PREMIERE WATCH: How Did You View ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’?

Apple, Inc.
Apple, Inc.

For months, and in numerous articles, Soap Opera Network stated the following line: “” and “” both premiere on Monday, April 29 via , and . Well, the big day finally arrived and is now over and done with. So, we have to ask readers…how did you watch the soaps? Hulu, or iTunes?

As a long time Hulu watcher myself, before eventually signing up for Hulu Plus in December 2011, I have to say I personally watched the shows via my iPhone initially via Hulu Plus, but will be watching more regularly on my . I do also have the option of watching on my and sometimes my PS3. As a show of support, I did subscribe to iTunes as well (for both soaps) in order to retain the episodes (commercial free) in the long-run. At $9.99 a month for each series, that’s a lot more than we previously paid for the shows, but well worth it, IMO.


  • Watching either soap on is FREE! Just go to the website and type in “All My Children” or “One Life to Live” in the search box and you’re set!
  • Watching via a mobile device or gaming system with Hulu Plus costs only $7.99 a month. But, you aren’t paying just to be able to view “AMC” or “OLTL,” you’re paying for the ability to watch any ABC, FOX, NBC or CW series (among other networks) on various platforms without being limited to your computer screens. As previously stated, I watch Hulu Plus programming on my Xbox 360, which is hooked up to my 40″ Samsung TV. With the shows in HD, I’m set.
  • Each episode costs $0.99 on iTunes or $9.99 for a monthly subscription for the soap of your choice. With the ability to save episodes on your computer, watch them on your iPad, iPhone, iPod or Apple TV via your iTunes account, it’ll be the new way to watch your “recorded” episode whenever you want, however you want and wherever you want.

So What About You? How Did You Watch?

  • I watched both via Hulu..Just like the old days with the commercials.

    • Bambic

      Wish we could fast-forward them… 🙂

      • Yeah me too but seeing he ads pays for the shows so we don’t have to! Some of the ads on Hulu can be kind of cool anywayl, especially about their other shows, and they let you indicate the kinds of ads that are more suited to you.

        • Kari

          Hulu does not work in Canada?

      • I cant afford Hulu plus so I feel Hulu, I can watch and watch the ads. They are paying for the series. I also click on the little box ad that shows up on the Hulu player, every little bit helps OLTL

  • Bambic

    Major typo alert: “Each episode costs…for the soap of your chose”.

    How about “choice” instead? We can “choose”, that means we “chose”, we have a “choice”. How does this kind of thing end up posted without being proofed?


    I did the exact same as you – watched on Hulu+ on my ps3, Samsung Galaxy and internet enabled blu-ray player as I had already subscribed being a Criterion Film nut and Hulu+ has all of those awesome films (Kurosawa or Malick anyone??!!). Then I paid iTunes to further support and watch ad-free and very likely will continue to do so at a mere 50 cents a pop. SO WORTH IT!!!

  • Joyce

    Thank you sooooo much for putting All My Children and One Life to Live on Hulu. I have missed them so much. I am also happy that I can watch General Hospital on Hulu if I miss an episode on TV. Was excited to see all The Real Housewives shows as well. Thank you again.

  • I watched it via Hulu…because I am a college student and can deal with commercials. Just mute them and do something else for a minute or three.

    • aizen-sama

      Hulu plus used to have ads as well -_- Not sure if that has been changed.

  • Hulu on my laptop

  • Amcfan

    Played it in hulu on my MacBook and airplayed it my Apple TV, got the TV experience but completely free. I’m in canada and don’t get fx so I used hola with Chrome to get Hulu to work (safe and PP still gets the ad revenues).

    Hoping iTunes in canada gets AMC and OLTL!

  • JT

    I watched on tv using Hulu Plus on my PS3 for my first viewing and later on Hulu using my laptop.

  • Mimi

    Watched on Hulu Plus via Roku & then downloaded from iTunes to my computer. I got it covered.

  • marybaez

    I watched on my desktop for now, I am going to upgrade to hulu+ so I can watch from my phone or tv.

  • aizen-sama

    I connected my laptop to my tv using a hdmi cable. 😀
    Also watched on my desktop.

  • Guess i’m ghetto ’cause I watched on YouTube. I live in Canada… Hulu is blocked and I don’t get FX Canada.

  • ToNYC

    Via iTunes as I travel internationally & can get them on my iPad/iPhone with the subscription while in another country which is not possible via Hulu

  • Hulu Plus on my tab, usually five in the morning. Wake up with Llanview!

  • on hulu plus on my tv i really enjoy them on the tv

  • I watched in my office on the Hulu Plus app on iPad before I taught my class, then watched again when I got home on my Xbox 360. My mother watched on her laptop.

  • postcarder

    I watched on FX Canada on my HD TV.

  • watched on Hulu+ streaming to TV via Roku

  • Sorry, currently our video library can only be watched from within the United States

    I didn’t watch it at all. I won’t be watching it at all. I’m annoyed only because I was expecting exactly this from Prospect Park.

  • Ooops! Forgot to mention that I watched via Hulu.

  • Rodney

    1st time Huluplus on my iPad. 2nd time Hulu plus streaming through my BluRay to my TV 3rd time Hulu on my laptop (to post comments)

  • On Hulu

  • Betsy baby

    On Hulu!! Love it……

  • niteowlsrr

    I watched via Hulu Plus on my laptop and my Samsung Galxaxy II.

  • Gboo

    Hulu Plus. On my TV. So glad they are back!

  • Betty Alarcon

    I subscribed to Hulu Plus on Sunday night. I watched both episodes on my TV.Having to pay $7.99 a month does not hurt at all as long as I can watch the two soaps that I have watched since high school. I am sooooooooooooooooo happy that Prospect Park pulled this off. I just wish that they were one-hour episodes instead of half an hour – wink wink!

  • I watched on hulu plus on my tv as always. I have been a subscriber of hulu plus for years. Now that oltl and amc are both on hulu i think other soaps will follow.

  • sandals30

    I watched on Hulu, but like another poster, I connected it to my TV with an HDMI cable. Used closed caption too and it worked great! I was afraid there would be a ton of commercials, but was pleasantly surprised.

  • Jesse

    Hulu on pc and tablet.

  • JenniferS

    HuluPlus!!! So I can still watch on my TV!!!!! That is the only reason I subscribed to HuluPlus!!!!

  • Bteragram

    As a Canadian viewer, I watched on FX Canada which I had to subscribe to for $10/month.
    I am hoping that you’ll make it worth my while =)

  • karen

    I’m not a prude but the language on All My Children is getting way to gross….why do the writers think we need to hear that from these young actors? Other than that I love the show and the new One Life to Live.

  • janscanner

    hulu plus on my iPad. It’s really high quality in every way. I hadn’t watched AMC much in the past 10 years, but I was curious about the web version and now I’m getting hooked. Great to see all my old favorites (please Tad) and the young actors are great, especially Miranda. Well done!