Bradley P. Bell Reacts to ‘B&B’s’ Emmy Nods; Admits Writing Sans Flannery and Moss is Enjoyable

Charley Gallay/Getty Images
Charley Gallay/Getty Images

CBS Daytime’s “” received 15 Daytime Emmy Award nominations this year, and the show’s executive producer and headwriter, Bradley P. Bell, couldn’t be more thrilled. “We’re determined to redefine the genre with our look, with our pacing, with our stories, with our location shoots,” he says of how the show’s entire team is to thank for the Emmy considerations. “We really want to make it a daily drama, and we’re not looking back. We’re only looking forward, and I think that strategy has paid off for us.”

Of course, there’s no harm in looking back when it comes to choosing which episodes to submit for the Emmy voting process, and Bell admits that he couldn’t resist selecting both Stephanie Forrester’s celebration of her life as well as her goodbye when portrayer departed the show. “I thought they were really touching, and I thought they were unique,” he says of the episodes. “Everyone in the room was amazing and so connected.”

A large part of the scenes’ success is due to Flannery’s emotional performances, which Bell is quick to point out. “Susan was stellar, as always,” he says, adding that her Outstanding Leading Actress nomination means a great deal to the former matriarch. “It’s so significant. It’s the end of her time at ‘The Bold and the Beautiful,’ which is the biggest chapter of her life… so this means a lot, and I hope she wins.”

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

But he’s also rooting for , who is celebrating her very first Emmy nomination (as Outstanding Supporting Actress) for her work as Brooke Logan! “She’s so thrilled,” Bell says. “She’s really the most popular soap character in the world, and to never have recognition, a nomination from the Academy, it’s time, and she’s probably never been better. Her work with Susan was sensational. Everything she does is right on the money. She is Brooke Logan. And she deserves this.”

And the way everything is playing out this year storyline wise (with the fall out of Brooke getting mixed up with Don Diamont’s Bill Spencer), Lang may be in the running for an Emmy next year, as well! “It had been awhile since we’d seen Brooke in a romantic story,” he explains of Brooke’s new direction. “She was part of the payoff of Ridge and Brooke, to make them a couple, let them be happy for awhile. And when Ronn [Moss, Ridge Forrester] left, an opening that I hadn’t planned on showed itself, and she and Don have great chemistry, so were drawn to each other.”

Speaking of exits, Bell admits that though he was sorry to see Moss and Flannery go, their departures have actually created a renewed sense of enjoyment when it comes to penning the show. “Two people I never would have let go are now no longer with us, so being able to bring in new stories… feels very good,” he reveals. “It’s really much easier to write the show now than it used to be. We have told so many stories over the years, and both Ronn and Susan were front and center through the whole thing. So it’s fun. I’m enjoying this time.”

To find out whether or not “B&B” takes home the coveted Emmy awards for Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series and Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, be sure to tune in to the 40th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards airing on HLN on June 16.

  • Steffyforever

    Brooke Logan the most popular character in the world? You have GOT to be kidding!!!

    • Marie

      Well, Brooke has been with us since the show started. Everyone, even those who don’t watch the show knows Brooke Logan. For all the sour grapes out there. Go Brooke Logan!

      • cristen

        Not true. People who don’t watch B&B dont know anyone!

  • Brooke is most popular with all of her failed relationships!

  • Nikki

    Its pathetic how in the last 24 hours, every articles about B&B Emmy nominees have promoted KKL and ignored the 4 others B&B actor/actresses nominees. With this big PR propaganda for KKL nomination, might as well declare her the winner, why wait for June 16 ? Gotta love how B&B PR team dont give a damn aboutpromoting equally the 4 others B&B actors/actresses nominees

  • Carol Lewis

    Hunter Tylo is the most Beloved on the Show, Brooke or KKL, I will spit at my TV if this happens.

  • Jen

    Most popular character in the world? She’s not even the most popular character on the show and she’s certainly not the most talented. GMAFB Brad Bell!!

  • monica mitchell

    Brooke’s popular???? Since when?? I wonder if he really believes the words that spews out of his mouth.

  • buzz1975

    ICAM with BBell! (What a shock! LOL!) The exits of Ridge and Stephanie really have freed up the players and the show…and I am enjoying the show these days. KKL really deserves the recognition because Brooke Logan IS the most popular character on B&B….love her or hate her …she always has been since the early beginning of the show…and I have watched it since 1987! I, too, love the chemistry between KKL’s Brooke and DD’s Bill. Romance is FINALLY back on B&B because of them…they play off of each other really well. Kind of like the fact that the true supercouple of B&B was SF’s Stephanie and KKL’s Brooke…their scenes always made you pay attention!

  • Billeta Stottlemyre

    Yea she isn’t a forrester she’s a Logan she’s no where close to b like steffy she rules with. Liam an her baby hope needs to go see a shrink an quick talk to steffy like that who do u think u r ur nothing but a whinny little girl having a tantrum next ur gonna b laying on the ground kicking ur feet to try to make steffy leave its her family’s business not urs remember that whinny brat who don’t deserve squat u need to mind ur own business stay out of steffy an liams life

  • Larkin

    OMG this cannot be happening! Why in God’s name when it comes to this show people are in denial!!!!!!!THIS IS NOT THE SHOW WE LOVED from WILLIAM BELL!!!!!!! This show is a FRAUD!!! i have no idea who “buys” this nonsense or give out these nominations, but they obviously are suffering from some kind of delusion, cuz these people (KKL , Bradley Bell) have no talent or grace !! They ruined Stephanie last days on the show and all the characters have no dignity or strengthm they all prop around the useless , pointless Brooke Logan (which i don’t even know why she is still alive) or her family making everyone look pathetic and desperate! HOW KKL MANAGE TO “STEAL” AS WELL A NOMINATION is die hard to swallow, my goodness KKL CANNOT ACT FFS!!We all know very well who are the talented artists on here, and they are always butchered so these minor characters/talentless, can be elevated on this show.. The hell they deserve it!! What a joke!!

