‘Days of our Lives’ Put on Notice by NBC?

Peter Kramer/NBC

On the heels of “replacing the head writing team of and , Jr. with a new head writing team consisting of  and , ‘s  is reporting that part of the deal NBC signed in order to keep with the network late last week could include a possible fifth hour of “.”

“Lauer’s new agreement keeps him in the coanchor chair of the morning show for four years and includes a program development deal, which could give him an ownership stake in a syndicated show outside of ‘Today,’ has learned. The contract could earn him in the neighborhood of $100 million, according to people familiar with the deal. One idea already being kicked around is spinning off Lauer’s regular segment ‘Today’s Professionals,’ in which he spars over hot-button issues with a panel that includes , and . The segment could also be developed into a fifth hour of ‘Today.’

NBC Universal

The ink on Lauer’s new NBC contract is barely even dry, so discussion of how it impacts “Days of our Lives” is too early to tell if even at all. Additionally, the network giving Lauer a stake in a syndicated program doesn’t necessarily mean the end of “DAYS” or any indication of the network looking to tinker with its barely there daytime schedule, which consists of the long-running daytime soap and hours three and four of “Today” (aka: The Today Show 2 and The Today Show 3). A syndicated program could logistically air on any affiliate willing to pay the most dollars to air it. This includes stations that currently air network programming from ABC, CBS, FOX or even The CW.

If, however, the network does decide to add a fifth hour of “Today” on its schedule, it would greatly impact the future of “DAYS” as NBC’s current contract with and , producers of the soap, is set to expire in September 2013. A decision on renewing the show for additional years will not be made until at least March 2013, according to sources.

The latest Nielsen ratings data shows “DAYS” hit a new series low in Women 18-49 viewers and tied its series low in Women 18-49 rating, the key sales demographic advertising rates are set and sold by.

  • bryandattilofan

    umm the reason Days is doing so badly is because they do not play on fire hot couples like Days Lucas and Sami and Ej and Nicole. They are constantly pitting Sami with her rapist Ej Dimera and this enrages the fan bases. The show does it knowing and it needs to stop.  Rape is not romance. Tell the Lucas and Sami story and the Ej and Nicole story and you will see these ratings increase.  Days constantly pitts the fan bases against each other and its not helping, only hurting my favorite show. Johnny Dimera needs to be made Lucas Horton’s son, that would dramatically increase ratings. Its a drama filled story. Allie and Johnny need to have the same father, Lucas. Days is not telling the story fans want to hear. Sheri Anderson should have been brought back.Bringing back Tomlin and the other guy is not cool, they will only destroy Days again…,

    • Kelly

      UMMM Days is not showing the couples that people WANT to watch……the biggest one being EJ and Sami!  We’d also like to see Brady and Nicole back together!  They need couples with passion and fire!  EJ and Sami have the most amazing chemistry I’ve ever seen on a soap or in primetime for that matter!  I, for one DO NOT want another hour of news!!!!  We need an escape from our everyday lives and Day of our Lives gives us that!!!!

    • Dear Bryandattilofan – it sounds like you have an agenda.  There wouldn’t be fanbase wars if fans were fans of the show and not demanding they must put a particular couple together.  The Ratings won’t increase because of certain couples or Vets – Ratings were not affected when Vets left or returned.  Days needs to consistently give fans solid writing and good storytelling.  But the writing is on the wall Soaps are dying. Days is lucky to have continued this long.  That whole EJ and Sami stuff is just NOT true. The show has never put them together as a rooting couple. So your argument there is NOT VALID!

  • Prettygirl

    I honestly could are less about the whole never ending Lumi,Safe, EJami crap . They are all boring because the writers & the show executives just keep playing the fan bases against each other . The smart viewers have tuned out because they are tired of not getting any payoff for watching the show.

  • EJ and Nicole? Are u freaking kidding me!? Nicole is Brady’s girl..not to mention replacing the show after almost 50 yrs with more of this cancer man hour is sicking, let him go he is not appealing!!! He hs the personality of melba toast!

