Exclusive! ‘One Life to Live’ Casts Its New Destiny

Muse NYC
Muse NYC

Soap Opera Network has learned exclusively that has been cast in the contract role of Destiny Evans on “.” She replaces , who portrayed the character on the ABC version of the series from 2009-2012. No word yet on who will be portraying the recast version of Matthew Buchanan, last played by .

“OLTL” marks Harrier’s first role as a series regular on television.

Harrier is a New York based international model represented by Muse NYC. The Chicago native has shot campaigns for American Eagle, Target, and L’oreal and has been photographed for such magazines as Glamour, Elle, and Cosmopolitan.

As previously reported, is looking to make things a little edgier on their soaps as Destiny seems to be dabbling into the world of Sugar Babies.

  • I am really going to miss Shenell as Destiny. I was kind of hurt when I found out she was being recast lol. Destiny was my favorite character so hopefully the new actress lets me get over my hurt.

    • judy

      didn’t hurt anything when the original Blair was recast and the original was Asian ,olive skin slanted eyes and long black hair..new Blair white, light hair…but we accepted her…when clint was replaced we accepted it and kept on watching, when jessica was replaced we also accepted it so now that they want Destiny and Matthew to be about 4 years older we will acept the new characters also…because there is no way the dorky looking Matthew could look grown up and neither could the original destiny. they are still kids and still look like kids.I, myself hope they get rid of a few characters that drag the show down..get rid of Natalie, Jessica, Clint, Blair and please, please leave Todd in Port Charles, but bring Sam and John to Landview.and when they find Hope and Cole alive they can bring Starr back. They can also bring back Victor when they find out he had on a bullet proof vest because he was working with FBI on a case involving Tia’s brother Tomas.

  • I am really going to miss Shenell as Destiny. I was kind of hurt when I found out she was being recast lol. Destiny was my favorite character so hopefully the new actress lets me get over my hurt.

  • It will be hard to accept a new Mathew, Eddie has been playing the part since he was a kid..

  • It will be hard to accept a new Mathew, Eddie has been playing the part since he was a kid..

  • eileenhargis

    Poor, poor, choice. Shenell did a fine job and should have been offered the job. Way to go, PP, a great start, NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Terry

      Did you stop to think that maybe she was not available or didn’t want to. How can you be so unbelievably cruel when PP has done and worked do hard to bring our soaps back!

  • Oltl princess

    Destiny didn’t want to come back the show must move on. Good luck.

  • nicole

    I just do not think that they needed to recast i liked the original actress and she was realistic and this girl is pretty but to model look for me! Soaps seem to forget we want good acting not model looks.

    • Terry

      She probably was not available or didn’t want to. Too much time has passed and people have to move on!

  • mike

    Who cares? Destiny was a child and a rather weak character everyone complained about her taking some much airtime during the last weeks of the show. That pregnancy story with Matthew was awful mainly because of the actress who had no business being on daytime.

  • Extreemely disappointed. Shennell should have been brought back. So sad I dont want to see this great character destored. One of my favorite things about Destiny was she was not a size zero. Shennell was great and very pretty in her own right she should have been brought back. Extremely unhappy about this!

    • sheila

      I agree with you, Jennifer. I liked Destiny because she wasn’t tiny and didn’t have typical soap opera good looks. Don’t get me wrong. The original Destiny was/is attractive, but it wasn’t that usual soap opera prettiness. She was refreshing.

    • Terry

      She probably was not available at this time! Everyone seems so upset and angry to the point that they refuse to watch. But you can’t expect that everyone is just sitting twiddling their thumbs and waiting to be contacted. They have lives and families to support so the majority of them probably cannot just stop what they are doing and go back to their respective soaps! Maybe in time we will see more of our faves but in the meantime we need to support them.

