Prospect Park Responds to Lawsuit Revelation

Prospect Park

Prospect Park co-founders and have released the following statement to Soap Opera Network shortly after word broke that the company has decided to sue ABC over what it considers a breach of its licensing agreement.

“Prospect Park has been and continues to be committed to creating and delivering exceptional episodes of ‘’ and ‘.’ We have overcome each and every obstacle in an effort to make this dream become a reality. Over and over again our effort to bring these shows to audiences has faced challenges, and yet we along with the actors, the writers, producers and the directors as well as our fans, have confronted and then overcome these challenges, and we have every confidence that we will prevail again. We look forward to our April 29 launch now more than ever.”

The Hollywood Reporter has a copy of the lawsuit, which can be viewed here.

  • Josh

    What a useless statement.

    • Why a useless statement?

    • because their statement didn’t bash ABC? that is called maturity. Their facts were all in the lawsuit papers, which are available online.

  • lulu


  • Your Victory Prospect Park will be Our Victory!

  • Helen

    We stand behind you 100% and we will be watching. The 29th can’t come soon enough. ABC/D has messed with the fans long enough!

    • TheRalph


    • Bex


  • mike

    Prospect Park has every right to use any part of OLTL and AMC they want. They paid for these shows and the characters. ABC should have given Starr, Todd and John back as soon as OLTL was brought back. Remember PP never said they cancelled plans to bring these shows back..they made it clear it was more of a postponement not an outright dismissal of the project. ABC is making millions from PP the least they can do is make it easy on them. These guys gave so many people jobs and fans shows they have watched for decades. PP will always be in their right when it comes to anything All My Children and One Life To Live.

  • Philip

    I was excited about this project a year ago. Skeptical about it when I heard it was a go again. Then I got excited only to bombarded over and over again with all this senseless backstage mess. It is to the point now even if I figure out a way to watch these shows that I can see them, I hardly care enough to make the effort anymore. I am sick and tired of them fighting over 3 actors and all this licensing stuff. Act like grownups and get over it. And sorry but if it boils down to these 3 actors being behind all this fighting…they aren’t worth it. Concentrate on the shows and let all the other go. I’m sorry but I am not a fan of any 3 of these actors. Never have been and never will. I know they have their fans and that is great. But even if I was a fan when it comes down to getting shows back and keeping the ones we have that is more important. It is way more important than 3 actors.

    • Jolie

      When you pay MILLIONS for something and the former owner decides they are going to keep integral pieces of what you bought, Make sure you “act like a Grown up and get over it”!!

      • Philip

        I find it funny that they accepted whatever money ABC and GH paid to borrow those characters. And yes even Frank Valentini said they paid Prospect Park to use those characters. ABC has been using them for a year. And all of a sudden a year later Prospect Park has a problem with things that happened in February of last year. I might buy the argument if they had said something then. I don’t buy it now. It’s sour grapes that they lost the actors.

        As to your statement of “integral pieces” I just laugh. And I mean a big laugh. Thanks for that. Todd might have been an integral piece years ago, but if he never appeared on OLTL again I would never miss him. John McBain has never been important to OLTL and should have never been there in the first place. And Starr will be a whole lot better character when they recast her. Alderson brings her down and makes her unlikable and weak.

        Integral…..oh brother.

        Both GH and OLTL could get rid of them and still be great shows. I think they both would be better.

        • Jolie

          BREACH OF CONTRACT obvious that is something that alludes you!
          Todd has been on OLTL for 20 years but Todd is not integral just like Adam Chandler isn’t integral to AMC, Yea OLTL just kept John for over 10 years because he had never been important to OLTL, Starr ((KA)) has been on the show since she was 6 years old but I guess they don’t know talent! Only you know talent ((Eye Roll))

    • CTwildheart

      I have no idea WHY you would suddenly lose interest just because PP & ABC/D are fighting over their contracted agreement. The shows will still ‘air’. When you hear about a director and actor fighting – do you stop watching that show or movie?