  • jcm

    i think the end of sami and rafe rubbed people the wrong way now Carrie is so in love with rafe give me a break

  • Coll1770

    NBC does not need another hour of small talk news!!!  WTH are these networks thinking.  If Days of our lives goes I will never watch NBC again.  Doesn’t anyone realize the news is not all we want to see???  Get a clue NBC, if you take Days off you will be in the garbage with ABC.

  • Gigi

    I’m not the type to say this, but if Day’s goes off the air I and a few others that I know will NEVER watch NBC again!  I’m sure that NBC could care less if it loses us, but at least we will feel good about standing our ground. 🙂    And do we really need another hour of Today?  NOT!!!

  • Timmy Lee Roberts

    All the soap operas be go on notice and start listening to the fans. I hate that all those people would lose their jobs, but the networks do not really respect soap operas at all. They constantly interrupt the stories and do not do this to prime time or the sports. Why was news channels and sports channels created, I say a network should be created to air all the soap operas and that way the networks can air what they like.

  • Days68marc

    I’ve been a loyal # 1 Fan of  ” Days of our Lives ” for a long time Please Mr. Ken Corday remember this is your Parent Legacy which they left for you to continue in there foot steps & for you as there ” son ” to take Days Of our lives & continue there Beautiful Stories & Family Lives of the  ” Hortons ” Bradys ” Dimera s ”  Carvers ” etc for the  ” New ” Generation  coming in  Please Please  have a big meeting with all your writing Staff & forget about those stupid stories & write stories what was like in the  80’s those were the hottt ratings you have a great Cast don’t let us all down come on …… I hope that Days doesn’t get cancellled since now Days is on notice renewal is coming Sept 2013 …. Days could be renewed for more yrs to come so from your # 1 Fan here in Tampa Bay FL  please i beg you to hear all our suggestions on the show get back to exciting Love , & Couples Intrigue through & through & Mystery  Show what you got pull it all out & don’t stop & I know the rating will go back up immediately Bring Back >>> Peter Dimera > Jason Brooks for Jennifer , what about Alex Marshall – Quinn Redecker Emma Donovan Marshall  great actress Jane Windsor  plus bring back a  shocking Dimera Daughter that died Megan Hathaway played by Cheryl -Ann Wilson to get revenge on Hope for Loving Bo  plus an explosion of the Orpheus return by actor  George Deloy for story for Marlena & John story , Plus bring Eric Brady back … Talent Actor & Actress who haven’t had alottt of air time & that sad if this was my show it would be Justin & Adrienne  Wally Kurth & Judi Evans they definately need to be on the air front Circle for the Sonny & Will Gay storyline they also have other sons that can be brought on for love stories for Gabby & Abby & Melanie …. need a Teenager stories for the young group to grasp them in too… Mimi Lockhart can be brought back played by Farah Fath great actress & her Mom Bonnie Lockhart could be play dual roles Judi Evans & remarkable Actress  ….I gave alott of suggestions to bring the ratings up !!!!! Plus on another note Keep Victor & Maggie Front & Center to the Cast Staff there Main Cast …. I know soon there will be a Murder Story of Stefano coming that will be great just in time to Revamp the Show .. One more thing I hate to say this but now & I mean now its  Time to Change  ”  The Opening ” of the Show Change it around show the pictures of The Cast w/there Names & then the Hour Glass for the New & Next Generation s 2012 through 2013 & these are the Days of Our Lives which it’ll l bring in More Fan base immediately ……. It needs to be change now …. Godbless you Ken Corday & the  Remarkable hard working Cast & especially Writers get with it Now … Sincerely #  1 Fan Marc in Tampa Bay FL….. Hugggsssssss ~~

  • We have enough shows like Today on TV.  We want entertainment. I hope NBC will not cancell their only daytime soap. This viewer will definately start watching the other networks and place a permanent ban ontuning to NBC.

