am ready to leave Y&r over this. It’s the final straw. I want Billy Miller back – this us HIS role!!!!

      • Lily

        I’m ready to leave Y&R over Billy and Michael. They should get rid of Jill Phelps and some other big shots and leave the good actors alone.

      • Jgs Daycare


    • ChocoLATlass

      David Tom played the role as a teenage Billy, that seems to be why many fans(including me) don’t see him transitioning into the adult Billy as a success.

  • Bexx

    Fans were bitter and upset when it was announced that DT was hired, and when his scenes started airing they insulted his acting, appearance, his speech, questioned his sexuality, and now that CBS has listened by firing him, fans are angry over it. Do spare up the faux outrage! People could give two pickles about DT. Miller isn’t coming back, and CBS isn’t going to hire back the predator. CBS has chosen to ignore certain fans, for this very reason alone.

    • JayTN

      Two comments…

      First, people seem genuinely shocked at soap recasts. Soaps have been doing this since the genre’s birth. This is nothing new. Even so-called iconic characters have been recast. Peter Bregman is not the first Jack Abbott. Even short-lived soaps like “Generations” and “Sunset Beach” suffered through casting changes. I don’t remember the role, but “Santa Barbara” will probably forever hold the record for the most jarring recast. Not only did the recast occur in the same episode (the role is played by one actress before the commercial break and by a different actress after the break is over), but the new actress had a different hair color, and even spoke in a British accent!

      Second, people are saying that they are going to quit watching Y&R over recast casting changes (i.e. Phyllis, Billy, Adam, etc.), but weren’t they supposed to have stopped watching in January when Adam left the canvas? What are they still doing around almost five months later?

  • James Scott

    This show has far too many recasts, Summer, Abby, Kyle, Billy, Kelly,& now & Phyllis Billy. I can’t keep up!

    • Charlotte DiLondon

      Surprised to find a man who is so interested in daytime soaps. Welcome aboard?

    • THW

      Totally argree, like a bad fashion show!

    • Lily

      Agree, they change actors like I change my underwear. If they would know how to pick good ones, they wouldn’t have to keep changing them.

  • GG Baker

    PLEASE OH PLEASE Give the new ridge some different clothes. He has worn the same blue stripped shirt & blue suit since he started 6 months ago. It would also help if he washed his hair & shaved also. He looks so unkept

  • GG Baker

    I agree NO ONE can play Billy like Billy Miller!!!!! Give him ever how much $ he requests

    • Bexx

      He doesn’t want money, he wants a primetime gig fulltime.

      • m

        I really wish he’d land a primetime gig. He’s got the talent. I miss him on screen.

  • Nikki

    Billy Miller was so awesome in the role for years that immediately having him replaced with David Tom was suck a horrible mistake. Maybe if they had let some time pass (like months) and fade away then DT would’ve been better accepted. But it was just a sudden change, plus he has zero chemistry with Amelia Heinle it was just so bad. I really wish BM would come back but if he doesn’t I will give this other guy a chance and see how he plays out.

    • Jgs Daycare

      Agree bad Bad mistake recast again why not just bring back old Billy Abbit no recast if heather thom brother didn’t work

  • Lily

    Let this David Tom situation be a lesson in trying to replace Michael Muhney. However, I see they are taking their time in replacing Muhney unlike their replacing Billy Miller. I think no matter how long they wait, no one is going to accept the new Adam Newman. They say no one is indispensable, but good people are difficult to replace and could cause unfavorable changes.
    I think David Tom is a very good actor, but he looked too boyish for the part. He has that type of face that will make him look younger than his age for years to come. I feel sorry for him because I think he was so happy getting that job from what I’ve read about him. I wish him luck in the future.
    I’m still awaiting for the return of Michael Muhney before I stop watching Y & R. There must be a way to have a resolution between the Soap’s power that be and Michael. Michael is a natural, in your face actor with such intensity. I use to wait for his scenes more than anyone else’s. He was really good playing off of Victor and I think Victor was jealous and I’ve lost all respect for him. He should have gone, instead of Michael.

