MORE EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: The Game Changing Secrets Set to Change ‘Y&R’ Forever!

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

As soon as we hit “publish” on our exclusive interview with “’” (Adam Newman) detailing his alter ego’s baby drama, you guys sang “Gimme More” louder than . Well, we heard you, Muhney heard you, and the result is another interview in which the actor delves deeper into Adam’s complicated world. Only this time, he’s revealing upcoming details that will literally — and we truly mean literally — change the canvas of “Y&R” forever!

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

Sure, the fact that Chelsea () lied about the true paternity of Connor and passed him off as Dylan’s () son rather than Adam’s son makes the drama brewing in Genoa City a “baby storyline.” But in Muhney’s opinion, it’s much more than that. According to the actor, fatherhood influences Adam in a way that ultimately changes his relationship with Victor (), meaning it’s a father/son storyline, as well. But even that’s not an apt explanation of the game-changing drama to come.

“What we’re doing now is becoming a part of history,” the actor speculates. “There were critical moments in our show’s history from 10, 15, 20 years ago that changed the tone of the show and made it evolve and [grow up] and find more wings. Over the years, there were those very distinctive moments where it wasn’t the storylines [that caused this]; it was the show itself redefining itself and changing and broadening, and that is what is happening right now. We’re at a critical point in the show, where the whole look of the show is going to become a part of history and things will be talked about. [We’ll be referencing] back to this era for many, many years.”

But what exactly causes this propulsion into a dramatically different Genoa City? To start with, it’s Adam’s reaction to being a father and how the realization changes him as a character — all of which begins in the week ahead. “He’s got some big, powerful decisions to be made, and he will make decisive decisions. Very decisive,” Muhney teases. “He has to weigh the idea of the baby that needs his mother, and the mother that needs her child, and the idea of wanting to take the baby away and saying that Chelsea’s incompetent [because] of the decisions that she’s made up to this point, deceiving people and denying the child his own father, and denying the father his child. He has to ask, ‘Why should her feelings even be considered?’ So those are decisions that are going to be squarely in Adam’s lap.”

Those decisions in and of themselves are going to create a major impact to the canvas, but it’s not just Adam’s dealings with Chelsea that will create long lasting changes to ‘Y&R.’ Muhney reveals that the dramatic scenes to come involving Adam and Victor are the real game changing moments for the show. As the junior mogul embraces fatherhood and all that comes with it, he begins rejecting his dad in what Muhney describes as a powerful coming-of-age story. “He’s realizing that in order to be a good father, he has to be everything that his own father is not,” the actor previews. “He’s having to look at his father as a very, very flawed, cruel man who has played all of his siblings like puppets, caused his own sister to miscarry at her own wedding, just all of awful things that he’s done and the control and manipulative games that he’s played, and how he’s used his children as pawns over the years. So Adam knows that every move that Victor has made are moves that he won’t make, and he’ll do things differently to be a father to his son. And he’s going to tell Victor that to his face and realize what Victor is not and will never be as a human being.”

Yep, you read that correctly: Adam is finally going to stand up to Victor and tell him what a despicable father he’s been. And you can bet that the moment won’t be pretty! “It causes a hell of an explosion between Adam and Victor,” teases Muhney. “Over this next week, a light bulb is going off for Adam, and he’s making his most decisive turn yet. The push and pull between Adam and Victor has, like a rubber band, worn out, and it’s now about to break. That will be the distinctive turn of events in this relationship that Adam has with Victor, where there is no going back.”

In fact, Adam goes so far as to permanently block from Victor from his life! “Victor is full of hot air and empty threats; he’s threatened his son two dozen times since I’ve been on the show, disowning him and walking away and saying ‘You’re not my son,’ and ‘You’re not blood,’ and ‘You’re not family,’ and the interesting thing about Adam is that he’s always hated that about his father,” the actor explains. “But he’s now come to a point where Adam is different, and Adam is stronger than his father, and he’s going to look at his father and say, ‘One time only I’m saying this. I’m not going to do two dozen threats in a row. I’m doing it now, and I’m doing it once. I’m walking away, and I’m showing you what a real man does.’ So he pushes him away, and that’s it. That’s the final note.”

