CENTER STAGE: ‘Y&R’s’ Daniel Goddard Discusses the Possibility of Another Woman for Cane!

John Paschal/JPI Studios
John Paschal/JPI Studios

’” Cane Ashby () and Lily Winters () have been through so many ups and downs in their relationship, it’s a wonder nobody in Genoa City has built a rollercoaster in the couple’s honor. With so many twists and turns, it would be one hell of a ride. And Cane’s alter ego, Goddard, recently revealed to Soap Opera Network that their tumultuous connection is about to get a lot wilder!

Ace Hicks Photography
Ace Hicks Photography

Remember when we reported that had joined the cast as Hillary Curtis, a bombshell working at Chancellor Industries? Well it turns out, she may end up rather close to the company’s new CEO — which probably won’t sit well with Lily! “I really like where they’re going with this new character,” Goddard teases. “[The writers] mess well with the viewer, and I’m really enjoying it. There’s good storyline there.”

But will things between Cane and Hillary (who hits Genoa City this Friday, June 14) become hot and heavy? The Australian native couldn’t say, but he did offer up an opinion on why Cane and Lily’s relationship has lasted thus far: “Cane and Lily have kind of usurped the norm of relationships, because they’ve gone through so much, and they’ve never cheated on each other,” he explains. “They’ve build a fan base that respects that… and everything they’ve gone through — a year of cancer, through surrogating the babies, through the whole Cane/Caleb/Phillip Chancellor thing — we’ve gotten through that, which allows the drama of ‘Will they get through this?’ to somehow unfold more than other couples who get together, have a baby and then cheat.”

That being said, there’s a first time for everything, and Hillary just may have the power to distract Cane from his current troubles with Lily. “There’s… a doubt factor,” the actor teases, adding that working with Morgan has been a blast. “She’s hit the ground running. It’s a very tough job to fall straight into the rhythm of it, but she’s doing a good job.”

Robert Voets/CBS
Robert Voets/CBS

When he’s not wrapped up in relationship drama, Cane has the new task of heading Chancellor Industries — a job Katherine left him just before her portrayer, , passed away. And while Goddard is happy to see his alter ego dive into his new gig as a businessman, it’s been a tough adjustment not having Cooper by his side. “Jeanne got sick in 2011, and she never really recovered from it,” the actor explains. “She lost a lot of weight, and she was gone for about 3 months. She came back in 2012, and she was a lot frailer from it. And then when the storyline came around and I [as Cane] got to take care of her, I was really cognizant of her status and what it meant to have that storyline with her. She was a sweetheart, and she’s sorely missed.”

Despite the loss of Cooper, Goddard has been able to find enjoyment in discovering Cane’s CEO side, and he teases that wearing the businessman hat will bring a lot of new things for Cane and his future. “I’m excited about it, because we’ve got some good storyline that we’re developing; there’ll be some good boardroom drama,” he reveals. “It’s a nice change from the way Cane has been the last couple years. So it’ll be nice to bring that on.”

  • Enuf!TwitTwatWriters

    Gawd how frightfully boring! Is that all TIIC can write for Lily and Cane? Utilize them as the drivers of the vehicle to introduce more newbies that viewers don’t care and have any chance of ever caring about? There is so much Story there for LANE already, if only Josh and Co weren’t so lazy! Cane is a mobster; Lily has corporate intrigue and power in her blood and yet the best these saps can come up with is the introduction of Tyler, sister “I used to be interesting as an attorney” Leslie and what they think is a Lily clone (No, all blacks do not look alike JFP/Josh and you think you would have learned your lesson with Not Shemar Tyler, Angelica!) Let’s see something with substance for LANE and move Villy on to Newbie duty!

    • Runningmouth

      Another freaking 3rd party for Lane, no thank you…peace out…

    • Altricia Jordan

      Hilary Curtis looks NOTHING like Lily Winters…and from today’s show, Hilary Curtis ACTS nothing like Lily Winters. She is actually well educated, seemingly intelligent and well put together, and has the background and work history for the corporate stories that Y&R should be telling. MAB ruined the younger set of core characters by not giving them the background needed for the corporate world this show used to revolve around. I am looking forward to Hilary and what she will bring to the show.

      • Cynful

        And what is Lily Winters Ashby if not well educated (certainly moreso than her Mafiaso husband), very intelligent, well put together and SOPHISTICATED? If a mobster, a manicurist, a stripper and two barely high school grads (Victoria and Nick) can run corporations, why not Lily if written? I agree these are the stories Y&R should be telling but with Lily at the helm! She is not a child anymore and is far more mature than most of the women, despite their advanced age, on Y&R so get with it writers!

