Jacklyn Zeman’s Bombshell ‘GH’ Interview!


Five years after being taken off contract and placed on recurring status, (ex-Bobbie Spencer, “”) has opened up to  in its newest issue about the circumstances surrounding her unexpected departure from the ABC daytime drama series.

“It was like a grieving process when I left the show because it was such a part of my life for so many years. I mean, I played Bobbie for over 30 years, pretty much five days a week. So when Jill Phelps [former executive producer, now EP of ‘Y&R’] decided to get rid of the character, I was one totally unprepared and two, totally shocked, because I just assumed that Bobbie would always be there. I had this commitment to the network and I felt that the commitment worked both ways,” reveals Zeman.

The actress later adds, “It was like the death of Bobbie in my heart and soul, and the death of my livelihood and my work and my ‘GH” family, the fans as well as the people who worked on the set. All of that was all of a sudden gone, like, overnight. One day I was there and then it was like, ‘Merry Christmas, you’re fired,’ and an intern came down and handed me all my stuff. I have incredibly wonderful feelings about the time that I spent there and the people who I worked with over the years, but in going, I’ve also learned, like, some people who I thought were my friends, who I worked with very closely, I never heard from again. They were here today, gone tomorrow. So my real friends like Kin [Shriner, ex-Scotty Baldwin], Lynn [Herring, ex-Lucy Coe] and Kristina [Wagner, ex-Felicia Jones], who do still call, are really important to me. I’ve learned that is really what matters in life, that connection you have to people.”

Adam Rose/Investigation Discovery

In addition to revealing what went down all those years ago, Zeman also says that she has had recent conversations with the show about the possibility of a return.”I have talked to , the new executive producer, because when he first came on the show, [Manager] went to see him and said, ‘Oh, Jackie’s in the breakdowns.’ I said, I haven’t worked there in a year. That’s great, but nobody’s called me to see if I’m available,” said Zeman.

Unfortunately, due to scheduling fans won’t be seeing Bobbie back on the canvas anytime soon. Zeman says she’s currently traveling for the next couple of months, but Valentini is quoted by Zeman as saying, “We’re ahead, so I could give you plenty of notice.” The actress then says, “He did, at one point, call just to say that he had a meeting and he didn’t have the budget he thought he was going to have. So I don’t know.”

Zeman, along with Herring and (Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis, “”) are scheduled to host “Wicked Women” week during Investigation Discovery’s ongoing “Days of our Knives” series. “Knives” comes to you daily as re-airings of all of ID’s most popular programs. “Wicked Women” consists of episodes from the ID series “Deadly Women,” “Unusual Suspects,” and “Wicked Attraction.” The “Wicked” theme airs during the week of August 27-31 from 1:00 to 4:00 PM ET/PT on Investigation Discovery.

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  • Abe Froman

    WTF did she do to her face?

  • Carolyn Hatt

    Lots of plastic surgery, I thought it was a picture of Victoria Principal.

  • That is the real reason she was let go. Not to be mean but she was unrecognizable.

  • rosebud

    I don’t like to say mean things about people and the faces they were born with, but Jacklyn Zeman looks horrible, these women should stop injecting that poison in their faces it makes them look worse, Good grief, her lips look bad to, She looks like she belongs in a horror flick or a circus, Her face looks nasty. Very bad look. What is wrong with these people??????

    • Sue K.

      I have gotten to where I leave the room when she is on screen. I loved her pre-plastic surgery. Now she not only looks bizarre but I think her acting skills have taken a hit too. She is over-the-top emoting.

  • Annie S

    She is very difficult to look at, especially knowing how she used to look. I understand “lifting” up your face so you look a little younger ala – Susan Lucci. or putting in a little botox in your forhead to get rid of some wrinkles like Kelly Ripa, But JZ got cheek implants and lip injections and she just looks scary. When she would make an appearence on GH the message boards would be filled with posts sbout how horrible she looked. I’m sure that is why the old regime at GH stopped using her.
    It always makes me laugh that these older actresses get all this plastic surgery so they don’t look old and can still get jobs, but they do so much to their faces that they are unrecognizable and subsequently don’t get any jobs.

    • its called ageing on top of plastic surgery it happens let it go you are not perfect so dont judge and look at yourself

    • Pat

      I think Jacklyn looks good. One of the women you mentioned as lifting face to look a little younger, Susan Lucci, my husband now says looks grotesque. He used to love Lucci, but now after too much work on her face he literally grimaces when he sees her.

  • Miggy Smalls

    Ok while I agree that she looks very different from the Bobbie I remember, that character was IMO integral to the canvas that I fell in love with. Remember those great scenes with Bobbie and Carly? Or Luke? Both of which still get stories yet Bobbie is in Seattle or whatever. Seattle isn’t too hard to get to, you’d think she’d check in more often. At least we still have Tracy Q. She’s pure class. Finola has also been a welcome addition. I’ll miss JZ. Loved watching her and these comments about her face doesn’t detract from those amazing 30 years on GH.

  • Spum

    Um, the pic is from Investigation Discovery? The cable channel??? Sidenote – Lynn looks great.

    • Splum

      Disregard. Read the bottom paragraph

  • Lisa

    She was great as Bobbi and I miss the character but I’m sorry Jackie that face and those lips have got to go if the article didn’t have your name I would’ve thought you were the boogie man!

  • Pat K.


  • Oh I did not realize that she was totally of GH. They talk about Bobbie after all she is Carly’s mom and grandmom to 3. I hope we see you back on GH budget or not.

  • I think she looks gr8! I hope she comes back I miss Bobbie! I also miss Lucy! It wld b nice 2 c them both come back!

  • Reese

    My beloved Bobbie looks like the OctoMom! I may weep. I miss her so much on the show. I’m to the point where I’d be ok with a recast.

  • I am glad that Jacklyn Zeman return as Bobbie Spencer. I hope that she will get a great subplot. I hope that the writer will introduced Brightte’s father in the near father. I got a feeling that Noah have better watch out because the parent aren’t the one that you wanted at enemy.

  • Julie S Montana

    Sad, really

  • Jacob Harris

    The comments are hilarious. They are mean, but they are absolutely true. I’m glad Jackie’s back, but the truth is that both her and Leslie Charleson look horrendous.

  • Sandyangel

    Jackie Zeman looks like a burn victim.

  • Leave Comments

    She does look like Octomom now. I loved her character and I was appalled years ago when she did a ton of face work. She never looked normal again.

  • Linda

    Does anyone know if All my children and One Live to live will EVER come back ???