      • No offense to the new actress. I just think it would be better to bring Shennell back if she is available. This upcoming storyline scares me. I dont want to see this great character destroyed

        • Evan

          Shenell is in college right now. In fact she goes to my school. She’s taking a break from acting to focus on her studies, and wouldn’t have been available for this.

          • Glad she is in college. Just wish she could have come back.

          • Evan

            Maybe if this is successful and goes on for a long time, they’ll have Shenell come back once she’s out of college.

          • I hope so. Long live One Life!!!!!!

          • CTwildheart

            That is not the reason they recast this role. Many people are able to work and go to college at the same time.

          • Joseph Berger

            Don’t you think it was maybe her own decision and a hard one to focus on her studies rather then come back to the show? I’m sure it was a difficult decision for her so just leave it alone and give the new girl a chance.

          • CTwildheart

            Joseph I never said I wouldn’t give the new actress a chance. I never hold it against them that they are the recast.

          • CTwildheart

            I just read Shenell’s statement and You were correct. I am glad to know PP contacted her first before recasting. 🙂

      • Gary

        Well just because Shennell didn’t or couldn’t come back they didn’t have to drastically change things about the character that made them special and unique. Making her a carbon copy of every other young actress out there just takes that special part of her away. It would have been the same if OLTL had recast Marcie McBain with a thin model. People have the right to be upset just as much as you have the right to make fun of them for being upset. I for one as a fan is not willing just to accept whatever just to get my shows back. What good was the fight if the shows are so different and the characters are so different you don’t even recognize them or the show.

      • Exactly

      • Deb

        Actually PP stated they were taking Destiny in a new direction and would not be asking the former actor back to play the role. That mean they wanted a model looking Destiny who would work cheap.

      • Well then they should have recasted someone with the same body frame. Not some bombshell.

    • judy

      they wanted to make Matthew and destiny more grown up about 4 years older

      and no way could the original Matthew and destiny look like grown ups….It’s like I sure hope they don’t bring Todd back either.leave him on general hospital with the rest of the wackos ..Bring back Victor, was a much better character, when he came in as Todd we seemed to forget just how horrible a person Todd was..a rapist, among other nasty things.They bring people back from the dead all the time, there s a way. Send Blair to general hospital bring SAM and John to one life to live.and forever more let Natalie and Jessica kill one another get some fresh new faces on this show..had enough of the multiple personalities and Natalie’s holier than thou stage.let Clints next heart attack be his last one,kill him off let Rex and David Vickers become head of Buchannon Enterprise…lol..won’t that be something..

    • Myeshia

      I also agree with u Jennifer, it’s crazy that they went this far with the change…If the original Destiny couldn’t come back, OLTL should of at least tried to cast a actor that was in the same likeness as Destiny…

    • Nickie

      The actress declined their invitation, it was not their fault Shennell said no. All Soap viewers are use to actors being switched and replaced mid episode.

    • Shana

      Her College Schedule didn’t work for her to participate!

    • Chelsea

      She wasn’t available because she is in college and taking courses. I think its smart of her to focus on her college rather than a career.

  • sheila

    I liked the previous Destiny’s everyday looks. And she could have played this story about Destiny going online to meet sugar daddies as a means of taking care of her child. The other Destiny was plump and why couldn’t she have become a member of a dating site featuring men interested in pretty chunky, dark-skinned girls. To me, that sounds edgy and believable.

  • Lorena

    As soon as I read the name I was like wait a minute she’s a model without reading the article. New I recognized that name!

  • aspengler1

    Shenell Edmonds is Destiny. Period. She is unique and lit up the screen with her thoughtfulness, honesty and attitude. I don’t mean to hate on the new girl, but this new version of Destiny will not be Destiny to me. As the real Des would say, “Destiny out!” I don’t think this Sugar Daddy storyline will please fans of Destiny or Matthew. I certainly hope the other returning characters will still be recognizable to the fans or this OLTL won’t be anything but a brand new soap—not what we fought for.

