CONFIRMED: Actor Chris L. McKenna Joining ‘Y&R’; Character and Airdate Revealed


The Young and the Restless Mast Head by Soap Opera Network

Peter Randolph Kerr Photography
Peter Randolph Kerr Photography

Best known for his portrayal of Joey Buchanan on ABC’s “” in the 1990’s, actor  is heading to CBS’ “.” The actor first noted his joining the series in a tweet to his followers on Friday, January 17, which said, “It appears I’ll be making a bit of a return to soaps. At least for a few episodes.”

Per a rep for the daytime drama series, who confirms the actor’s joining, McKenna will be portraying the recurring role of Mark Harding and begins filming his scenes tomorrow, January 22 with a first airdate set for Monday, February 17.

“He’ll appear during an exciting event that will bring several Genoa City residents together,” says the rep.

  • Bexx

    Very nice. Welcome aboard.

  • Elizabeth Waddell

    sorry I want see you..I quite watching.Y&R .so hope you have a long run….by their history it will be short ..sorry…

    • Sammie Jo

      bye, we’ll miss you. lol

      • Elizabeth Waddell

        oh yes I really believe that lol….

        • Sammie Jo

          I thought you would. lol

  • CTwildheart

    Good for him. The only reason they replaced him as Joey was because they SORAS’d the character. Good actor.

  • Fox

    Inquiring minds want to know if Mark Harding is Paul Williams’ son by that fling he had with April’s sister, Barbara Ann Harding, when they went to Aspen in 1982?

  • Fred

    McKenna is a former child actor who has rarely been hired as an actor since, doubt if his acting skills have much to add to the show. Its been said that he’s another friend of Phelps the producer. This promo picture appears to be at least ten years ago. I saw him on a commercial and he has aged significantly since.

  • So, Michael Muhney is not coming back to play as Adam Newman.

    I cannot believe this.

    Let’s see how long Y&R is going to last.

  • Janice Ashby

    I really do not see why people are so adament about not watching the show if Michael Muhney leaves, I can’t believe what I’am reading about him and Hunter King though at all. I don’t even remember Chris Engen playing Adam Newman at all, I do remember someone else played him though…but even when I pulled up Chris’ photo’s no rememberance at all….and the new hire Adam, just so “does not” closely resemble Adam in ANY way shape of form.