      • Philip

        I lost interest when someone acts like three characters that swallowed up one show I loved and made it unbearable to watch at times. Then those 3 same characters move to another show and are featured big time on that show. And then two big entities act as if these 3 characters are more important than the shows themselves and are willing to put whole projects at risk to have them. I’m sorry but OLTL, GH and AMC are more important than Starr, Todd and John or Easton, Alderson and Howarth. I’m sickened by it all. And I just have no faith in the projects anymore. I’m tired of hearing about it and tired of of hearing them fight over these 3. I’m tired of ABC and tired of Prospect Park. Sorry these things that PP are accusing ABC of doing have been happened for over a year. Sorry but if they had problems with Cole and Hope being killed why didn’t they say something a year ago. The other things have been going on for a long time. All it boils down to is they thought they would play nice and then when the actors said they didn’t want to do the show… they pull this. sorry I don’t buy into it.

        • CTwildheart

          Thanks for clarifying! I totally get where you’re coming from. I have no problem with recasts – I don’t think any one (or two or three…) characters make or break these shows. They are ensembles. Personally I think the fans and (mostly) the actors are the ones getting the raw deal. I will watch the shows (all of them) to support the actors.

  • D

    Prospect Park is desperate for money. They look pathetic by filing this lawsuit. I will now not watch the shows online and urge others not to support Prospect Park. THey have the characters back they never had the rights to keep the actors/actresses. ABC has no reason to sabotage them since if Prospect Park makes money so does ABC.. I will urge everyone I know not to support the cry babies at Prospect Park

    • cindercity12

      Are you serious? You do understand that this is a case of a huge television network/corporation making an agreement with an independent production company and once the agreements were signed and the network/corporation got what they want, they completely screwed over the independent company and disregarded the agreement.

      Do you really believe it’s right for them to just do what they want and damage a smaller company without any consequences?Is that how you believe things should work? If a Hollywood studio screws over independent guys, they should just get over it? They shouldn’t take action? They should just let it go, let the studio go unpunished and pave the way for the next guy to be treated in the same manner?


      • D

        If Prospect was so upset because they killed off Hope/Cole 14 months ago why didn’t they take legal action then. If they were so upset at how Todd Manning’s character was portrayed for the last 14 months again why wait until now to file the law suit?

        The actors were not under contract to PP. ABC has every right to use them as other characters. The actress who plays Starr never signed with PP so her being a different character is not an issue

        The biggest problem with this is the timing. Prospect Park decides only days before the re-launch of the soaps to file a law suit.

        The funniest thing is reading the court papers filed by PP. They are posted on other websites. The case will never even go to trial.

        I never said they should just get over it but I just think they are mad because they can’t have the actors back. That is something they will never win so they should just get over it.

        All this is doing is damaging them. Even if they win whcih they won’t. At the most there will be some settlement out of court. This just appears to be sour grapes on PP part because they didn’t get their way

        • TheRalph

          Prospect Park had approval rights, and ABC blatantly ignored them. Is that too complex for you to understand? ABC did not have the right to use those characters how they wanted. They had limited rights that they tried to expand, like the school yard bully that they are. I, for one, am glad someone is finally standing up to these thugs.

          And how is this gonna hurt PP? More publicity, likely more money, ABC knows it’s under the microscope now, etc…Tell me again why this is so bad for them?

        • cindercity12

          So what if they’re mad or not about not having the actors back? It doesn’t negate the facts of the case. And I’m not sure what court papers you read, but the ones I read were pretty cut and dry. The breach of contract is pretty clear.

          ABC lead PP to believe Todd and the other characters would only be on GH for a limited time and they, along with the actors, would return to OLTL when production started. After ABC got the actors, they disregarded the agreement and made Todd a central character. And then they offered him a contract, even though that went against what they agreed on and would prevent him from rejoining OLTL. That’s a definite breach.

          They also signed an agreement that PP would have input and creative control over stories regarding those characters. They never had any input. Another breach.

          ABC used OLTL characters they had no right to use and altered their stories. Breach.

          They seem to have a pretty solid case, and can basically prove everything they claim.

        • Jolie

          If Prospect was so upset because they killed off Hope/Cole 14 months ago
          why didn’t they take legal action then. If they were so upset at how
          Todd Manning’s character was portrayed for the last 14 months again why
          wait until now to file the law suit?