Adam’s bold behavior toward Victor greatly influences their father/son dynamic, and in turn, the entire show. “Adam’s building a wall, and he’s going to show the man what a real final stand looks like,” says Muhney. “I think that’s what he meant in the episode that just aired a few days ago, where he said to his father as he stormed out of the room after having found that he put a bug in his office and he was being tailed. He looked at his father and said, ‘I guarantee you, in the end, I will be the last man standing.’  He understands that generational change, and he understands that the sins of the father don’t necessarily have to become the sins of the son, and that the father goes away over time: He gets marginalized, and he gets weaker and weaker by all of his decisions and his mistakes and the shrapnel of what’s left behind. And then eventually, [the son] will be the last man standing, and he will be the patriarch, and he will be that one that now has his own legacy, his own family, his own children, and… knowing he will be the last man standing gives Adam the strength that he needs to go forward as his own patriarch, as his own leader.”

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

That’s not to say the show is casting Victor aside, but is to say that he’ll have a whole new powerhouse of a son to deal with, and it’s not going to be an easy transition! “There’s an interesting maturation that Adam has… and I think it’s going to change the perspective of a large part of the show and the way that we see the Newmans and the Abbotts,” Muhney  previews “There are a lot of nuances and layers and development happening with the next generation of the Abbotts and their interaction with the older generation, and the next generation of the Newmans and their interaction with that older generation, and it’s really becoming a very rich, rich dynamic with the two families. There’s going to be a very old-fashioned and a very beautiful, dramatic, and yet unique and new kind of look to the show that has nothing to do with the show visually, it’s just the dynamic between these people. We see a lot of growing and changing happening.

“There’s going to be an entirely different tune sung by the audience than what we’ve heard sung for the last several years,” he continues. “I can’t predict the future, and it doesn’t mean I’m right, but I feel like we’re at this precipice, and this show has a chance to be great again. And I think it’s going to be. I cannot wait to hear the conversations that are happening online, what critics are saying, what the fans are saying. I’m really excited about it. And that’s the worst part of my job, being patient and waiting on that delay when you’ve read some amazing scripts, and you’ve performed some brilliant scenes with partners that just pulled the best out of you and made those scenes shine, and then you have to wait for two months to see them coming out, and we are now upon that moment.”

  • betty stanley

    Soooo Excited. i cannot wait to see Adam Newman go up against his evil father, Victor Newman. It will be must see t.v.
    Team Adam all the way. Team peanut. Adam will be a great dad. he will not be like Victor at all. He will be smart, loving, caring. His Hope side will come out in fatherhood and his Victor side will come out in business. I love this show. Never miss an episode but I am excited about seeing the changes. You go Michael Muhney. You are one dynamic actor and I love you entertaining us fans on the best soap that has ever been on t.v. The Young and the Restless. A true classic that is only fixing to get even better. Thank you to everyone, the cast, crew, writers, producers, makeup, wardrobe, and hair stylist. Y&R is made up of one beautiful, talented cast.

    • Rosalea Moore


  • Ashley Soyars-Armistead


  • Stormy Day

    That’s kind of heavy-handed, saying it’s going to change things forever. The only way to truly do this is to kill someone off. That’s really been the ONLY time the temperature of the show has drastically changed, and we just had that happen. If it’s a watershed moment, unfortunately Jeanne/Katherine dying was it. So unless someone else is dying, I would take it with a grain of salt.

    • Robert Elliott

      I agree with you stormy, the story line is getting a little old with Victor always coming out smelling like roses no matter what kind of pain he causes everyone, the writers try to make him look like a god, he can read every ones mind, he is old but he can kick everyones but , why does it always have to be his way all the time, I will believe a change when Isee it

    • Tonya

      Maybe the next watershed moment will be Victor Newman kicking the bucket. The only thing is they will probably prop him up like on the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s” just to keep the old annoying goat on the show. I am over TGVN and I have watched since the beginning.

  • tootie

    Michael Muhney’s “Adam” is what brings fire and excitement to the show. As long as they keep his character STRONG, front and center and not boring like they made him with Chelsea, the viewers will love it. It was scary there for a while seeing what they were doing to Adam in regards to romance and then the horrible Melanie storyline. I hope he gets custody of his son b/c he realizes not how the child’s life will be without a mom, but realizes how his own life was shaped without his father there for him. I also hope he changes the kid’s name. The storylines need to stay on Adam & Victor, his siblings and hopefully one day Adam & Sharon again because Adam not having sex with someone would be a crime.

