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In the newest issue of ABC Soaps In Depth, “” star Julie Marie Berman has announced in an exclusive interview that she is leaving the series after seven and a half years portraying Lulu Spencer. “I always have a desire to grow and challenge myself in other mediums. And there are enough reasons now that my gut is telling me this is the right time to finally let go of ‘GH.'” Berman says she informed her bosses back in July of last year that she had plans to leave the series. “I gave my notice in July to leave when my contract was up in November last year,” said Berman, who also explained that she decided to stay a little while longer after subsequent discussions between her management team and “GH” executive producer .

While a final airdate has not been revealed, it is understood that Berman will not appear in episodes celebrating “GH’s” 50th anniversary scheduled to air in April, as the series is reportedly looking to recast the role of Lulu. Berman filmed her final scenes on Tuesday, February 26.

  • Good luck to the original Lulu when she leave GH. I hope that the new Lulu will be someone look like she could be cast as Lulu sister. I still remember when All My Children recast Tina C. Warner with a redhead. The fan didn’t give the new Tina a chance. They was force to rehired the original Tina again.

  • jonboyelk


  • oltlprincess

    its sad to say i dnt really care. i kno they are going to replace her, and i dnt know if its her or her character but i fast foward through most of her scenes anyway. smh Good Luck

  • James

    How about Stephanie Gatschet for lulu

  • I would suggest Jen Lilley but it would probably confuse everyone since she played Maxie when Kristen Storms was out on Medical Leave.

  • ThinkingAloud

    I’ll miss her. She’s a good actress, and she looks uncannily like Luke and Laura. But I suspect she’ll be back eventually. These soap stars always leave thinking they’ll find greener pastures only to discover that Hollywood is brutal and full of younger, prettier, more talented actresses. When they’ve been out of work for awhile, they inevitably come back to the soaps.

  • jojomsd

    I’m sad but I understand her wanting to branch out. I really enjoyed her pairing with Dante. They’ve had good on-screen chemistry & it was nice to see. I wish her the best of luck in whatever she plans for herself next.

  • Kim

    Nooooooo!!!! No one will take her place. The recast has HUGE shoes to fill.

  • josie clark

    She will be miss but I wish Julie the best of luck ,its so hard to say goodbye to agreat actress who looked so much like laura[Genie francis} I have watched Gh for 50 years and she is one actress I will miss best of luck .

  • i don’t like the new Lulu already 🙁 I met Julie a few times at Super Soap Weekend in Orlando … she’s a great person as well as actress .. hate to see her go!

  • The new Lulu is terrible. No one can replace Julie especially the one you have now. She has no emotion

  • She will be hard to replace! With her and Steve Burton gone, I am beginning to lose interest in GH.

    • biscuitbonnie

      I agree. Too much loss too close together. I love the show and support it but Steve and Julie were two of my favs.

  • R_Now

    Why did they replace her at all?! They could have taken the story a new direction without LuLu and it would have worked better than trying to get fans to see a new actor as LuLu. Julie Berman was LuLu.

  • J.Williams

    there is no chemistry between Dante and the ne Lulu. It’s too “blah” blah”

  • J.Williams

    @ new

  • Pat

    I am sorry to agree that the new lulu is boring and would rather dante mourn the death of lulu or even a long distance divorce…..Pat

  • BBJ

    Julie Marie Berman PLEASE come back to GH. The new gal is an AWFUL actress and looks Nothing like a Spencer. Poor Judgment on the casting!


  • kathy

    I’m sorry to see Julie Marie Berman leave GH. Just as no one can replace Steve Burton as Jason, no one can replace Julie Marie Berman as Lulu ……. and especially not the *mean girl* from “Bring It – In It To Win It” who looks like an Olsen twin

    • Dee

      You meant Bring It On – All or Nothing

  • Sara

    The new Lulu is awful! She can’t act her way out of a paper bag!

  • Julie (Lulu), in my opinion, played as her character of the last 7 years, can never be replaced, or ever be duplicated. The new “Lulu”, though, with amnesia, is a terrific actress, as I have watched her for years on Y&R, will really need to pull off a brand new “Lulu” now. We will all be watching “who” will arise out of the amnesiac state she is in and if she and Dante will have the chemistry that he and the old Lulu had.

  • soleil.christina

    It was a big mistake to recast LULU, JMB is Lulu & always will be. I like the actress ER she was good on Y&R but she’s not Lulu I feel nothing no emotion & with DZ flat & boring. They should made LULU MIA DZ would of killed the scenes related to that.

  • GH82

    The new Lulu is terrrrible. I’ve completely lost all interest in the Dante/Lulu story line now.

  • monster

    I have tried to be open minded with this new actress playing Lulu. As time went by and she kept getting worse and worse I was hoping it was temporary, but if Julie isn’t coming back (and I understand needing to move on) the role MUST be recast. She is single handedly destroying what has been a sweet and enviable relationship we loved to watch.

  • Guest

    Haven’t watched GH much in the last few year’ s and only watch now to see liaison. Lulu the fake is still terrible and i forward all parts relating to her. Its my hope that helena has the real lulu and the imposter will be Helena grandchild or something.