          1 You should read the contract, basically this is the last straw, they have tried to work with ABC and ABC does not want to BIG SURPRISE THERE!!

          2 WTF does the court papers being on websites have to do with anything? That is public information DUH!

          3 Your whole post just proves you did not read the Lawsuit or you didn’t understand it!

    • You’re an idiot. Prospect Park paid MILLIONS for the rights to these shows and ABC has breached their contract! But then…judging by the fact that you are posting merely as an initial……you are either a coward or a plant by ABC. True fans support Prospect Park

  • Taelyn

    What a “NON STATEMENT” .. Not addressing the story/Rumor.. Kinda says it all.

    • CTwildheart

      Huh? Did you read a different statement than I did?

  • GOOD FOR THEM! ABC has been nothing short of difficult! From hanging on the the URL’S to blocking the use of certain actors. ABC has behaved like a jealous ex throughout this whole thing. They don’t want AMC and OLTL…….but they don’t want them to move on with anyone else either. Kudos to Prospect Park for taking the bully to task over their behavior! #LONGLIVEPP #LONGLIVEAMC #LONGLIVEOLTL

  • CTwildheart

    Now I can reassure my friends and family that the relaunch isn’t affected! They were worried. 🙂

    • they need into talks to get it back on tv if fx canada get to watch soaps they need to find a network so we can watch it on tv and

  • I am behind you all the way!

  • bj22_ca

    PP should just focus on the breach of contract because they don’t stand a chance of winning their complaints about how ABC got the actors to sign with them and offering them new roles to keep them as employee since they have no claim to the actors. ABC had every right to give them contracts and offering them new roles because their contract with PP only extended to the characters not the actors. PP needs to accept that the actors have chosen to continue to work for ABC/GH leaving them with important three OLTL roles to recast.

    • Jolie

      Read the Lawsuit, ABC offering them Actors long term contracts breached the contract with PP!

    • Jolie

      ABC announced the 3 were contracted to long term contracts when they were playing the OLTL characters, their contracts has nothing to do with the new characters….

    • Jolie

      Choosing to stay on a show and being contractually obligated are totally different

  • PP has done nothing wrong! They took on bringing back One Life to Live (which was scoring higher ratings than GH in its last year) for the FANS. All they wanted was for the actors who play Todd, John, and Starr to come back and wrap up their stories on OLTL. From what I have read, the little witch who plays Star flat out refused because she thinks she is above being on an internet show. But both actors who played John and Todd were happy to film with their old friends and co-stars. It was ABC who refused to lend the actors out, despite the fact that PP OWNS the characters and was only leasing them to ABC. Fact is, ABC knows it screwed up getting rid of AMC and OLTL so they are threatened by the publicity of these shows relaunching. They have done nothing but try to sabotage them by refusing to lend out the actors. Here is the thing… PP owns the licensing rights to GH, which means if GH is ever canceled by ABC, PP owns it and can launch it online. And also, PP’s contract with ABC ends in September. The contract was for PP to NOT launch the shows on a television channel until September 2013. And from what I have read, several networks are impressed with the ratings both soaps have received online and have been in touch with PP about sharing the production costs in exchange for airing the episodes on their channel! I want ABC to be the first of the four major networks to fold. How dare THEY tell US that we want educational, informative talk shows over soap operas. Yeah, how’d that work out for The Revolution? And The Chew is still receiving less viewers than either soap it replaced.

    • JasonGraziano

      Prospect Park has NOTHING TO DO with GH… NOTHING.. don’t know where you got that info from.

  • Gin

    ABC – bite me. Prospect park is the way of the future, and ABC is just trying to save face for their big huge mistake in canceling two long time beloved soaps. If they had thought of their loyal fans and viewers, they would have at least tried other options before canceling the two shows. But Brian F. Was not thinking, and ABC allowed him to proceed with out stepping up to the plate and trying other options. I hope ABC can feel the pie in their face right now.

    • JasonGraziano

      AMC and OLTL were no longer getting the ratings. It wasn’t feasible for the studio to produce anymore. You people need to understand that sometimes, a show just doesn’t get ratings anymore.