    • lulu

      Totally agree. The pairing with Chelsea and the stories he was involved with her made the Adam character dreadfully boring, it was such a waste and a shame..I know some rooted for them because they did not have the bad backstory/history he had with Sharon but still nothing was exiting in their relationship and now his relationship/history with Chelsea is as bad as it was with Sharon…With Sharon at least there was real chemistry,passion and angsty complexity rooted in the Newman clan web of complex relationships..Now the Sharon character is ruined so i don’t know if She (as a character) and she and Adam as a pairing can come back from me now the real problem is on Sharon..and her awful characterisation..But if i have to root for one of the ladies with Adam, it will be Sharon because it will make great soap opera..With Chelsea, except for the Connor angle (it will be more about Connor than about Chelsea) it will not make for great soap opera watching imho.
      All in all what seems the most important thing in Adam’s character journey is his relationship with his father; Victor Newman who he loves and hates at the same time..and now the relationship he will built with his own son Connor. I hope things doesn’t get stale with only an Adam and Victor at war..Let’s hope it is layered and that down the road they make up, only to break a cycle with of course lot’s of twists and turns in order to not be repetitive.
      I enjoy Muhney portrayal and Adam’s character but lastly MM interviews kind of bug me..He seems too much egostistical..and i don’t know narcissist..I know actors are a lot like that..but with Muhney it seems out of proportion..Like him implying his character and his actions will revolutionize the entire show or comparing his character to Walter White (probably the most popular anti-hero/villainous character on tv right now, who by the way is the central figure of his show..Breaking Bad is Walter White’s story, journey not an ensemble show..difference..And the writing can’t be compared to a daytime soap..come on) is a bit much. Michael,Y&R is an ensemble show not the Adam Newman show, wake up !

      • Tonya

        I thought the true love story Adam had with Sharon was awesome. Those two had great chemistry. Remember when they went to Aspen and got married. How beautiful Sharon looked and they were happy. Adam was so overwhelmed that he wrote the note when the plane was crashing telling Sharon her baby was alive? I would love for them to put them back together. Way more chemistry than with Chelsea the con-artist.

  • Brooklyn Hunnam

    Finally Adam lets go of Victor and his obsession with the Newman’s and their fake and bullshit love. He is a man with a beautiful son and beautiful soulmate in Chelsea. Chadam and Norman Rockwell are way better than those hypocrites Newman and Abbotts.

  • Jack’s Mom

    I’m so glad. I can’t wait to see Adam finally pull free of Victor. He has tormented himself begging for Victor’s affection.

  • Bexx

    Love Adam! The battle brewing with both Chelsea and Victor is gonna make for some good daytime drama.

  • marie

    Michael…you ROCK! I have watched this show since day one. I love your methods in every aspect of the character. There are days I literally will not watch unless you’re going to be on. Keep up the great work and hopefully, you and Chelsea will find a path together. xoxox

  • Marcus

    I hate Adam and his character. The bastard should be in jail, and is why I’ve stopped watching. Ready for them to reunite Sharon and Nick, kill of Adam’s character (hopefully with a returning Sheila Carter/Kimberlin Brown, and get back to resuming the old storylines.

    • Bexx

      Aww boohoo Michael is great, why would you want them to kill him off? Adam has the power to make you feel for him one day, and want him dead the next. I hope you come around. lol

    • Jack’s Mom

      I could edit your post and correct all the mistakes you made, but you probably wouldn’t understand anyway, so I’ll just tell you that if you stopped watching the show because of Adam, oh well. Doubt they’ll miss you considering MM has brought in so many new viewers they don’t miss the 2 that left.

  • Karen

    I just hope he takes Chelsea with him, & makes them a family again.

    • Tonya

      Nooo…….don’t want him and Chelsea back together again. Once a con, always a con. Seriously? Hell to the no.

      • Shirley Childress Brown

        @tonya, Adam is a con just different circumstances,he is better with Chelsea than he ever was with that stupid Sharon, Phyllis is gone,don’t miss her, now I want Sharon gone she is sickening. Chelsea and Adam worked until she let friend Chloe come between them, Chloe is a hater and she is jealous of Chelsea, listening to that idiot has gotten her nowhere.

  • Ella Tootie Brown

    I love Adams character…..But I’m not happy with them having him and Victor at war!!! Most of us prefer that Adam has a real good Relationship with his Father….The other children are doing fine as parents getting along with Victor..this sucks….We were happy he had his dad in his corner….He should take AIRHEAD Chelseas baby…temp…and by the Holidays reconcil with Chelsea..and Victor!!

