DETAILS: Melissa Claire Egan Opens Up On Tragic ‘Y&R’ Storyline: “It Is SO Intense!”

John Paschal/JPI Studios
John Paschal/JPI Studios

Anyone who’s watched the past few days of “” knows that it has been heart wrenching, to say the least. The hit-and-run accident that caused the death of Billy and Chloe’s young daughter, Delia, has been center stage, and the performances that have gone along with the emotional storyline are what Emmy dreams are made of. We caught up with (Chelsea Newman), who not only had plenty of kudos for her onscreen best friend, , but also had a few details as to how the tragic story will affect Chelsea… and beyond.

“As a best friend, Chelsea’s devastated, and she’s there for Chloe a lot,” Egan shares of the weeks ahead. “There’s such a huge connection between them, a connection that is so intense with them. And [what is coming up] is so sad. It gives me goosebumps jus thinking about it; their friendship goes really, really deep.”

Of course, though Chelsea tries her best to support Chloe during this terrible time, she’s concerned with her own child, whose eye health is dwindling by the day. The only silver lining is that the situation brings her and Adam () closer together. “He insisted that move in together, and I really do think they’ll continue to come together and bond to co-parent for the baby,” she muses. “They’re certainly not at the level yet where they would jump back into [a relationship], but you see them slowly, even unintentionally, getting closer.”

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

So does that mean Chelsea has officially given up on Dylan ()? “I think she realizes, certainly at this point, that Dylan is not going to take her back,” Egan notes. “But she still kind of tries, and she still kind of hopes. Though, with everything going on with Chloe, that’s been on the backburner a bit. But she definitely still tries; they don’t just drop it and say, ‘Well, let’s let bygones be bygones.’ She still loves him.”

However, the way the current storylines are shaping up, it seems there will be a lot more Adam in Chelsea’s future. “So much happens with this accident, and you see them getting closer and mending fencing a little bit,” she teases. “They’re not going to say, ‘Oh, I forgive you.’ It’s all slowly happening, but there are little hints here and there, so we’ll see. But it is so intense right now!”

As for whether Egan prefers her alter ego with Adam or with Dylan, she says it’s a tough choice. “Well, I love her with Dylan and I love her with Adam. I can’t really say. It’s like picking your children!” she say with a laugh. “So we’ll see. I’m curious to see myself who she’s going to end up with.”

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    I want more Adam in Chelsea’s future, they belongs together.