    • cdh195077

      I must agree with Lily about the new Adam Newman. Michael Muhney will be a tough act to follow. Michael Muhney would be perfect as Jason Morgan.

    • Josie

      Time will tell. They are building the suspense and storyline before bringing his face forward, just like replacing Phyllis. Now that Michelle chose another soap they will no longer hold that open for her. So lets move on with both already!!

    • Sylvia Mason

      I agree with you. I as well feel sorry for David Tom. He as you said as the face of a young man and just didn’t “look” the part and I as well wish him luck. I’m certain that if they got rid of JFP life would be much better on the set of the Y & R. They could easily get rid of Victor – he could be killed off and I truly wouldn’t miss him. As for Hunter King – I don’t think she is that good of an actress. Her sister is much better, and I think she only got the role of Summer because of her friendship with JFP. I did so enjoy watching the Y & R for over 30 years now but it’s lost its “spark”! New producer, new writers, get rid of some of the people who just can’t act and it could be a wonderful show again. It’s just too bad that, the fans, who make the show possible, are not being listened to. Without the fans, the show will cease and everyone will be out of a job!!!!! Whereas, if they just got rid of the “Soap Killer” JFP there might and I say just might be a chance that Y & R can remain number one. But something needs to be done and it should have been done 6 months ago!!!

    • Ladybuglover

      they could not keep him…he allegedly sexually harrassed JFP friend “summer” and she threatened to sue unless he was fired

      • oldcanelane

        I find it funny that a character as disposable as Summer has the power to out weigh the status of keeping a seasoned actor that was significant to Y&R’s history. I do not excuse Adams actions if they are in fact true, but I am sure this type of accusation has been used before in daytime yet didn’t result in losing a talented actor. The actor that made the character so good to watch. No offense to “Summer” but she has been replaced several times, no big deal! Adam is a huge loss, along with Phyllis, Billy and Chloe! Y and R is cutting out viewers everyday with their substandard choices, I will be sad to see them go.

  • drv2fst

    THANK GOD!!!!! David Tom could not even come close to replacing Billy Miller! Yes David was there before Billy but Billy was the best Billy Abbot ever! I wish he would come back. I wish good luck with the new guy, but my fav is Billy Miller.

    • Don

      The role of billy now played by burgess jenkins

  • linwe

    Sigh . . . yet another knee jerk reaction. Why, why, why don’t the powers that be listen to the people who keep them in business!!!! It’s REALLY simple, change your stupid “no outside roles” back to the ‘hold on loosely’ idea! I mean, is it not better to have an incredibly popular actor 99.8 percent of the time instead of not at all? BRING BACK BILLY MILLER!!!!!

    • Josie

      Billy Miller CHOSE to not renew his contract – he wanted out – it’s not Y&R’s power that be!!

      • Penny Brannon

        Actually, they couldn’t come to an agreement, so Billy chose not to renew the contract. So, one thing led to another. I love David Tom, but I think people were so used to Billy Miller’s acting, they couldn’t get used to DT. I think it’s sad. Sad that they let Billy go and sad that they put DT in this position in the first place.

      • Ladybuglover

        actually the agreement they could not come to was wether or not he could do outside projects and still do his job…which he has done before…its this new woman JFP that changed it all!!!

    • Rachel

      Billy Miller is too good an actor to waste his career on daytime. And the writing on Y&R is abysmal.

    • Ladybuglover


  • Jeannie

    I was just getting used to David Tom who originated the role. He and Chelsea seem to have chemistry but not Victoria. Y&R’s decision to let go of Billy Miller was horrible and I am not looking forward to the new Billy. He can’t match either of the previous two actors who are very good. Get it together Y&R headhonchos. Seems like a lot of dysfunction at the senior management level.

  • Fan of Gina T’s.

