Ratings: Good Week For Y&R and B&B

Bell-Phillip Television Productions (Top); Sony Pictures Television (Bottom)
Bell-Phillip Television Productions (Top); Sony Pictures Television (Bottom)

Ratings Report for the Week of May 13-17, 2013

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Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,429,000 (+90,000/+174,000)
2. B&B 3,410,000 (+155,000/+328,000)
3. GH 2,481,000 (-85,000/+142,000)
4. DAYS 2,422,000 (-21,000/+64,000)

1. Y&R 3.3/11 (+.1/same)
2. B&B 2.5/8 (+.1/+.1)
3. DAYS 1.9/6 (same/+.1)
3. GH 1.9/6 (same/+.1)

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 797,000 (+10,000/-30,000)
2. B&B 692,000 (+30,000/+28,000)
3. DAYS 602,000 (+26,000/+90,000)
4. GH 577,000 (-61,000/-18,000)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.2/8 (same/-.1)
2. B&B 1.1/7 (+.1/+.1)
3. DAYS 0.9/6  (same/+.1)
3. GH 0.9/6 (-.1/same)

Women 18-34 Viewers
1. Y&R 183,000 (-8,000/+1,000)
2. DAYS 179,000 (+19,000/+33,000)
3. GH 177,000 (-31,000/+18,000)
4. B&B 151,000 (+5,000/+13,000)

Women 18-34 Rating
1. DAYS 0.5 (same/+.1)
1. GH 0.5 (-.1/same)
1.Y&R 0.5 (-.1/same) <—– ties low
4. B&B 0.4 (same/same)

Day-To-Day Ratings – HH/Total Viewers

Monday: 2.5/3,412,000
Tuesday: 2.5/3,323,000
Wednesday: 2.6/3,496,000
Thursday: 2.4/3,434,000
Friday: 2.5/3,385,000

Monday: 2.0/2,611,000
Tuesday: 2.0/2,515,000
Wednesday: 1.9/2,353,000
Thursday: 1.7/2,288,000
Friday: 1.8/2,288,000

Monday: 2.1/2,803,000
Tuesday: 1.9/2,459,000
Wednesday: 1.9/2,525,000
Thursday: 1.8/2,329,000
Friday: 1.7/2,289,000

Monday: 3.2/4,330,000
Tuesday: 3.3/4,378,000
Wednesday: 3.4/4,582,000
Thursday: 3.2/4,283,000
Friday: 3.3/4,507,000

For the SEASON September 24, 2012 through May 19, 2013

1. Y&R 3.6
2. B&B 2.6
3. GH 2.2
4. DAYS 2.0

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.5
2. GH 1.2
3. B&B 1.1
4. DAYS 1.0

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  • Philip

    GH gets what it deserves. They love the big 3 so much. Well sit back and enjoy the big ratings they brought you.

  • kevingm

    Glad to see DAYS rising in the 18-49 demo. The Will/Sonny/Nick/Gabi and Kristen/Brady storylines are really heating things up in Salem!!!

    On another front, GH is going downhill fast. A 50th anniversary celebration won’t help things if you can’t sustain good storytelling.

  • PatF

    Y and R has been having a great sweeps month.
    If they’d learn to keep the vets on the screen, they’d stay in good shape.

    • Kora

      . Its a mix people that viewers like not just the vets. They can’t just put the vets onscreen doing the same thing they did 30 years ago and expect ratings

      • PatF

        Right, but it’s gotta be a balance. You can’t have scenes with only new characters and recasts…otherwise it’s “The New and The Recast”.

      • Harlee

        Granted Kora you need fresh blood as always to have story but not everyday of newbies that the viewers have no investment….it’s boring soap opera. There has to balance and let viewers get to know the characters, Steve Burton isn’t YR material. He’s ok actor but that’s a turnoff to any longtime viewer.

    • Harlee

      AMEN! ~ P!

  • lulu

    While the total viewers for Days are quite weak, the demos are great ! Therefore it is good for this soap and in a way it is the opposite for Y&R and B&B and finally GH is dropping..after all the gain they had with the anniversary..oh oh..time to straight up GH…

    • lulu

      Well my bad..i did not watch carefully B&B also did great in demos actually..therefore they are the real winner this week (up on total viewers, up on demos) kudos to B&B and Brooke being Brooke is still working despite what ‘haters’ can say and whine and rant..mouahaha.

      • Harlee

        You’re right lulu, B&B can’t be touched by any soap in growth. There are on the boards many B&B “haters” but can’t touch what B&B has accomplished. I think B&B is quite good and they aren’t trying to change the wheel but solid soapy stories. I’m not a fan of the trio from hell but B&B is so much more balance once again and everything happening, Brooke, love RickMaya, BillKatie, Caroline 2.0 is a hoot.

