They’re Back: Edgier, Sexier, Hotter and Bolder!


has released its newest video promoting the returns of “” and “.” The video, titled “They’re Back,” gives viewers a glimpse into how much edgier, sexier, hotter and bolder each soap now is as they get closer to their online debuts courtesy of .

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Between Bianca Montgomery () screaming “I Hate You!” to JR Chandler () as daughter Miranda Montgomery () says, “I Love, Love, Love You!” to JR’s son, AJ (), Pine Valley may be in for its own Romeo & Juliet type storyline. Then again, being pressured into possibly taking part in a threesome sure seems to be more envelope pushing for little Miss Montgomery. Meanwhile, club goers are welcomed to some Shelter in Llanview as Cutter Wentworth () introduces patrons to the opening of Blair Cramer’s () new club.

“All My Children” and “One Life to Live” both premiere Monday, April 29 on Hulu, and .

  • I can’t wait. This relaunch will force ABC to realize how much damage, financial and otherwise they’ve have created by these canceling these t.v. Icons to replace them with shows that have already been cancelled. Thankfully fans meant more than all the money guys atA.B.C. Could muster to prove these soaps would be back and at an advantage as being viewed by even more people on the Internet . Maybe the higher ups should listen to the fans, rather than make decisions that think is the latest thing . Proved fans right with pan am, trust the b in apar…sucky shows thankfully gone just like the revelation that replaced one life…yeah they were gone in 3 months. A.B.C. Needs to recognize they blew it. Forever fan of Hulu,iTunes and the on line network thanks for giving us what we want!