    I have to agree on the JFP issue. She ruined Guiding Light. It went off the air because of her terrible production ideas. Y&R is like watching paint dry. Where are the real interesting stories? Avery, cooking show, WTH? Jilll chasing after a music box… This Abby is horrible and Tyler can never be Shemar Moore…. Lily is as irritating as you can get. She is over the top and needs to tone down her acting. She and Cane are boring as hell. Nikki and Victor… really, Sharon and Nike, Yawn…. People may not have liked David Tom as an adult Billy, but at least he was familiar. I don’t recognize half of the people in town. Leslie married a doctor is a week after breaking up with Neal, (not that they didn’t need to break them up… snooze). Gina is the only good news. I can sum up Y&R with one phrase, “Bored Now.”

    • sexyseminole

      I feel you, Y&R just plain sucks!!!

    • Ladybuglover

      i feel the same on all levels…i been watching this show since i was 7 with my mom! im 42 now….if it weren’t for stitch and victoria i would consider not watching….i fast forward through jack and kelly….i never know if its stitch or billy now on screen when watching from a different room…the avery and stalker thing was over before it got started! what is this jill woman doing!!! she is driving our show off the air!!!

      • sue

        What is y& r thinking? Jenkins is not suited for this role. Come on people! Things are going from bad to worse in the recasting of Billy. Help!!! Bring Billy Miller back please!

  • Robyn

    Alleluia! David Tom is finally gone. He is the weakest, boring actor who whines every time he opens his mouth! I wish Billy Miller would have come back…:( Maybe Michael Muhney will come back as Adam. I can wish…:) Jill Farren Phelps has hired all these poor actors from her previous shows. Noah, Summer (she sucks as an actress), Abby…like there aren’t better actors out there who can really act!!!!

    • don

      Yes david tom is out but the role of billy will now be played by burgess jenkins and I saw his performance he has no charisma so I do not think he will last maybe in 9-10 months he will be out and this time they will not recast billy the will send him somewhere.

  • Robyn

    Sharon annoys the hell out of me. Since JFP has taken over, we have lost Michelle Stafford, Billy Miller, Michael Muhney and Elizabeth Hendrickson. These are actors that were popular and could really act. Y & R has really changed and has gotten boring over the past few years. Quit adding more characters and get better storylines…

  • Deb

    Thank god david tom is out…stupid move it was like replacing matt mcconaughey with lyle lovett in magic mike. So many dumb decisions show almost totally a waste…and summer (the actoress)really is bad…dont know how many favors yall owe her, but i will be glad when you get wise and replace her with a good actress

    • don

      the actress playing summer is jill friend she will not be out if jill is not out and david tom replacement does not have charisma so i think he will not not last either but and I think in 9-10 months he will be out and this they won’t recast billy.

    • Holly Bubu

      I hate this Summer. She has a horrible lisp and is so whiny!!

  • Mare

    david tom just didn’t fill the bill – can’t stand his “squinty-eye” and his bottom teeth always showing.

    • Jaye March

      I can’t stand how he talks through his nose

    • Holly Bubu

      I know exactly what you mean!! I couldn’t stand that Billy. His weird whiny voice and lower teeth showing was soooo annoying! Billy Miller was the BEST!!

  • Nurse Vitals CRNE

    I’m watching today’s episode in Canada….Neil’s children are selfish…not showing up to their dad’s wedding. Not happy with this at all….boo!

  • Tatyana

    Jill Phelps must GO! She is ruining the show! The story line is boring! The actors keep changing! Another new Billy? I just got used to the last Billy. This new Billy just doesn’t fit. Probably won’t be long till he is gone anyways … the way they change actors. Please listen to your audience! Everyone is saying the same thing.

  • America

    Bring back Larry Wharton, Sheila, Drusilla, Bobby Marsino. Bring back some of the batshi*t crazy characters and stop wasting airtime on these boring pregnancy storylines and new playmates for Neil.

    • pheebs

      Hahahaha….playmates for Neil! That is so funny, and true!! I couldn’t be anymore bored watching them!