  • Angie

    They’ve forgotten how to write good soap opera, with good romance for rooting couples, anyway.  They finally brought back Jack with all kinds of story potential with the PTSD and estrangement from Jennifer and then squandered it while they showcased another stupid baby switch and that idiotic Princess Gina garbage.  Now they’ve fired Ashford again, despite the impossibility of him having anything to do with bad ratings, as he was barely on.  Even worse, they’re keeping Reeves and tossing Ashford.  Geez.  At least send Jack and Jennifer off together.  I am beyond sick of them destroying Jennifer’s character with attempt after attempt of trying to pair her with yet another love interest.  I know I’m through with Days if they don’t even give Jack and Jennifer a happy ending after all of these years. I stopped caring about Sami’s merry-go-round of men a long time ago anyway, and that’s pretty much all the show has left to offer.  All the newer characters are bland.

  • Punk409

    What???? Matt Ashford leaving AGAIN??!- Hey NBC, here’s an idea- keep the Emmy Nominated Actor and get rid of the writers! Then maybe we can finally find talent that will give the viewers what we have been begging for- the old tried and true DOOL characters. Jack and Jen, Kayla WITH an actual storyline, ALWAYS AMAZING Doug and Julie, Victor with Maggie, etc…Why is romance and monogamy always felt to be off limits with writers. WE THE FANS LOVE IT- IT’S CLASSIC! We still love Doug and Julie, Jack and Jen many DECADES LATER! AND YOU JUST DON’T LISTEN! WE REMEMBER “LOVE STORY” FOR THE “LOVE STORY!

  • Mad at networks

    I quit watching ABC when they cancelled AMC and OLTL, and I’m quit watching NBC if they get rid of Days. I know the networks are trying to save money, so here is an idea……DON’T PAY MATT LAUER $100,000,000.00. Do they really think anyone is worth that much. I know it’s not all salary, but ownership, and this and that, but come on…..really?

  • Scribbles

    I will drink Drano before I watch anything that replaces DAYS and I will kiss the Today Show good-bye, too.

  • Kiki

    Loved that Days brought back some of the Vets last September but the stories for them sucked!
    Sure there was a little bump in the ratings but since then the Vets casting has done nothing!

    The teen scene is horrible no one cares about them except for Will & possibly Sonny because the writers haven’t fleshed the other teens out they are zzzzzz But of course the Will & Sonny scenes are going to be cut because per Greg Meng because supposedly women don’t want to watch a gay storyline .

    Not sure what will give Days better ratings since the Vets return hasn’t worked, the Sami show has not worked & all the couples being mixed up and swapped out hasn’t worked. The fan base baiting isn’t working either. You can only string people along for a short time until they want a pay-off.

  • Dolly

    I have stopped watching the Today Show.  I never watch more than the first hour of it.
    I do love DOOL, and watch it daily since the pairing of James Scott and Alison Sweeney.

  • C Duran

    I hate Matt.   I won’t even watch the Today show now other than Hoda & Kathy Lee but even yesterday they tried to hype up that new girl Savannah or whatever and I tuned out.   

    NBC keep Days just give it a chance.  When they are filming so far ahead it is hard to alter and change things.  Fans hate Brady’s paing right now but we are stuck with what they filmed.  

  • Yuck thats all we need is another hour of the today show.