  • Krishan Maharaj

    Why are all for you being so nasty? Btw Brooke Logan is the most popular character around the world because they use her to promote women’s rights. The reason being that she does not live her life somebody else’s rules. Oh yes i have noticed that people who hate Brooke do so cause she does the things they wish they could but don’t have the balls to do it. If you really must know she is the most popular in europe europe, south and central America, the middle east, Asia, Australia, new zealand and Africa. whe they promote the show in all these places they use her and not Taylor!!!!

    • Corina

      They use this slut to promote women’s rights?

      • Larkin

        LOL Corina.. Go and figure!! And they gave her a nomination for being a slut for 25 years?? Gosh man, she must be over the moon, it pays off being a character that never have to be good, at anything or got anywhere except sleeping with her daughters men and now her sister’s husband! !! Sure don’t need acting skills for that! That’s i exactly why William Bell created B&B to be Brooke Logan’ legacy…SMDH

    • Larkin

      That’s is EXACTLY what i mean, you see > KRISHAN, B&B IS NOT ABOUT TAYLOR Or THE WHORE BROOKE LOGAN!!!!! William Bell (God Bless his soul), wrote a soap like the Young the Restless, for all the B&B fans to enjoy!! But now that you mention this, TBH > Bradley Bell is sick to the bone, how had been killing his father legacy (B&B ain’t his >Bradley only inhered it)! so his favorite actress can be front and center, over everyone else. IT IS NONSENSE that a soap has one character! GMAF!!! What the hell are you ppl smoking???What about other couples and character fans like YES TAYLOR STEFFY STILL, or even THAMBER many of us loved? I see you just another Logan fan ignorant; courtesy of Bradley Bell ignominious “/|Production/ONE SIDE WRITING”!. The only thing Bell has. IT’S MONEY, that’s what rules today!! KKL never got in the Emmy before,cuz she ain’t Emmy material!! My goodness HTom (Emmy worth material) must be horrified, like the rest of us! none thing for sure she robbed that Emmy nomination, it was because of Susan Flannery the winner here, NOT KKL she just happened to be there, and now that you mentioned the old Stephanie would preferred Taylor over the “tramp from the valley” who “bedded” climbing though her family!!!!

      • Krishan Maharaj

        but i feel that people never attack someone they have met or even know. After all its just a tv show!!

        • Larkin

          Krishan that’s where you are wrong, it is not about the show this about real people, and how they behave in the
          real world. I hate everyone arrogant, who make favoritism and ignore
          reality ESPECIALLY on TV show, which is “real” as made such, for real people
          to watch! Do you really believe that audience are happy to
          have this woman robbing the airtime to everyone else on B&B 24/7??? Hell
          no!!! I DON’T!!!Ii It would be about time, somebody get that straight
          to Bradley Bell, cuz as far i am concerned people like him and KKL are disgraceful with no integrity,
          and all their money will no make any difference except for them to take advantage
          of their position and IMPOSE themselves on everyone! Just for the record
          i don’t despise KKL for the character Brooke Logan but for being an
          unprofessional ego-maniac cow who cannot act, but happy that Bell pushes
          her down people throats!

    • I beg to differ on the reasons why some don’t like Brooke. It has nothing to do with how much ball she has, but more with whose balls she has had!! Like her sister’s man…and ect!

  • Gaetan Fisher

    A lot of Americans don’t understand that America is NOT the entire world. B&B is a lot more popular than other daytime soaps in most countries. I think saying that Brooke Logan is the most popular soap character in the world is actually accurate, even if it surprises you. BTW, I like KKL but I’m rooting for Ari Zucker in this category, she’s a great actress.

    • Krishan Maharaj

      i agree about Brooke Logan, I mean here in south africa B&B is a primetime show and the highest rated international show in the country at 11m people watching it every day. And she is by far the most popular.

  • Hey..Is it true that KKL Is his favorite actress? No wonder Brooke keeps coming out on top!

  • KKL aka Brooke Logan does NOT deserve an Emmy for being a home wrecking slut!! KKL/ Brooke Logan is NOT the most popular character on B&B or in the Soap Opera world and furthermore if someone hasn’t watched B&B they have NO CLUE who KKL/Brooke Logan is! This is NOT the B&B we have LOVED for yrs!! This latest storyline is disgusting and it shows just how low B&B has sunk into Soap Opera hell!! B&B is such a disappointment and for that reason it’s ratings will continue to suffer!!!!

    • Larkin


      I am glad Hunter and Jacqui are leaving this sleazy show!! The all KKL/brooke favoritism is just nauseating!! Steffy/Jacqui /Taylor/Hunter both could not have Bill or Ridge. never some kind of happiness, Tay was even made a killer!! No way we could have a sl for them away from the sluts Logans, but the whore homewrecker can not only get both men, but now is preggo with Bill ‘s baby while Steffy loose hers?? This cow everyone is tired to see, can get any man/anything she wants on this show no matter who gets sacrificed, while all of the rest get screwed and humiliated or paired with losers in a F triangle that never ends.. Bell Jr has never had respect for them or for us!