  • Brandy

    I did not like David Tom at all!! His facial expressions were odd and his eyes were always glassy.. looked under the influence of drugs ur alcohol ALL the time. Glad he’s gone!

  • Kellyn

    Stop changing the Billys! I just got used to the one that just left and they keep getting older and older looking as you change them! The new billy needs to go immediately!!!!!!!

  • cora

    I was use to David Tom and thought he did a good job-now I have to adjust to another new actor

  • krobs

    Billy Miller was the best Billy. He and Victoria had awesome chemistry. I like David Tom, but the chemistry just wasn’t there. It’s not there with Billy #3 either.

  • Laur

    Not liking this change! I agree that Billy Miller played the part with perfection, and David Tom did great as Billy, too. This new Billy is just too far apart on the look of Billy and with the chemistry.

    • Ivy D. Kelly-Starks


    • Eva Franklin-Clark

      Yikes!!! Burgess Jenkins is to old and there is NO chemistry between him and Victoria. SMH at the producers for not trying to keep Billy Miller.

  • Karin

    no offence “new Billy” but NOT liking the change. make up your mind.

  • Nikki

    This new Billy is no Billy Miller but he is certainly better than David Tom’s version already, imo.

    • Summer

      If you saw David Tom’s depiction of Billy in his teen and young adult years, you would like him more. He played the role with deep sensitivity and has actual history with the cast. This new guy Jenkins is awful in the role.

  • Eva Franklin-Clark

    Burgess Jenkins is to old to be playing Billy and brings no chemistry…Producers what are you thinking???????

    • Summer

      Thank you. Zero chemistry. Zero charm. Zero charisma. Zero period.

  • Julie Frye Moats

    no offense to that guy they’ve got playing Billy now but he talks too much like stitch sounds too much like stitch and looks too much like stitch…I was on the fence about who Victoria should end up with now I definitely want it to be stitch

    • Julie Frye Moats

      I’m watching today’s episode as we speak I’m definitely glad she decided to divorce Billy and oh my it’s heating up with stitch

    • Holly Bubu

      totally agree. He could be Stitch’s twin.

      • Still here

        Billy Miller, Billy Miller, Billy Miller. ‘Nough said! When will they listen to the fans that are keeping the last of the soaps on the air!?!

        • Lovetheshow

          They’ll never listen to us. Apparently we don’t even matter. It’s almost like they’re trying to run Y&R into the ground by getting rid of the only actors that make these characters what they are (ie: mm as Adam, Billy Miller as Billy Abbott). And if that’s what they want to do, they’re succeeding pretty quick!!!

    • Chipsie

      wow….I thougt it was just me….these two actors definitely look like brothers…..very strange…..

    • Summer

      Billy Miller would have won Victoria back going against Stitch, no problem. With this Jenkins person, Stitch will get her by default. This is so disappointing.

  • Julie

    The new Billy looks like he is acting for the first time. I can’t watch.

    • loyalynrfan45

      certainly hated when billy miller left he was a great actor and perfect for the role of billy abbott, however I much prefer Jenkins over David Tom, Tom was lowbudget horrible actor with weird mouth movements almost like someone trying to impersonate bill cosby’s famous pudding commercials it was distracting and the whole demeanor was frustrating, I found myself missing the great skills of the character Chelsey because I would fast forward through all of toms scenes… thank you Y&R staff for a welcomed and appreciated replacement for this main character… no one could bring what miller did but I was happy with Jenkins portrayal and look forward to seeing what he will bring. it is so much of an equal match and mutually appealing pairing with the actresses he will be interacting with. and so rooting for Victoria and Stitch to grow closer, I hope she learns the secret and will understand his reasons for doing what he did… they have a lot of chemistry…
      y&r suffered with the death of an icon in Jeanne Cooper , then losing michelle Stafford, miller and the actor that portrayed Adam so close together. Ill be glad when that character is returned for a storyline and eager to see who is casts for the part.

      • bruce schomisch

        Yes Billy Miller is the only one who fits the part thees last Two are not working at all,…….—–0—–bad choices hurt your bottom line,,,,….

