EXCLUSIVE: Charles Shaughnessy and Patsy Pease Spill Details About Their ‘DAYS’ Appearance!

    on Thursday, November 14, 2013 @ 12:38 PM

    So, in other words, both actors would not only be open to a longer “DAYS” return, they hope for it! “It was always, for me, a really fabulous job,” Shaughnessy shares. “Really fun people, and if it wasn’t fun, I would say absolutely not [to returning]. But… I enjoy it. It’s very fast, and you have to be on your toes. You don’t hang about, you’re out of the studio quickly. And so yeah, I’ve always said it was a fun gig, and I’d be happy to come back, if it fits in, obviously if I’m not busy or doing anything else. But in principle, having spent those eight years on the character, it would be nice to rework the character.”

    Pease agrees that a more in-depth return would be nice, especially considering there was confusion as to whether or not their alter egos were back together or not! “I asked, because we had that wedding ring thing,” she reveals. “I was concerned about that, about whether or not I was supposed to wear a wedding ring, so I asked, and they came back to me and they said no.”

    Paul Skipper/JPI Studios
    Paul Skipper/JPI Studios

    “So apparently, we are still divorced then,” Shaughnessy clarifies. “And we never address it, and we certainly don’t say, ‘Let’s get remarried,’ so I’m assuming we are still divorced. They just didn’t really deal with it, and that’s where I feel it’s not fair for the fans. [It seems a bit of a tease to] not even deal with who we are to each other as characters.”

    But, as Pease points out with a laugh: “A spark wasn’t exactly an appropriate thing to have in the middle of your daughter killing herself! So as much as we could in the situation, we had appropriate sparks.”

    ” aside, both Pease and Shaughnessy have been enjoying their freedom and the different paths their careers have them taken them. Pease now lives in Florida, a bold move she made two years ago. “I gave away everything I owned; the rule was, if it doesn’t fit in a backpack, it doesn’t go,” she recalls of the decision. “So we put everything in backpacks except for our two dogs, and we drove 3,500 miles, and we really didn’t have a great idea of where we were going to end up! And it’s been the greatest adventure. There’s a part of you that likes a steady job, but I love the freedom that I’ve had touring this country. I said I’d go to the Grand Canyon, I said I’d go to New Orleans, and I said I’d go to the Appalachian mountains, but I never did. And I knew getting older, it’s harder to change, so there was a window of opportunity, and it was closing. I had a very narrow area to jump through, and I knew if I didn’t jump then, I never would!”

    Shaughnessy is also enjoying freedom, albeit in a very different way. “I have to say, even though there isn’t the security of an ongoing job, I love patching together a career out of all sorts of different things, like a little voiceover here, a commercial there, a little indie movie and a little play and a little guest spot on ‘NCIS’ or something. It’s kind of fun to do all of these different things,” he says. “There’s a Nickelodeon series I did a guest spot for called ‘Deadtime Stories,’ which airs [tonight], and it’s a terrific show. And there’s another thing, which I also think is terrific, an Internet show. You can go to WorldOfSnark.com and check it out. I think it’s a fabulous little webisodic idea, but like everything on the internet, it’s impossible to find funding for these things. But I still think it’s a fantastic project, something I made about a year ago, that I hope will turn into something.”

    And if not, he says there will always be a new adventure on the horizon. “I have a number of phrases I throw out, and one of them is lean forward,” he shares. “I think that is so important, to lean into that space in life and whatever comes up, whatever adventure comes up, that’s life. Things happen out of left field all of the time, and if you sit back thinking that you’re in steady place, it’s going to surprise you. So you may as well go looking for the surprises, go looking for the adventure.”

    To catch Pease and Shaugnessy in Salem, tune into “Days of our Lives” on Monday, November 18, Tuesday, November 19 and Wednesday, November 20.

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    • alistaircrane

      I will be watching Days of Our Lives for the first time in over a year because of Shane and Kim. I love supercouples! I stopped watching when Carrie, Austin and Jack were fired last year. It is disappointing that Shane and Kim haven’t remarried. I hope they are still together as a couple even if they haven’t remarried yet.

      • Markie Bell

        I never stopped watching, I have been watching since 1979. Why stop watching just because an actor/actress wants to leave, even if they were let go from Days. I am a Days fan, and always will be, and I like the stories right now, and I hope they continue with good stories.

        • alistaircrane

          Good for you, but Days hasn’t been watchable in about 7 years. I am glad you are willing to sit through s#!+, but I won’t. The current headwriters, Gary Tomlin and Christopher Whitesell, are hacks. The show has been invaded by newbies; meanwhile, classic supercouples have been broken up and/or written off. That is not the Days of Our Lives I loved. I wouldn’t watch it now even if you paid me.

          • lulu

            almost two years ago, at end of 2011 and most part of 2012 you had some good numbers of ‘supercouples’ so what was your ‘excuse’ to stop watching then ? eyerolllllll

            • alistaircrane

              I WAS watching then, you stupid moron! I came back to DAYS in 2011 after a 5-year break when they brought back John, Marlena, Carrie, Austin, and Jack. I stopped watching when Carrie, Austin and Jack were fired. Make sure you know your facts before you speak.

            • Markie Bell

              What ever, This is a soap, not reality, and if you don’t care to watch anymore, then why bother looking this up and commenting. Also if it wasn’t watchable for the past 7 years, then why are you watching? To me Days of our lives is awesome , and I like the story lines, and the actors.

            • alistaircrane

              Are you unable to read? I don’t watch Days anymore! I want to be able to watch, but I can’t. I recorded Patsy and Charles’ episodes and FFed through everything but their scenes. Days was my favourite show and I want to be able to watch it again, but the writing is terrible and all the couples and characters I like are gone. Not sure why I have to explain myself to you, though, especially when you don’t have very discerning taste.

        • Robin

          I also Love Days, and i have been watching for many years and will continue to do so.

    • Sharon Hallett

      Great article! They are both terrific actors and are so great together in Days! It would be so wonderful if they were back on the show permanently! It would certainly give a much needed boost to the show in the long run and not just for a boost during sweeps!!

    • debbieap

      I love Shane and Kimberly they should keep then on the show they are worth more then 3 days on Days what’s wrong with the writers dammit

      • lulu

        yep it is RIDICULOUS, i really don’t get why they ask them to come back for just three days..what can you tell in three days of filming..come on..Dool tptb can be really really dumb sometimes..just don’t get it..

      • alistaircrane

        Agreed. Kimberly is my favourite Brady and it’s sad that they hardly use her. She and Shane should be recurring like Justin and Adrienne! If it’s a budget thing, let go of Justin and Adrienne because I’m rather see Shane and Kim.

    • lulu

      Three days of filming ?! Seriously Days ? What is the point ? I would like to understand, seriously.. With ONLY three days what can Shane and Kim can do ? Moreover CS and PP clearly want to come back at least as recurring if not in contract..so why just use them like that ???? Explain..i genuinely DON’T UNDERSTAND again this moronic move fby this soap..

    • alistaircrane

      Yes! Kim and Shane have remarried! When Shane introduced himself to JJ, he said, “this is my WIFE Kimberly”. Also, Charles’ wedding ring was clearly visible at least twice in the November 18 episode. Not sure why the person Patsy spoke with told her not to wear her ring, especially when Charles wore his, and more importantly because the script indicated they are married!

    • Days fan

      Bring them back!!!! Love these two!