Sean Kanan’s Uncanny Similarity to Steve Burton’s Jason Morgan


With word of returning to “” next month in an as yet to-be-determined role, despite portraying AJ Quartermaine 15 years ago on the drama series, I recently noted an uncanny similarity Kanan currently has with former co-star and on screen brother .

With Burton departing the role of Jason Morgan and rumors of Kanan set to take over the role, a recent promo shot of Kanan has one wondering if in fact he does return as a recast Jason, if fans will really notice much of a difference.

What do you think?

  • Really, sorry I hope they do not recast him as Jason, there is only one Steve Burton and Jason Morgan!

  • elizabeth ayala

    If I am not mistaken I read in an interview that Sean kanan and Steve Burton are cousin .

  • Are you serious? There is only one Steve Burton, and he IS and OWNS being/playing Jason Morgan. We see little resemblance, and although he could be acceptable as AJ, brother to Jason, that is ALL. Jason is SB, and nobody else will do.

  • Guest


  • somehow such be AJ

  • No one can replace Steve Burton,he IS Jason Morgan!!

  • AJ..he better be aj, There is only one Jason Morgan and that is Steve B

  • NO ONE CAN BE JASON, STEVE BURTON OWNS THAT CHARACTER. But if they want to recast, a character we can’t tell. Them that they can’t. Because they can. And I’m talking as a person, who knows the business. In Acting in musicals. I would like a little shake up, of recasting someone as Jason. Like Sean Kanan.

  • Starr g

    No one can replace stev burton, like everyone says he is Jason Morgan. But, who wants GH without Jason? With jasam? I don’t. I’d rather them cast someone else than cut the role! He is Definately one of the reasons I watch!

  • Marcus S.

    I´m sorry to see Steve Burton leave the role as Jason Morgan… He is the one true Jason Morgan… Just as Jonathan Jackson is the one true Lucky Spencer, but he left GH to pursue other acting jobs… The role as Lucky Spencer was first recast with Jacob Young and then Greg Vaughan… So I can´t see why it shouldn´t be posible to recast the role of Jason Morgan with Sean Kanan, who was a great AJ, but that role didn´t quite fit him… But I think that Sean, if he is recasted as Jason Morgan, will develop the role further, and Steve Burton will hopefully resume the role as Jason Morgan in a few years…

    • The first lucky, and the only Lucky was Jonathon Jackson…..<3

      • Marcus S.

        I totaly agree with you about Jonathan Jackson is the on, true Lucky Spencer… But after Jonathan left the show 1999, he was replaced with two different actors, so I can´t see why they can´t do the same with Jason… If Jason disapears completley there is just two Quartermaines left on the show… Even though Jason uses Morgan as his last name, I still consider him as a Quartermaine… So I´m hoping that Sean will take on the role as Jason Morgan… And hopefully Ned, Brook Lynn, Dillon and Lois will come back soon, so that the Quartermaine family dosen´t disapper from GH completly… It would be real funny to see Lois facial expression when she finds out that Dante is Sonnys son… Since the Falconeris and the Cerullos are longtime friends and neighbors in Bensonhurst, and i presume that Olivia never told her that Dante was Sonnys son…

  • Move Jason out of country, running, or whatever but don’t replace him……..CAN’T BE DONE

  • Didn’t Kanan play Kevin on OLTL?

  • Leni Morgan

    I am so sick of hearing of people returning from the dead. Sheesh, it’s such a cliche, can’t GH PTB come up with some original ideas!?!?! How about having Kanan come back as a recast lost Quartermaine… time is good with the passing of Edward. The family needs to be revitalized on the show. If they could find a good NEW actor to recast Jason I might go along with it, but not an actor who once played AJ. Too creepy.

  • Kathy

    Although I am really sad to see Steve Burton leave, I think it is important to keep the character alive especially with the storyline so intense right now with Sam and the baby. I’m hoping that Steve may want to return to GH, and he can’t do that if they kill off the character. If he doesn’t, we may grow to love the new “Jason” . I’m sure Sean would do a great job.

  • Sara

    I will truly miss Steve Burton…. I just saw his character Jason Morgan get shot in the back! I do not however want them to have this character die. A re-cast needs to be done. This character is too involved in the storyline. I don’t care who re-casts him just as long as he is good looking; kinda looks like Steve…..and is a good actor! If Steve Kanan is who they are going to have take Steve’s place…..then let it be. Good Luck to Steve….. I’m sure he is ready for something new! His fans will continue to support him – hope to see him in movies or a tv show!

  • Hopped

    To keep the story of Jason and Sam they need to replace him. He is a good look a like. Of course no one can every really replace Jason.



  • Yovi

    i ADORE Steve Burton but Jason Morgan has alot to do in Port Charles and can’t just leave like that!!!! Like knowing he is the real daddy to his and Sam’s son Daniel for starters. Also who will 0be Sonny’s right hand man, Hello we need a Bad Boy with a big heart in GH and Jason was the Baddest sexiest of them all with the golden heart, Gh can;t lose that so if Sean is the replacement I embrace him with open arms I am sure he will be great not no Steve Burton bc it will take time to get use to him but he can play the role , I have faith in you Sean and this coming from a die hard,, obsessed lived and breathe Jasam Fan!! GH can’t get rid of Jason Morgan’s character!!!! no way no how!

    • sandy

      agree they need to recast Jason

  • Freddie Bowen

    Yes replace Jason he has finally got the family he has dreamed of and it can’t end like this .

  • ST

    As long as his role doesn’t disappear and leaves the open possibility of Stev Burton returning…that’s all I care!

  • I hope he does. I remember how upset I was when Sarah Brown left and Carly was first recast. I a really glad they did recast it in the end. It will take some getting used to but I thank Jason needs to be a part of GH

  • I think it would be a ridiculous thing to do now that Monica was just looking at a picture of Jason & AJ & the pic was Sean Kanan!! When AJ left his role was played by Billy Warlock. I’m thinking the picture holds a possibility that Sean’s return will be AJ’s return. Anyone else agree??

    • o i m agreeing,. and mary haines, i co-sign yep! lol i agree.

  • i think they should replace jason sam needs him they are perfect togteher he has a son

  • sandy

    I think he is coming back as AJ but I think that Steve Burton ‘s role as Jason should be recast Sam needs him to raise there child don’t want John Mc Bain raising the child with her they can find someone to replace him after all it was his decision to leave

  • Yes Steve Burton and Sean Kanan are real life cousins which may be why they look so much alike. Hello? Research much?

  • I have been watching GH for so long. I am very upset about Steve Burton leaving however it was his choice, he was not fired. Good for him he seems to know what he wants. I really want the character of Jason to live on though. Sean will be a good substitute. I don’t want Sam to end up with Jon Mc Bain, No offense to Jon but I would rather see Natalie join the show. I think the Phoniex and the Dragon need to stay together. Let Sam have some happiness. Jason deserves to be a Daddy.



  • Dori

    I don’t care with whom, just recast Jason’s character and soon.

  • No Mo Food or Talk

    Ok Steve Burton.. Come on back.. The show and cast can’t take much more… don’t want to lose this soap too. Already lost OLTL and merged GH togetherin a way we are learning to adjust and enjoy.. now a “cut” story line.. Enough… He needs to hang around a year just to get some stability in the the show after all the changes. I can’t take another talk show or food show…

  • samantha!

    The role of jason has to be recast! I love steve burton and wish he would come back…but if not someone has to play the role, he cant just die

  • Jump4joy718

    Give Steve an offer he cant refuse before this show, too, is replaced and forgotten. Missing my ABC soaps.