‘Tainted Dreams’ Lands TNA Wrestling Superstars Mr. PEC-Tacular and Tara

TNA Entertainment, LLC
TNA Entertainment, LLC

Superstars (“”) and have joined the ever growing cast of the NYC Brand Productions online series “,” created by “” Supervising Producer . Godderz, whose wrestling stage name is , is probably best known for his time on CBS’ “Big Brother.” Varon appears in TNA programming with the stage name Tara (aka Tarantula).

“Wrestling has evolved into an ‘action soap opera,’ combining athletic prowess with the on-going, serialized drama taking place in and out of the wrestling ring,” said Blangiardo in a statement announcing Godderz and Varon’s hiring. “There is a tremendous crossover audience between traditional soap operas and wrestling which creates a perfect fit for Jessie and Lisa Marie in our cast.”

TNA Entertainment, LLC
TNA Entertainment, LLC

That “Tainted” cast includes (“All My Children”), (“Days of Our Lives,” “As the World Turns,” and “”), (“Dina’s Party” and “”), Kelley Menighan Hensley (“”), (“All My Children”), (“As The World Turns”), (“All My Children”) and (“”).

While distribution details for “Tainted Dreams” are not yet finalized, the series is expected to premiere online on Monday, July 15.

For More Informationnycbrandproductions.com/projects/tainted-dreams

  • I Heart Damon Salvatore

    Oh dear God. Not Jesse! I had to put up with two seasons of his smug, bonehead self on Big Brother. He surely has tainted this show.

  • Open the bifrost.

    I just love these two, Lisa is a wrestling living legend. Jessie has great potential.

  • Mama G

    Congrats Jessie and Tara. Love you long time.