      • Summer

        David Tom played the role of Billy in his teen years. He is much more palatable than this new creepy Jenkins. I can’t stand watching him.

      • plumbline41

        I believe we may be the only ones that actually like Jenkins! I just think his neck is a little skinny….lol.

    • Summer

      It is painful to watch. I DVR the show and fast forward through his scenes.

  • krystal schroeder

    I don’t like the new billy I like the other one


    Not much of a Y&R guy but my girlfriend is a big fan I keep telling her this show will come to an end soon, I give Victor about 5 more years before he retires of old age and after he goes the entire show will go, they had a good run though

  • Brandy Reid

    I want Billy Miller back!!! ASAP

  • Crixus

    Billy miller is the only answer. Not that the last two Billy’s were bad……but miller fits the character like no other. Please get it right.

    • Summer

      There needs to be an actor with the same amount of charm and good looks as Billy Miller. Otherwise, I’ve lost interest in Billy & Victoria.

  • Wise

    Jenkins is a joke he looks creepy. Bring Billy Miller or David Tom!!! Get RID of Jenkins Please!!!!!

    • Summer


    • pheebs

      Plus he looks old as dirt!

  • Summer

    After the charismatic, charming, and handsome Billy Miller, and sweet David Tom, Y&R brings in this lousy Burgess Jenkins?!!! What were they thinking?!!!

  • betty vidra

    What is wrong with you people at y&r? You had the best actor for the part of Billy A. in Billy Miller. Even though David Tom was the first Billy, he was not as good as Billy Miller, and this Burgess Jenkins is for the birds. He does not fit the part at all! He makes you not want to watch the show when he is on, and that is bad. I have watch it ever since it started and have seen a lot of cast changes, but this is one of the worse.

  • Y and R fan forever

    Y and R, the makeup artists need to work on Jenkins. He had on too much powder in this weeks episodes. Bringing Billy Miller back is the only option. I dislike Stitch and Victoria together! Billy and Victoria forever! Best soap couple bar none!!

    • XL

      Yeah, I agree with you all the way. The person playing Victoria is becoming a poor actress.

      • pheebs

        What?! Are you crazy?! Victoria is my favorite! And Billy used to be as well, until they got rid of Billy Miller! I loved them together, now I’m rooting for Stitch!

  • Ex Fan

    Just when you think they couldn’t make a dumber move…this guy is a HORRIBLE replacement. He doesn’t suit the character – I’m so done with the Y&R…way to destroy the best soap.

  • Thomas Marler

    This new billy they got is better then Tom but I much rather have Billy Miller back

  • 4BM

    They should have just killed Billy off in the accident with Adam. Billy Miller was Billy Abbott, no miller, no Abbott.

  • XL

    They’ve gone from bad to worse – Toms to Jenkins.

    • pheebs

      I know what a joke! When I saw Jenkins next to Jack, I couldn’t believe it! He looks older than Jack!!! Seriously, what the hell are they thinking????!!!!

  • XL

    I would much rather have Billy Miller back. He was perfect for the character.

  • XL

    The new Billy is too old looking for the role of Billy Abbott.

  • Jillian

    OMG! This guy isn’t good looking (he doesn’t even have a top lip!) nor does he have the swag that Billy Abbot is suppose to have. For the love of Pete, there has got to be someone that can do a halfway decent job!

  • Emily

    Horrible…horrible, this recast is just horrible!!! Ugh, what were you thinking?

  • Thomas Marler

    If they knew that Billy miller and mm were not going to come back then they should have killed adam and billy in the car crash

    • pheebs

      Totally agree! I can’t stand watching these new Billys!


    Do not like this new guy at all, he does not have the “sas” that Billy A needs. Ruins the storyline now…..BOO

  • Brittain

    I just saw the new Billy Abbott. I’m sure Mr. Jenkins is a fine actor, but he would not have been my choice for the role of Billy. Mr. Jenkins is too mature for the role of a reckless, wealthy, spoiled brat that Billy Abbott is!!
    The producers must have had a different criteria for their selection, than the viewing public.