  • Cindylou

    I cant stand GH right now. I haven’t watched in weeks. I don’t like that the writers feel like the OLTL 3 HAVE to be paired with the same damn people as before. THEY WERE BAD ENOUGH the first time around. Like… get a clue! Furthermore GH was in better shape WITHOUT THEM! But that’s just my humble opinion. YR is hit and miss for me. Id like LESS of AVERY AND CHELSEA but whatever.. I don’t watch regularly anyway.

    • lulu

      GH for me has some weak storytelling and the cast is too big..which makes the show all over the place..and if some stories are not exiting it makes for some boring plot driven mess.the actors or even characters are not the real issue imo and yet maybe in few weeks ratings will go up..audience are fickle and unpredictable sometimes..

  • Sissi

    Good week for Y&R? This must be a joke! The network doesn’t care if a few grandmas and grandpas turned in. They care about the younger audience and the ratings for younger viewers are disastrous doesn’t matter how many people are tryin to whitewash these horrible ratings, a fact is a fact! Besides Y&R has never been this worse all the s/ls are ridiculous and awful!

    • PatF

      The network does care about total viewers. Advertisers have 4.5 million total viewers to get their products in front of.
      And they still have the most total viewers in both the demos.
      What numbers are you looking at.
      Y and R is still number one for a reason.

      • Sissi

        just being number 1 doesn’t mean the show s doing great! Imagine how good ratings could be if Y&R had good writers… I just hope someone wakes up soon and gets rid of JFP and JG before they completely destroy Y&R

        • PatF

          I want JFP gone too. But Josh is doing okay. He’s rescued some of the characters who were destroyed by Hogan under MAB.

          • LOL Forget to change to your other screen name?

          • PatF

            This is my screen name on here. It has my picture, so why would I have another name.

        • Harlee

          Sissi, JFP & JG can’t destroy YR any worse than MAB. Josh is doing a decent job. I don’t like everything but at least it isn’t plot driven crap Maria was peddling.

    • Harlee

      Sissi, at least YR may not be perfect but is doing so much better than Days & especially GH the last few weeks which has been losing viewers in every category. The advertisers want the total viewers and a healthy demo ratings, evidently you’re not a YR fan. The grandmas & grandpas are ppl that have the income to spend freely. When has 18-20 yo have money just spend on material things compared to 35+ yo……hmmmm?

  • Sissi

    *tuned in

  • PatF

    The shows that are in trouble are both Days and GH…they both continue to have days where their ratings fall well under 2.0. OUCH!

    • lulu

      well first they do better than last year so it is a positive and secondly not sure they will one day be on the same level as the CBS soaps in term of viewers which have FAR MORE expensive budgets..yep it matter, people love to watch well structured, sophisticated sets who look like their time.

  • Harlee

    what scares me is the 3.0-3.2 rating days on YR. That’s Maria’s type ratings. Josh has his own hiccups but overall he brought YR back to character development stories…I might not be happy with all stories KenCupcake Barbie, ChloeKevin is the biggest sore spot for me. YR was riding a wave during the pre-anniversary shows wvets front & center, even with total viewers up in both areas, YR was the same in demos and lost those slipping back into negative numbers is what concerns me. Advertisers isn’t just looking at demo ratings & poof that’s all they are concerned or all the soaps would be dead by now, it’s the overall ratings package. Days has had the best sweeps month of any soaps, YR is 2nd. Days has had everything you want in sweeps, love, mystery, scandal, murder in soapy style. I’m loving Days right now, I will say for May Days won the sweeps month. Days has been on fire and I think will boot GH out of 3rd spot.

  • Rich

    Do NOT disrespect those of us who have tuned in faithfully for nearly 30 years by calling us grandmas and grandpas!! Those days are a long away for many of us. The show is creatively very well-done right now. Also, remember, one day you will be older, I only hope that your generation treats their elders better than you comments treated us.

  • Ex_GH_Fan

    I officially took GH off my DVR list today. I cannot believe they are even going to try to justify everything Franco did and try to make him a viable character. If this was Guza who brought back Franco and James Franco was still playing him, fans would be screaming. But instead with it being Cartini and Howarth, whatever they do is okay. I cannot believe how bad this show has gotten. It is sickening.

  • [email protected]

    I am loving GH right now, it is such great soapy drama. The show I really can not watch is Y&R, and since when is being in the low 3’s a great week, isn;t this the same numbers MAB was ousted for.