  • rashawn_gardner

    I’m still can’t believe that They recast Destiny but, the new Destiny looks ok being a Sugar Babies. I hope Laura Harrier do good. And also if The new Destiny is a model, are they going to make Matthew look built looking or what? I think they recast these couple just to make their characters sexier. Hope it turns out ok. Atleast they still brought back our favorite couple.

  • Xan

    [email protected] people complaining. Destiny was previously an annoying and borderline pointless character…and Shennell Edmonds, herself, was a terrible actress who should have never been cast to begin with. If we HAVE to have this previously awful character back, then I’m glad they recast. The new actress can’t be any worse than SE was.

    • I totally disagree. I have seen much worse acting than Shennelll. She got better as time went on. Destiny brought balance to Matthew.

    • CTwildheart

      When Destiny was annoying, she was SUPPOSED to be annoying. Pointless, she definitely was not. Ending up having a Buchanan baby is very ‘to the point’ of OLTL. She definitely grew in this role and was was better than others I have seen.

    • Bambic

      Speaking of bad acting, I wish they’d age reverse Jack Manning and bring back the kid who used to play this part. His gorgeous replacement was worse than anything you’d see in community theater—totally uncomfortable in front of the camera and he didn’t get better in time…

  • soapfan

    As fans we have all been through the ringer with the loss of our daytimedramas. Any change at this point is somewhat traumatic. Loved Mathew and Destiny…I think I would have preferred they go off to college on OLTL and just bring in new characters rather than replacements. My main issue with this new actress is that at her age (or any age!) the lip job is ridiculous. Frightening that such a scary look is a trend when she was obviously a beauty before… Frightening that natural beauty is now considered flawed…

  • CTwildheart

    I am disappointed. I will still watch OLTL when it returns and wish this actress (and the Matthew recast) well – but I think they did not recast true to character. I do understand people can change in 3-5 years, but the rumors sound like a completely different person than the Destiny we know.
    I know Shenell wanted to continue in Llanview by her tweets and posts on FB, I wish her well in everything she does….

    • Bambic

      Three to five years? Just how long do you think the show has been off the air? Less than 18 months. I guess time flies faster for some of us…

      • CTwildheart

        Guess you hadn’t heard, they are moving the story five years from where they left off. At least that is the current rumor…

        • I heard they were only moving forward by a year and AMC was the one moving 5yrs into the future.

          • CTwildheart

            I have heard that about both shows at different times! It’s crazy all the different things you hear or read. Guess we’ll know for sure soon enough…

        • Bambic

          Ooops. See above…

      • Bambic

        That might make it difficult for the young actor who plays Sam Manning. He can’t be more than eight or nine, right, so how could he possibly play thirteen?

  • I want to watch, did the show start yet? Where can we watch it? I have no Idea someone please tell me some info!!

  • Where can we watch the Show? It came back? can some one get me some showtime info!? Appreciate it! 🙂

  • Maryann

    I can not beleive Destiny will not be coming back, we need the whole cast back. Destiny role fit her to a T. Also Matthew and Star needs to come back also. I love Star on GH but can they work it out she on both or maybe spot shots of her.

  • Sally

    Just what I said PP would do, they are creating a new OLTL cast made up of newbies who they can get to work for scale. This actor bears no resemblance to the Destiny of OLTL. Destiny was an underdog slightly chubby girl that stole our hearts. This new one looks like a model. Welcome to the new OLTL folks all young cheap talent that look like models.

    • Patricia Gregory

      from the list of returning actors they are not creating a new cast entirely made of newbies. I am ok with recasts per sae, but would love if they would keep them kind of the same, I loved that Shenell was not a toothpick, she was real!
      was seriously hoping that the “Frons” feel of the shows would have been taken out, when PP picked them up, I was very mad and upset when he fired “Marcy McBain” because he said she was too fat!! She was a phenomenal actress as is Shenell. I don’t get the whole “they have to look like models to work on tv” people come in all shapes and sizes and our shows should reflect that. There are so many things in this world plaguing our young daughters thoughts with if you are not a size 0 you are not beautiful, which is so wrong!
      If you are beautiful within it should not matter what you look like on the outside. Sorry for rambling it just irks me. God bless Shenell and hope she graces us with her talent somewhere soon!

