Hour Glass Stops Spinning in Australia for ‘Days of our Lives’ Viewers

JPI Studios
JPI Studios

After 45 years on Australian television, The Nine Network has announced that on Friday, April 26 it will broadcast the American daytime soap opera “” (currently in its 48th year of production) for the final time. In a statement released to TV Tonight, a representive for the network said, “We made a commercial decision not to renew ‘Days of our Lives,'” without revealing which program it will replace the drama series with.

In 2007, Nine ceased airing “” after 31 years and replaced it with the short-lived daily series “The Catch-Up.” The daytime soap was quickly picked up and moved to Arena TV, part of Foxtel, after producer secured a deal.

There is no word yet on Sony Pictures Television’s plans to move “DAYS” to another Australian network, but it understood that SPT is looking into all avenues to continue providing “DAYS” in the country.

  • cindercity12

    That sucks. I remember Australian fans being real pissed off on the IMDB boards back in 2004. DAYS didn’t start airing in Australia until 1968, which was 3 years after the show originally debuted in America. So the Australian audience were always 3 years behind. By 2004, they were over 4 years behind and were only up to episodes that had aired in early 2000. So, the network decided to just skip those 4 years of episodes and start with the episodes from early 2004.

    People were UPSET. They were nearing the end of the story where Princess Gina had kidnapped Hope and Stefano and then immediately jumped to the middle of the Salem Stalker storyline.

    People were completely lost and annoyed with the fact that when the show came back the next week, they wouldn’t have any clue about what had happened in the last 4 years nor what was currently going on.

  • DF42

    The same network did this to Y&R fans a few years ago.