  • Enuf!TwitTwatWriters

    One more thing–let’s hear from CHRISTEL KHALIL, Lily Winters Ashby, once in awhile for a woman’s view on LANE! Thank you!

  • Kat

    I wish them all luck I am not interested in yet another damage use and abuse for Lane / Lily. Such an embarrassment in six years not one coherent s/l for Lane but they sure are used to prop newbies and tptb pet. The most popular couple in daytime treated like crap time and again, CK the actress that should be the lead overlooked time and again but look out Laners another newbie to suck the life out of them. No thanks. I have had more than enough bs from this show and I will not endure it a moment more.

  • Laurel Twist

    Booorrring! How awful they will sink the character of Hilary, just like Tyler, before she is seen in one scene. Enough with the 3rd party malarky!

  • Brittany

    SON, where is the Christel Khalil Center Stage article? Thanks for Daniel, I see Angell but not Christel’s! What’s up with that? I thought these were accessible by date!

  • KatB.

    CK is the best and always will be. A young vet on YR and in daytime constantly overlooked in favour of newbies and tptb pets. I wonder why that is? or do I? Just like Lane the most popular couple in daytime is constantly overlooked but I don’t have to wonder why do I?
    All these years they have been broken up more than any other couples they have been apart more than they have been together, they have never been given consideration that less popular couples have been given, never been allowed to be frontburner like others. The Ashbys are never shown as the family they are, it seems that YR would like to forget that part as well.
    Indeed tptb cater to the few lane/CKLily haters than the majority that are the Lane fans. Not only does CK have the Hx with the audience her character Lily Ashby has that Hx, we have seen her journey from the beginning and we know the core of Lily’s character. She has survived all the destruction heaped at her time and again. The loss of her mother, the loss of her best friend spend almost two years fighting for her life from OC, dealing with the fear of never having her own children, grieving the “death” of the man she loves almost driven to the edge madness, fearing for the safety of her children my goodness they have thrown everything at her.
    Just like they have thrown everything at Lane. Instead of embracing this unique couple YR has chosen time and again to sideline them. Even going as far as to be petty and vindictive against Christel and Daniel. I have never seen anything like it.
    They have re-written Cane so many times even they can’t keep it straight all because of one reason. They promote mediocrity instead of what the majority of the audience want to see CK DG and Lane.

  • KatB.

    BTW Lily Ashby is very well educated. The one thing that Neil and Dru made sure of is that their children Lily and Devon be well education. Lily is smart savvy and intelligent. They just like to dummy her down so others can be promoted at her expense.
    Once again tptb think we are stupid but we are not. They may try to portray Lily in a certain way that plays up to the bloody haters but thankfully most of us have long memories and remember the core of the character. Everything that we campaigned for Lily has been given to others. We asked that she be portrayed as the strong young woman she is, after the obstacles she has overcome but they refuse, we ask that she be allowed to start her own business, a young woman can be loving and care for their families and still be ambitious enough to fulfill their dreams, the character of Lily would be a gr8 example to show that but they refuse and give everything to others.
    They refuse to give Lily and Cane any sort of dialogue that makes sense. One can never trust anything they write from one day to the next especially for Lane.
    The Ashby twins Lane miracle babies are never seen at all.
    We ask that they show her as a well rounded character mother wife career woman but they refuse. They refuse to do the same for Cane and show him as a well rounded character “as long as he is with lily” GMAB this is what YR has become. Once a show that thrived in excellence has become a harbinger of drivel and bigotry they spend most of their time trying to hide and cover up with certain newbies.
    And here is another lesson for tptb at YR all people of colour don’t look alike and most certainly you can’t replace one person with another, what a shame !. Some people are irreplaceable most notably CK (Lily) and DG (Cane).

  • KatB.

    If they cared at all they would have kept TR / Colin what a fantastic actor and the best foil for DG and Daniel is awesome. We loved to watch CK interact with TR GF/Genv …JW /Jill etc Christel can hold her own, she is truly a gr8 talent. There is so much to pull from given everything both Lily and Cane have been through together and as individual characters. Its really not difficult at all it just requires a little effort and a little caring. But tptb do not care about Lane or Lily. That has been glaringly and painfully obvious. Therefore they will continue to destroy until there is nothing left.
    Then I guess they’ll finally be happy with the end results.

  • fran johns

    I know that I am late coming to the party but it took me a while to get the vomit out of my own mouth where I threw up in my mouth at the thought of yet another relationship crisis for MY FAV COUPLE.I guess I love CANE and LILY so much that I hate to see their relationship always in crisis mode. Can’t this couple just enjoy each other and their family for a while ,at least. Sometimes it is too painful to even watch this show because of TPTB refuse to give them the billing that they deserve. THey have earned the right to be seen in more than the light of crisis for their relationship.