‘DAYS’’ Jen Lilley Discusses ‘Rough Relationship’ With Her Onscreen Parents!

Jill Johnson/JPI Studios
Jill Johnson/JPI Studios

If you’ve been enjoying the dynamic between “” Theresa (), Shane () and Kimberly (), you’re not the only one! Shaughnessy and Pease shared their thoughts on the parent/daughter relationship with Soap Opera Network last week, and Lilley is now weighing in on the dramatic storyline!

“Oh, Theresa is not happy about her parents dropping into Salem at all!” the Virginia native says with a laugh, explaining that Shane and Kimberly haven’t exactly been the greatest parents of all time. “Kimberly had a sordid past… We’ve all made mistakes. I think if you’re a human being, and you’ve lived under the sun, we’ve all done something we’ve regretted. And Kimberly did turn her past around. She became a child psychologist, [but because of that], she and Theresa have had a rough relationship. Kimberly was always trying to psychoanalyze her, she’s always trying to diagnose her, which is really hard. Theresa felt like her whole life, she was Kimberly’s patient and not her daughter. And then Shane was the dad who would swoop in randomly and be try to be like, ‘You should listen to your mother!’ And it’s like, ‘Dude, you’re a spy, and I really don’t even know you.’ So I think she’s uncomfortable with the weight of the world that’s hit her.”

Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

But even though Theresa isn’t thrilled about Shane and Kimberly’s visit, Lilley certainly enjoyed the pair’s presence. “Patsy is a doll; I could not say a bad thing about that woman,” she raves. “I think she’s amazing. She’s an actress who kind of chose to walk away from it for her family, but I think that she always had the stars and the moon available to her. She could have done anything, and she could even now. She could be a . Patsy Pease could win an Oscar. She’s amazing.”

And of course, Lilley shares the same sentiments toward Shaughnessy. “I loved ‘,’ and Mr. Sheffield is my dad!” she says with a big smile of the actor’s previous role on the late 90s sitcom. “Growing up in Virginia, I never would have imagined! I think it’s really neat. is the only other person who’s had me star struck in my career. And now Charles Shaughnessy has also made the list.”

  • Sharon Hallett

    Very nice article! I have really enjoyed the interaction between Jen, and Charles and Patsy. I just wish they would be together for longer than three days!!

    • jacksonian20

      I agree completely!!! Patsy Pease is one of the best daytime actresses, both past and present, and her reunion with Charles Shaughnessy was exciting to watch. I simply wish they would let them have a recurring role because they are an electrifying duo who could really add a spark to the show.