  • Nanna

    I love Y&R but they are making a wimp out of our favorite hitman Steve Burton we love you and we need you back in Port Charles please come back.Steve bring Jason Morgan back he is the best.

  • Reesey

    Steve Burton plays the character of Dylan the way the writers want him too. I think people have a very hard time seeing him in any other role, because to the majority of his fans, he is and ALWAYS will be known as Jason Morgan. He is great actor and I’ve been watching Y&R, mostly because he left GH, and I need my Burton fix. LOL! I did watch Y&R before that, but became more involved in the show because he joined the cast. He played the character of Jason Morgan for over 20 yrs, true he left once before, but he came back to it not long after. I do miss hiim very much on GH, his scenes with Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos), are flawless, they play off each other so well, and it’s a great friendship too. I also feel that his chemistry with Kelly Monaco (Sam Morgan), was electrifying and they were the IT couple on GH. They have that special something that Luke & Laura had. Watching GH without him has not been the same, however, GH is holding its own, even though Frank Valenti would be wise to do whatever he can to make it possible for Steve to return to his iconic role of Jason Morgan. I would like to see him come back to GH, especially now, with Sonny losing it and the Jerome’s coming back to PC, they really NEED Jason to come home. Here’s hoping! I also do think that kiling off Michael Muhney would ruin Y&R. They do have many talented actors on the show, but Adam is a very unique character, you find yourself rooting for him at times, and other times you just want to kill him. That type of mix, along with the way Michael portrays Adam, make for very interesting storylines. I do like Adam better with Chelsea, he seems more real, down to earth, and more human!

    • Shirley Childress Brown

      You are so right about Adam and Chelsea, they are good together.

  • Tonya

    The thing that I have loved about MM’s portrayal of Adam Newman is the many facets to his character. This actor has so many more dimensions to him and the role that Eric Braeden and Victor look like a cartoon. Seriously, MM acts circles around Eric Braeden.

  • Y*R Fan

    I’ve watched the Y&R since the first day and I can say that Michael Muhney is one of the most brilliant actors that I’ve seen on any soap, period. Just his expressions alone emphasizes more than most say with their words.
    If anyone can take on and beat Victor, it’s Adam!

  • Rosalea Moore

    The only reason I watch the show is because of Adam/Michael. There are so many different sides to his character. And the change in the relationship between Adam and Victor (according to MM interview) sounds like a game changer. Who would’ve thought that Adam’s greatness would be due to his fatherhood which, in turn, will probably make him an even stronger businessman. None of us saw that one coming. Love Y&R!

  • HannahMac103

    It seems to me that fans of Eric Braeden need to keep in mind the hard lesson which fans of Stuart Damon learned on General Hospital. Jill Farren Phelps just loves to whack legacy characters – like Dr. Alan Quartermaine – in order to gain ratings points during Sweeps periods. Also, it seems to me that I have read in many places that one of the major goals which SONY had in hiring JFP was to make sure that the high COST of producing Y&R went DOWN. By coming up with a story to whack Victor during a sweeps period – JFP would be able to “kill” two birds with one stone. JFP would be able to hire many, many, many more Friends of Jill if she could just cut Eric Braeden’s salary OUT of the budget – and whacking Victor would satisfy JFP’s theory that whacking legacy characters during sweeps periods is a sure way to gain ratings points. Certainly hope Katherine made some back-up plans for the leadership of Chancellor Industries in the event that Eric Braeden and Victor become victims of the mighty JFP budget axe!

  • Stormy Day

    Well, we found out “change forever” meant that Delia dies. I think Muhney was taking that stance because Peter Bergman said that very thing about Cassie. Adam, for all intents and purposes, killed her, and his kid gets her eyes!

  • Lori Conner

    WE The Loyal Fans of Y&R Want Our Adam Newman Back – REHIRE MICHAEL MUHNEY,,,#SaveMuhney #FortheloveofMuhney #MuhneyMovement #MuhneyArmy #SaveMM # MMAngels # SaveMichaelMuhney #YR #SaveYR

  • Lisa Skoczylas

    With out Michael Muhney Y&R will be the next soap to be cancelled. I have watched for over 30 years but I am now done with it. Maybe Jill can create a new one called “Who killed the soaps” and she can be the star!