      • Patricia Gregory

        guess I should have added I will give this new actress a chance as I am beyond thrilled that both of our shows are coming back!! I know they will not be exactly the same now and I am ok with that just glad for the many soap fans who fought so hard to save these shows

  • victoria

    wow reading some of these coments im saprised.. if we got rid of every character on the show it wouldnt be one life to live wed b watching a whole different show wish they would just leave it be ….when will the show air again?

  • Thomas

    Frankly I’m glad that SE is not coming back. She was a weak actress. That was highlighted during the pregnancy/Matthew comatose storyline. I can’t blame PP for wanting a better actress in the role.

    • I respectfully disagree wih you, Shennell was not a weak actress and how can you tell the the preg storyline? It was hardly ever on. To me it seemed that she kept up with the other teens on the show. Eddie being the exception, he was by far the best teen out of all of them. Sad that RC did not wake him up much sooner.

  • Bambic

    It’s hard to imagine Llanview without Roxanne Balsom. I can’t imagine trying to re-cast her, so I’m am hoping like mad that Ilene Kristen will be joining the rest of the original cast. Like Tuc “David Vickers” Watkins. I could watch him wash socks…

    • Boodlums

      Ilene would join if PP would just call. What are they waiting for? I’m hoping just the next “chunk” of production.

      • Bam Carle

        Well, maybe the soap opera gods will see this and get the ball rolling. Seriously.

    • so true. The Roxy-isms must continue!

  • So you went from this Shennell to this young lady? Bit extreme don’t you think? I loved Destiny because she portrayed a strong young black woman who was not petite and was okay with that! If you have to change the portrayer that is fine but this is disappointing because they have absolutely no similarities.

  • qstar304

    New girl is cute, but no Desiny! Disappointed about Destiny, she and Shawn owned their roles. We want them back.

  • Joseph Berger

    totally understand why Shennell couldn’t come back, for some actors and actresses school comes first and I’m sure she had a hard time finding a job after the cancellation of OLTL, but what ever the future holds for Shennell in her endeavors Good Luck to you and I’m sure your fans totally support your decision….I sure do 🙂

  • Franny

    Shenell turned down their offer since it would interfere with her college schedule…..good for her in wanting to further her education!!

  • I auditioned for this role. They weren’t sure if they would continue with the last age or age them . I auditioned for the younger version if they continued late teens. The breakdown still included a personality type similiar to Destiny’s..just older. I think they cast whoever best represented the character of Destiny and not appearance.Awww guys, you may get lucky and love them both equally. But you have to just watch to see:)

  • rocklesson86

    I have no problem that replaced her, but what have a problem with is the fact that this Destiny looks nothing like the old Destiny. I would thought they would got another actress that was similar to Shenell. I am so disappointed in them.

  • Kelli

    I don’t mind that they got some one new I mind that she is nothing like her and now the show dosent have any bigger girls for young girls to look at. There all skinny as can be and that’s not a good imagine to give your child

  • Of course they recast the fat black girl and replaced her with a skinny, gorgeous, mixed-race girl. This is a soap opera, not BET. White folks can’t have actresses that are either heavy or too dark. Heaven FORBID.

    People make me sick.

  • eviepm

    Well, here’s what I think (not that it matters to anyone but it’s my opinion).
    I am happy that Shenell wants to focus on her studies, education is very important and I believe everyone should have something to fall back on just in case. I wish her the best of luck. No offense to Shenell but I don’t think she had great acting skills. She was not believable to me and to many of my friends also.
    The new Destiny seems ok so far, I like her and because there’s a new Matthew, I guess it’s not so bad.