Erin Hershey Presley Reprises ‘PC’ Role on ‘General Hospital’


As previously reported, actor has joined the cast of “” in the role of Rafe, who is believed to be the son of Alison Barrington and Caleb Morley – as a result of their sexual encounter occurring towards the end of ABC’s long canceled “.”

Deshler debuts on the Wednesday, January 30 episode, which is also the same day Kevin Collins () returns to Port Charles to try and appeal to his wife, Lucy Coe (), over her belief in vampires.

In what can only be an apparent slip up on the part of ABC, it looks as though  may have secretly taped her return to the series after a near 13-year absence. Although Alison Barrington predominately starred on “PC,” the character appeared on “GH” in the early 2000’s during scenes airing on the parent series surrounding the annual Nurse’s Ball charity event, which is ironically set to return to the “GH” in the weeks and months to come.


According to the ABC Hot Sheet sent out the thousands of fans for next weeks episodes (week of January 28 – February 1, 2013), and posted on the website, Alison joins Lucy in her belief that John McBain () is in actuality Caleb, only to find herself at a crossroads of danger by weeks end. But will John be the one paying the ultimate price? To find out what happens, tune in to “General Hospital.”

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  • wednesday75

    Oh please tell me no! I couldn’t stand Allison on PC! I had to FF through most of her scenes especially with Rafe. And was completely disgusted with her & Caleb hooking up.

  • Tammy

    This is wonderful news ,i love how all these actors from other stories are coming together keep up the good work

  • soapdeadzone

    I can see it coming Britt are going to use Lulu and Dante’s eggs to keep Dr. Drake i wish she would just go away, and it’s time for Ethan to come back and it’s look’s like Micheal is just like his parents (biological) that is

  • Dennis

    I am on board with Tammy! I am enjoying seeing the “old mixed in with the new”, as well as old characters we loved coming back. I welcome her return.

  • can’t wait for SCOTTY now that Lucy’s back and Laura’s coming back.

  • ME

    Allison and Rafe were my favorite soap opera couple EVER. I love Erin Hershey and have wanted her to return for so long! But I hear she is not staying long so I’m pretty upset about that! I love her and her character! MORE ALLISON!

    • Allison was killed off today. It look like her son Rafe is the missing heir that Tracy is looking for. I can’t wait to see what happened to Rafe Senior . It will be interested to learn who murder Allison and why.

  • Hounds Forever

    Awesome!! Love the vampire story line!!

  • didi

    its great to see where GH is taking these new charaters.alison is back love the vampire over lay. cant wait to see where it goes. get sonny and connie together already.

  • didi

    i agree britt needs to be killed offf at the ball someone always gets killed there.i miss beau too