Prospect Park/I.A.T.S.E. Labor Dispute: Early Hiatus? Not Really

Prospect Park

On Thursday, June 6, Prospect Park put “” on an earlier than planned production hiatus as a result of a labor dispute between the company and the I.A.T.S.E. (International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees)/Local 52, the union representing stage workers for both “OLTL” and “,” which alleges that Prospect Park has violated its labor agreement with the union. Previously, Prospect Park planned to begin the hiatus on Monday, June 17.

Per said agreement, Prospect Park is not allowed to spend more than $125,000 per episode on either soap. While a spokesperson declined to comment to TheWrap, which broke the story on Monday, June 3, only admitting that each episode “was well below $100,000,” the company did release a full statement on Wednesday, June 5, where they addressed the situation with I.A.T.S.E. Furthermore, sources tell us a number of crew members working on the soaps do not support the demands and actions taken by the union in regards to these productions.

Despite the early hiatus, all episodes previously planned to film through the end of this week were already shot in time for the production hiatus last week, sources tell Soap Opera Network. Additionally, while the shows are currently not filming new footage, we’re told writers are writing and post, editing, sound, etc will continue during the whole hiatus. “The hiatus is just from shooting new footage.”

The production hiatus is scheduled to end on August 12, pending resolution of this labor issue, according to Prospect Park. At that time filming is planned to commence once more for “All My Children.” “One Life to Live” is scheduled to return to production in September.

“Right now we have 40 episodes of each show ready to post through September, and if we can resolve this issue by August, we can get back into the studio on time so audiences will enjoy uninterrupted postings of their favorite shows,” the company said last week.

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  • CTwildheart

    Fingers crossed that everything works out!

  • Kathy

    Ive been watching AMC from the first show, I’m so happy it came back . I really hope things work out for all us Fans that it keeps running online, A fan for over 40 yrs, hope for alot longer 🙂

  • margie mcclure

    While of course I’m thrilled my shows are back, especially OLTL, which I’ve been watching for 45 years now, I am quite annoyed by all this jerking around. First they are reduced to 2Xs per week, even tho a poll showed that 4Xs was only a problem for a mere 10% of the viewers, and now this! Maybe if the shows had stayed at 4Xs, you’d all be making your money just fine. Honestly, at this juncture, I don’t even know if I really want to continue to get more invested in these reboots til I’m sure you’re not gonna just boot us fans in the gut yet again. And the poor Actors, at 2Xs a week now, they probably barely make enuf for the plane flights and room and board to go to the Shoots, let alone any actual take home pocket change. Its a real testament as to how much atleast THEY, care about us Loyal Fans!

  • Donna Cheatham