Tika Sumpter’s ‘The Haves and the Have Nots’ Ratings Soar

OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network
OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network

Oprah Winfrey Network’s dramatic series, “,” which stars “’s” (ex-Layla Wiliamson), premiered on May 28, and ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

The much-anticipated debut of the dramatic series that follows the lives of a wealthy, dysfunctional family and their hired help garnered 1.77 million viewers — making it the highest rated series premiere in the network’s history! And as if that wasn’t cause for celebration enough, the series’ second episode, which aired immediately after the premiere, drew in a whopping 1.8 million viewers.

As we previously reported, Sumpter was especially excited about starring in the show, as her character is especially fierce and feisty. So congratulations, girl!

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  • andy

    Since when was 1.7 million/1.8 million good ratings for a primetime series premier good ratings??? That’s worse than a week of daytime soap ratings. Who is Kambra trying to convince?

    • Scott (ATWT Fan)

      For OWN, it’s a ratings hit.

  • Adele

    For a nighttime cable show that is good ratings. Too bad the dialogue was weak and the plot was disjointed. I’m a huge soap fan, but this was tediously bad. The only good thing is that if the ratings are good perhaps she’ll produce another soap that is more in line with what soap viewers enjoy (i.e. a reboot of ATWT- a longshot, but a girl can dream)

  • Starri98

    i hope Oprah continues to stay as far as she can from what is ” more in line with what a soap viewer enjoys “. soap viewers of today don’t even respect that genre as they used to, which is why those soaps are always doing the begging for and idiotic moves of the ratings dance. the usual daily soaps (what’s left) are only about money for the network and they think their glory days can be revisited by dragging the past back. general hospital chased me away almost a year ago with their over done “stars” of last century and the same centuries old stories for them. i have not regretted giving up a 40+ year habit of soap viewing nor have i missed the daily grind of hoping they would improve. they never did no matter how much patience i exercised!!! i was so personally proud and thrilled that Oprah passed on the demand for her to take on the AMC/OLTL ratings failures that had been cancelled because they were not worth her effort. she would have also been mired in the same pathetic decision making mess involving prospect park and abc. which is a prime example of how little loyalty to the fans is involved with the soaps they produce. when i heard how the three characters from OLTL were fishtailed on GH into “new characters”–i laughed so hard at the ridiculousness of it all. such utter stupidity to do such a thing. Tika Sumpter was amazing on TH&HN’s and i liked the show and look forward to watching a soap with African americans in lead roles. something that usual soaps have been begged for and always shun with great passion.