Steve Burton and Jack Wagner Help Move ‘Y&R’ and ‘GH’ On Up!


Earlier today we posted our ratings report for the week of February 4-8, 2013 and it looks as though the debut of on “” and ‘s return to “” have helped bring new (or returning) viewers back to daytime television.

Since debuting on “Y&R,” on Tuesday, January 29 in the role of Dylan McAvoy, Burton has helped “Y&R” grow its audience by nearly 200,000 total viewers (191,000 to be exact) and 231,000 Women 18-49 viewers. We noted that since taking over the reigns of “Y&R” in October 2012, (executive producer) and (head writer) have now hit a new high in Women 18-49 viewers with 930,000 women tuning in last week. The two also hit a new high in Women 18-49 rating with a 1.5/9. Prior to the beginning of their creative direction, daytime’s number one drama series had been averaging just over 4.2 million viewers and well under 900,000 Women 18-49 viewers, which were both series lows. Two days of¬†significance¬†for Burton includes his “Y&R” debut episode on January 29, when the soap brought in over 5 million eye balls, and on Monday, February 4, when nearly 5.2 million people watched Dylan and Avery Clark () come face to face for the first time since his apparent “death.”

Wagner, who had been off “GH” for nearly 20 years, returned to his iconic role of Frisco Jones on the ABC drama series on Monday, February 4, when just over 3.1 million viewers tuned in to see essentially 2 seconds of the actor.

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  • A D

    I can’t believe you wrote, posted and believe that nonsense!

    • LashaMe

      I DITTO THAT!! What a insult!! to GH really!! SO unprofessional!!! whomever wrote this crap!!

      • muppet crew

        I agree but it was great for good Morning laugh!

  • olivia

    I think well i am SURE they helped, SB has a fanbase, a pretty big fanbase, that’s for sure, it is not for nothing he had for years uber-popular pairings, fanwars about him were almost vicious..and JK as Frisco is a popular character from an iconic era for GH therefore they did help but to attribute ALL these viewers to them is a bit much don’t you think Errol ?

  • Won’t watch Steve Burton on Young & the Restless. I loved him as Jason. Tuned in to 2 episodes of him on Y&R and didn’t thrill me at all

  • Sally

    Are you kidding me? Giving Wagner credit for the ratings being up on GH? Please he has hardly been on screen. It most likely actually is the new storylines and the pairing of Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton that has raised GH’s ratings.

  • Anna

    Umm…I am a GH fan and I did watch Y and R on the day SB debut just to see for myself how he would do and did continue to watch to see him and Avery. Now that I have seen for myself I wish him luck but I will not be continuing to watch. I think there are many like myself who wanted to just check it out but it won’t be lasting. As far as JW bringing in the ratings for GH, I agree with the other posters about how insulting that is. Alot of good storyline was going on that day. The murder mystery had just began that Friday so of course many tuned in on Monday to continue it and also, that was the day Patrick confronted Britt about Emma.