    • pheebs

      What the hell were they thinking? That is what I want to know!!

      • Lori


  • Brittain

    P.S. Why did they get rid of David Tom??

    • don

      He looked too young for the part.

  • Kimberly Irene Montgomery

    New Billy is worse than the last. Ya’ll better get it going or your gonna go the way of most of the soaps and get canceled!

    • don

      I do not think y&r will get cancelled but the new billy burgess if do not fit might exit by the end of the year or in spring 2015 if does not work out.

  • Sandyc

    BIG mistake!!! He is NOT Billy Abbott at all!!! I know he’s only 40, but he just doesn’t look the part. Sorry Y&R execs – you need to get Tom back if Miller is not available!!!

    • pheebs

      I totally agree! Although, I did not like David Tom, he is a lot better than Jenkins! I can’t get over how old he looks! Why would they get such a wrinkled up old man to play sexy, hot, fun, young Billy boy Abbott! Billy Miller is and always will be the best fit!

  • Lori

    his eyes are freaky

  • Lori

    his face doesn’t have any expression at all

  • pattie

    You need to get Billy Miller back. The other actors they have tried are not even close to the part of Billy Abbott. Please come to your senses. The show is not the same. l

    • Toya

      What I liked about Billy Miller was that he had a lot of personality, and he was funny. Neither of the other two have that.

  • MellowCat

    Billy Miller had tough shoes to fill, but Tom did as good of a job as could be expected; He was growing on me, and still had those “Billyisms.” The new Billy is way off the mark, but I hope with time he will become acceptable after getting used to him. I think his acting is good, but he would make a better cop character or something. (Too bad Chavez is MIA). He is too old looking and lacks swagger, dancing eyes and that cheshire grin among other problems. I just don’t get WTH they’re thinking. I guess all the fans whining about Tom made them do a complete 180. Bad move.

  • tinktastic

    Wait.. is billy abbott in his mid to late thirties or fifty???

    • Toya

      He does look a lot older doesn’t he.

  • Lauren Christenensen

    I hate the new billy … I liked tom because I grew up with him and felt comfortable with the transition … Although I like billy miller and wished he had stayed .. This new guy is too abrasive for the part and leaves a bad taste in my mouth every time I see him on the screen … He has no chemistry what so ever … The character billy is kind hearted and gentle … This guy is a cold fish … I’ve watched since day one and keep putting up with the little ripples … So I will try to give him a chance … But I don’t like it … I’m just saying!!! Ha!

  • Rita Sombra

    I don’t like Tom or Jenkins as Billy Abbott. Tom looked the part a bit more than the new Jenkins – who is probably too handsome for the part.
    I have a feeling that Billy Miller will end up coming back. Low ratings or unhappy viewers can do wonders. Maybe Y&R will suck it up and give him the money he wants or maybe deserves?
    Still miss Michael Muhney too. Guess he will now be on GH. Will be interesting to see who they pick for the new Adam.

    • don

      Maybe miller will not come back at he’s my speculation the casting departement will realize in the fall that jenkins is not a fit for the role because he did not catch with the viewers and ratings still going down might exit in november 2014 or beginning january 2015 at the latest as for the character of billy i do not think they will recast the role again they will simply write him off the show and take the show in a different direction without billy abbott in the picture.

  • M C

    David Tom was sweetheart but didn’t have chemistry with Victoria. Willing to go with Vicki and Dr Rayburn as a couple then Billy and Chelsea as better fit. Now, Jenkins doesn’t have chemistry with any of the female actors. As a Y & R fan, Couple chemistry is key with established characters. Do the experimenting with new characters. Very happy with new folks Dylan, Avery, Rayburn, Leslie, Cassie, Chelsea and Summer.

