Michelle Stafford Tapes Final Episode of ‘Y&R’ Today

Jill Johnson/JPI Studios
Jill Johnson/JPI Studios

It’s been weeks since the news broke that had decided to walk away from her role as “’” Phyllis Summers, and the actress’ final day of taping in Genoa City has finally come!

“Getting ready to do my last day of work!” the actress tweeted this morning. “Have loved this job so much.”

But don’t worry: Just because Stafford is finished with “Y&R” doesn’t mean Phyllis is finished! “I will air on the show through July into the beginning of August,” the Chicago native wrote. “There is much more to see!! Very fun story with many twists. Trust me!”

Stay tuned for a confirmed final airdate for the actress, who first joined the show back in 1994.

  • PatF

    So glad to hear that we’ll have her through the beginning of August.
    I don’t want a recast. She’s too great to try to replace.
    Lots of people seemed not to like the “screaming Phyllis”, but to me Stafford was always entertaining. I loved every minute.

    • Greenie O’Wobbles

      No one seems to remember Sandra Nelson playing the role of Phyllis when Michelle Stafford decided to leave for the first time. Then, when projects for Stafford stopped flowing…. she wanted her job back and had Nelson fired. It irritates me when actors feel they are so IRREPLACABLE, so they can come and go as they please, thereby depriving another deserving actor of the steady gig the pompous one shunned for “greener pastures.”

      • muc390

        Sandra was VERY GOOD as Phyllis! And the “original” Diane Jenkins too! Loved those catfights between them.

        • Greenie O’Wobbles

          I seem to remember that the original actress to play Diane Jenkins was Alex Donnelly, not Sandra Nelson. The 2nd actress to play Diane, was Susan Walter then the one from As The World Turns(who is now playing Ava Jerome on General Hospital).

  • DeeDee DaCosta Baysinger

    Seems to me that its a bad time for her to be leaving with the storyline about Summers paternity going on, I guess they will wrap this up fast then because she has to be a part of this story line.

  • Tammy Baker

    Whom ever the writer is for The Bold & Beautiful cast member please give me a break. I am sick of the whining little Hope Logan, can’t you find other men to cast on your show. Sometime I don’t even want to turn on the TV to see one of the best soap because I know the freak-en Hope Logan, that tape recorder,and I quota ; I love you, I miss you, we belong together, I’m sick of hear her whining little mouth all the dam time. Shut her up please

  • Guest

    I am very disappointed to see Michelle Stafford. She was the best actress on the show. I am equally tired of The Young and the Restless letting go of so many of it’s stars. Just when you get used to someone, they take them off. Now we have to quickly get Summer to know about her real father but her mother is leaving!!! When are you going to write in the death of Jeanne Cooper – or are you? That was the biggest loss in Soap history. Please do something with this Nick, Sharon, Avery, Dillon Adam and Chelsea story.

  • Ali Mitchell

    Michelle Stafford was one of the best if not the best actress on this show. Who do they have left of the oldies? Sharon Case? Medlody Thomas Scott? Jeanne Cooper has passed away. Jess Walton is good. I don’t know where Ashley Abbott’s character went. But, those are the top 5 women. Y & R should endeavor to do everything they can to keep Michelle Stafford on. The only interesting story line right now is completely revolving around her character. I’m not really feeling the actress who plays Summer. Thank God they have kept the same Nick and the same Jack. Y & R needs to realize that their main characters are staples. They can change the actors around for some of the kids, but I don’t think anyone else can play Phyllis like Michelle Stafford. I don’t even want to watch someone try.

  • Lindalou

    I love Phyllis and Michele plays her GREAT!! I haaaate that she is leaving! I hope they keep her role open so she can come back!! No one will be able to fill her shoes!!! So disappointed that she decided to leave!! Hopefully she will be back soon!!!

  • janet

    won’t miss the over sexed whispering character but I do hope they replace her, as a character she is necessary