THIS WEEK: ‘General Hospital’ Executive Producer and Head Writer Tease Multiple Surprises

Thomas Montalto/Montalto Photos
Thomas Montalto/Montalto Photos

With no original episode of “” airing on Monday, May 27 (a re-run of the 50th anniversary episode will air instead), the soaps executive producer and head writer, and , respectively, are teasing multiple surprises in store next week on the soap beginning with the Tuesday, May 28 episode.

“Multiple surprises on Tuesday! Will all your questions be answered? #GH50 #moresurprises,” tweeted Valentini to his followers on Friday. Carlivati added, “What secrets lie inside the Quartermaine Crypt? Find out Tuesday on @GeneralHospital! #GH.” In addition to the Q tease, on Saturday, May 25, Carlivati tweeted a picture of ‘s yet-to-be named character on “GH.” In his tweet he said, “Who is he? Find out this coming week on @GeneralHospital! And then the story really begins! #GH.” Not necessarily related, Carlivati also tweeted, “What is Lulu afraid to remember? Find out this week on #GH! Will the truth bring her back to Dante? Or drive them even further apart?”

What are you expecting from this coming weeks worth of shows? Do you think the show will live up to all the hype? You’ll have to tune in to find out, of course!

  • corineh

    On Roger – it’s a toss….part of me wants it to be Jason, but if Franco – did the fire change his face and hair color?

    • Nancy

      Spinelli announced that he had many other projects going on and this was his request.

  • Jennie

    Please stop.

  • Nancy

    OMG how fun are Frank and Ron. No other show has all of this going on. I would like to see the critics do a better job than them. Cannot hardly wait.

  • TheMom

    Don’t know and don’t care anymore. I’m still watching but no longer
    loving it like I did before the 3 character/actor SNAFU between PP and
    ABC. I can’t even say “nice try” Carlivati because so far, the
    characters of Silas Clay and KiKi Jerome are nothing but a joke. For me, it’s not even interesting anymore.

    • GoldenDuck

      The fact that RC is catering to the OLTL’ers shows that he doesn’t give a crap about General Hospital or the fans. Why can’t he just write for the GH characters. He’s got so many vets back that need to be on contract and have major storylines. But, he’s rather fill his pockets by giving the stories and contracts to the OLTL’ers and the newbies like that horrid Sabrina. I’d say fire Cartini and get a writer and an EP who gives a care about the real General Hospital.

  • Lauren

    Can Anna PLEASE be on any of the eppys this week?

  • Patricia M McCallum

    Where are Duke & Anna? Other than that I don’t care.

  • shelle dale

    Will all your questions be answered? The only question I want answer is when GH will be cancelled.

    Carlivati added, “What secrets lie inside the Quartermaine Crypt?

    Probably a huge TV with some person watching OLTL and AMC with the dead people to escape Port Charles.

    Find out Tuesday on @GeneralHospital! #GH.” NO THANK YOU

    In addition to the Q tease, on Saturday, May 25, Carlivati tweeted a picture of Roger Howarth‘s yet-to-be named character on “GH.” In his tweet he said, “Who is he?

    WHO CARES? He is Todd on OLTL that is all I care about. He can be Puss in Boots for all I care. With them they will prob make him the relish wizard. I assuming the relish is still on since I stopped watching over a month ago. Am I correct?

  • Testa

    As long as RH is TODD on OLTL, who cares who he is? Frankly, this story is as ridiculous as they come, and cheapening the show. Poor GH fans.

  • Amanda

    So many AWESOME GH CHARACTERS not doing much….and we need new ones? beside the fact that the new ones suck.

  • John

    “What are you expecting from this coming weeks worth of shows? Do you think the show will live up to all the hype? You’ll have to tune in to find out, of course!” Nothing, no, and no thanks. This is shark jumping territory.

  • Lisa R.

    When is ABC, Frank, Ron and company going to focus on GH CHARACTERS since the show is called GH not OLTL and forget those three.


  • Cinder

    The GH fans still watching have my sympathy for what’s been done and is being done to their show. Glad to have OLTL and AMC back and free of the preposterous stories and ridiculous gimmicks that seem to have taken over on ABC’s remaining soap.

  • Lou

    ABC must be trying to kill GH on purpose

    i mean they can’t be be writing like this by accident can they

  • moshane58

    Love the show….It is keeping people guessing..

  • Brettyboy

    Wow, people sure are critical about GH in these comments, it is by far the best televised soap, GH fans have nothing to complain about. I look forward to watching GH each day, B&B however is another matter…….



  • Bonnie Feldgreber-Feldman

    I hope that Stavros did not rape Lulu. Now for sure, I think that Roger, is the real twin.

  • Emma Lockwood

    GH has been so great this last month and I am so glad that it is giving me something really amazing to watch daily!

  • Heather Uptegrove

    I think Ron and Frank are doing a great job. Love Sabrina and the three converts from OLTL. It is an escape each day from reality. Could we really watch any of them if it were any other way? lol I am all in on the new characters who ever they turn out to be. Those of you with negative comments, guess what,,, You don’t have to watch the show. There are many of us who watch because of the three that came over from Llanview and got involved in the other story lines. I think all are doing a great job!

  • mazz90291

    I am so tired of you fans with the “love it or don’t watch it” attitude. I have been watching GH a hell of a lot longer than most of you, and I have just as much right to express my disappointment in the direction it has taken as you have to gush over it. The OLTL character fiasco should never have happened. You don’t offer contracts to actors when you do not own the rights to their characters. And bringing ALL THREE of them back at the SAME TIME as completely different characters was just silly. I know GH ratings were up…now I’m not so sure. It is going to take some award-winning writing and directing to get this show back on track!

  • nell

    are your writers on drugs? Michael doesn’t recognize the girl he was so in love with just weeks ago? Silas just happens to be at the hospital where Morgan is? Now, Todd is Franco? do you think that you are writing for idiots? You have so many good characters on the show and you come up with this utterly STUPID storyline. I’m just about the hang up my GH watching shoes. And if you think the “new” Lulu is a good replacement, you are wrong….she is not pretty, but worse, she can’t act. She is so stiff and stupid…that alone would be reason enough to quit watching

  • Pontiac

    Please end this Franco story line. This is the dumbest recast the soap has done. Howartth is so much older than Jason. The new team has done such a great job this past year, it makes sense they finally jumped the shark.

  • wantGHback

    what is going on with GH, where is the real LU LU, let Jason go or bring him back and when is Maxie gona have that baby? have been watching GH for along time, 50 year was great,but you are wearing this out….get some new story lines