  • chris hayes

    David Tom was doing a great job and as soon as your getting use to him & liking him they recast him with a useless waste of space Jenkins ” To old , can’t act , to creepy , no chemistry with Victoria , Chelsea , Kelly , Jack , Lilly’s dog , the janitor …What on earth are the people behind Y & R thinking ??? I thought the Kyle recasting was bad but this takes the cake !!!……..

  • chris hayes


  • Jenna

    This is a horrible job of recasting.!As a longtime viewer of The Young and the Restless, I enjoyed watching David Tom and Billy Miller (my favorite Billy). Burgess Jenkins has zero chemistry with Victoria and/or Chelsea! I also miss Michael Muhney who was wonderful as Adam. Finally a character as complex as Victor Newman!!

  • Torie ❤️

    I miss the old Billy “David Tom”. Y&R is NOT the same. Please think about bringing him back…

  • Toya

    This Billy is awful. I want Billy Miller back. I don’t even watch the Billy segments anymore I just fast forward through it. It frustrating when you really like a character and then you turn around and someone else is playing that character. There have been so many changes that you just lose interest. Y&R was one of the Soaps that kept that to a minimal but not anymore. I am glad to see the old Faith back though. We’ll see if she stays because it seems like they will change out in a minute without thinking about how the fans will react.

  • bigsurprise

    I liked Billy Miller a lot !! And I also liked David Tom….but this new guy , is not really fitting the bill….Please bring either of the other two back, and stop swaping out !! I have been watching Y and R and have been a loyal fan since I was in high school, way back….since the beginning of the show !!! I do not know what the issues were with the other two Billy’s leaving….but if two of your best will leave…Y&R , you are doing something WRONG !!

  • bigsurprise

    Y&R …BRING BILLY MILLER BACK !!! He was cute, FUNNY, clever, intresting…What ever your issue was with him…..FIX IT !!!! HE needs to come back and then get back with Victoria…..Victoria is great !! , but since Billy Miller is gone Victoria is not as fun and interesting. Their chemistry was great !!!…you are ruining her character by doing this

    • CT

      I agree 100% with you. I don’t usually comment about the soaps, but I DO NOT LIKE THIS NEW BILLY!!!

  • mslady269

    Billy Miller was the best. I didn’t like David Tom at first, but then as soon as he grew on me, they switch him up. This new guy can act, but he looks way too old for the part. Ugh. Just bring back Billy Miller.

  • Dianne Days

    I really don’t like the new Billy. To me, he looks way older than the other two and I wish that show would make up their minds who they want in that role. I’m a new watcher and may not stay if they can’t make up their minds. Tired of not knowing who that new guy is until I figure out he’s supposed to be Billy.

  • jo

    To old, !!!!!!!!!!!! Bring back Tom

  • Melissa

    I dont like the new Billy, bring back David Tom.

  • Jane

    We do not want a metrosexual Billy. Bring back a manly man like Billy Miller or David Tom.

  • Vickie

    Getting rid of Billy Miller was a big mistake! He is greatly missed! Big fan of Billy Miller! I hope he has great success in his future! He is a wonderful actor!

  • Sam

    Geeez- how old is this guy? He looks right on up there with Jack. In No way does he fit the role!! Billy Miller was excellent and though he cannot be replaced they can at least try to get someone that fills his shoes a little better and looks the part- this guy is wayyyyy tooooo old! Next please.

  • Dottie White

    I agree, this guy does not fit the role of Billy Abbott! Billy Miller or David Tom were fine for the role.

  • Kansas Girl 69

    God what is wrong with Y and R!!!! This new Billy SUCKS!! you should have cast him as ADAM!! This guy is just not right as Billy in any way shape or form! !!!! Billy Miller was great and it took just a bit but Tom was great too but this guy is a dead fish people!! Grow up and stop messing with Billy!! Whatever your beef with Miller OR Tom fix it and get one of them back and get rid of this guy!! He just DOESN’T NOT FIT THE PART!!! What moron does the casting anyway!! Hey tell Mrs Bell that I went by her old house on the lake yesterday when we took our boat around the lake! It’s still as beautiful as ever just like Mrs. Bell!! By the way our whole family has been watching since Y and R started!!! Now hurry up and call Miller or Tom back in and get rid of this new Billy!! NOW!!!

