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‘GH’s’ Teresa Castillo Pregnant In Real-Life; Actress Due In May 2014

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Jill Johnson/JPI Studios
Jill Johnson/JPI Studios

Just as Sabrina Santiago learns that she is pregnant on ABC’s “,” her portrayer reveals she is also pregnant in real-life, reports People magazine. “It feels wonderful. This is the most joyous time of my life,” said actress  to the publication, where she announced she was expecting her first child – a girl – with husband . “It feels great to finally be able to share it with the world,” she added.

Wed in 2008, the couple are expecting their bundle of joy in May, while in reel-life Sabrina will be experiencing a headache full of drama in the coming months as she debates on how to inform Patrick (), who just left her in order to return to the arms and bed of his recently revealed to be alive wife, Robin (), about their surprise post-wedding gift. Castillo tells ABC Soaps In Depth, “I feel like it was appropriate for the story. It just adds to the drama, and I love it.”

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  • acallforjustice

    So happy for my girl Sabrina, Patrick will now have a son

  • Andrew Hass

    Congrats to Teresa and her husband on the pregnancy.As for GH i’m not surprised that they are writing Sabrina is pregnant too because the show may have known for awhile that the actress is pregnant even though it’s now just being made public.

  • talktomuch

    i think it needs to be Carlos baby……because she is protesting a little to loud that they did nothing…that would be a way for Patrick to see it all, when the baby is born.

  • Donna

    I know it is Patrick baby. She would not put Emma or Patrick back to the same place again. and also i think it happen when he found out the baby was not his he had went home and told Sabrina and he did not want her to go he ask her to stay and she did and then went to the room that is when it started with a baby.