    • Betwitching Blues

      Miller yes, but definately not Tom..

  • johnnysssmith

    Agreed, the newest in the line of Billys is also not remotely right. But Tom was way worse, stupid mouth hanging open, dopey glazed look . . . The ONLY actor that can bring the right feel to the character is Miller. End of story.

    • don

      If new billy is not a fit in 7or 13 months he is out and the character of billy will be written off and the show will go in different direction without billy in it. Miller wants to do other projects can’t blame him for doing that.

  • linwe

    Very sad about ALL the changes. Miller had a spark, a fun side and when necessary an incredibly serious side. The others are flat, one dimensional, no humor, no spark. Boring all around. Really miss Miller.

  • Betwitching Blues

    I still don’t like the new replacement, Burgess Jenkins,he seems too old and doesn’t have the same spark or sex appeal Billy Miller brought to the role…Sad, they really need to bring Miller back as Billy, this new one is just no good.

  • Betwitching Blues

    This new guy is too vanilla, boring

  • Jinx

    I don’t like the new Billy (Burgess Jenkins). He just isn’t Billy Abbott ! ! !

  • Sharenone

    Loved Miller! I miss him greatly and wish he hasn’t chosen to leave. However, although Tom looked too young and sometimes didn’t get the scenes quite right he fit the part MUCH better than Jenkins. Bring back David Tom!!

  • Cheryl814

    Burgess Jenkins needs to go. He does not fit the character of Billy Abbott. The dude is too suite and tie. He does not fit the wild and crazy, getting into trouble Billy. I just do not like him !!!

  • Cheryl814

    Boring Billy!!

  • k52

    Y&R needs to keep looking for an actor to play billy abbott, or bring billy miller back…..neither of the 2 actors they brought in since are likable, the one guy was so winey, this current guy is dull……..Y&R is ruining it’s own show with bad casting decisions…..they have let go a lot of good actors this past year

  • Mimi

    Billy miller need to come back! This new guy just does not cut it!!!!

  • Kelly

    I think Burgess Jenkins is doing a great job. David Tom was so wrong in this part, whether he created it or not. He was whiny and over dramatic. No one will play Billy like Billy Miller, but Mr. Jenkins is a much better choice for what’s going on with this part at this time.

    • don

      The guy is boring looking too old for the part and the further we go the more it gets worse so I agree with the rest of people he needs to go and may be happen in spring or summer when the adam hit and run storyline will come to an end

  • lisa wong

    The “Billy” situation is unbearable. I personally fast forward every scene he is in. I feel so sorry for the poor actresses that have scenes with him, although they are doing a tremendous job, it burns.:(

  • Sara

    I honestly googled “I miss Billy” and here I am. I don’t usually do this. But he brought a certain presence to the show, and now there’s a huge hole there. I think they should simply move the character to another town and be done with it. Billy Miller was so concrete in the role that it is impossible not to miss him. The new direction actor they’ve brought in is stiff at best. I’m sorry. Might as well have made him a new character altogether.

  • kentuckywoman2

    I got so fed up with the piss-poor writing on this show that I haven’t watched it now in almost two years. Tonight, just for funsies, I thought I’d see whether the show might have improved since I last watched it. Obviously, it has gotten much worse. Cassie-ghost was really Cassie’s twin? And yet neither Sharon nor her mother knew she had had twins? But Victor did?

    Still animosity between Sharon and Victor, when once they had been so very close. Was a big mistake for him to use her like he did when he married her, and a big mistake to keep up the vendetta.

    Not even going to comment on the Keystone Cops treatment of Billy & Victoria, Summer, Devon, Neil, etc.

    I’ve not missed anything worth watching, that’s for sure. R.I.P., Y&R- you were once a fairly decent show. Now you’re just a sad joke.