  • daphnijo

    If Days of our lives goes off I will NEVER watch NBC again

  • april

    Dear Days of Our Lives! Mr. Corday and Mt. Tomlin. I have watched Days since I was eight years old.I feel like I have grown up with most if the characters.I feel like up until two weeks ago the show was really great! They were on a nine month roll! I think around the time Sami and Ej started back getting along!I know they have both done horrible things to another beyond belief because it is a soap opera. This show has had more brain washes kidnapping,possesions, affairs and all. I have loved most of it I feel this show has taken a turn and not in a good direction;not just for ejami all of it!I think the fans want a show that cares about the integrity of the show fans and characters. We know all about Sami & Ej their love hate relationshop is why we fell in love with them!When we see the magic in Ejs eyes when he looks at Samantha. We dont see a rapest! We see a man that loves her from the bottom of his heart! He loves her good and bad and everything in between. He iwants to give her the world;but noone will let him! All the others Sami had to be someone she wasnt!
    All of the men Austin, lucas and rafe have wanted her to be just like Carrie!!!!! We dont want Ej or Sami to stop being Villiins! Every show needs them! With eachother we want honesty & the love we know they have.Over thr last several months we saw them have a new begining;so we thought! They becane friends and forgave everything;even joking about cloning and shooting etc. We saw a sidr to Sami being there for him thru Lexi dying,helping him when he tthought he wasnt a dimera. She believed in him when noone else would!Dhe risked everything to go on the run with him! If that isnt love I dont know what is!!!!!! They are like scarlet and Rhett of today!!!!!!!!! Oh Mr. Corday you have pure gold and dont even know it!!!!!!!!!! If ir was written right this couild be the love story of all time!!!!!!!! Lumie has had there time ,safe theres.It is time for the story we have been promised. The sudden Rafe thing make me ill/ Sami would not just blow off ej for one kiss from him.In two weeks they have made a joke out of the whole show! Tage is a gteat actor. His time is over!!!!!! He would be with Carrie if he could. If he loves Sami why is he paying baby daddy for a wonab that tiool her baby!I think Sami deserves better than that!!!!!!!!! Mr. corday this show I cant watch anymore if you dont fix it! I feel like we have been played a trick on! The first time sami and ej had no lies or secrets. Because Sami dumped him;he was hurt and is going to play dirty. Who wants that! Why should the star of your show have to beg for her love ;when she has akways been in love with him! Fix this I bet you can make it a bad dream or something Please write the story we have been waiting for.If you dont I dont think days will be here. I am sorry you are soposed to wrute entertaining stories.not just whatyou want !!!!!!! 2010 was hottible and we are right back there!!!!!!!! Please save the show! Give ejami a shot really what have you got to lose, The show stinks now! Please address the ejami fans asap!!!!!!!!!! Thanks

  • Linda

    We do not need another Today show on the air!! What is NBC thinking? Oh wait, they are not thinking!! BBC is being blind sided by Matt Lauer!! He does nothing to the Today show. He is the reason why the Today show’s ratings are down, no one can work with him!! If NBC gets ride of anyone, it should be Matt Lauer!!! And if NBC gets rid of shows like Days, NBC’s ratings will go down even more!!!

  • Bulldog

    that’s right we don’t need another hour to hear a talk show talk about things nobody even cares about.

  • Bulldog

    What I don’t understand is why a soap opera of 70+ years like the Guiding Light and the soap opera As the World Turns of 54 years didn’t land on the Soap Opera channel on Direct TV or Dish like All My Children and One Life to Live did and 3 of the soaps from CBS Young and the Restless , NBC Days of our Lives , ABC General Hospital are on both networks. CBS canceled to of the longest running soaps ever and the soap opera channel did nothing to save them. You would think the Soap Opera channel would have jumped on the chance to have the Guiding Light and As the World Turns on there network. And the fans I’m sure would have been there for you if you would have tried to bring them in to your network

  • Angela

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I have been watching Days of Our Lives ALL OF MY LIFE!!! I am 38 years old and Days is a part of me, a part of many women that I know. If NBC chooses to end this show I will NOT watch NBC ever again.

  • pc

    I am 50 years old and have watched Days of Our Lives all of my life. I use to watch it with my Grandmother when I was a child. I have watched Allison Sweeny and too many to name grow up on that show. It has always been a part of my life. I pray they dont take it off, however it concerns me with every episode now someone is talking about leaving.

  • Eric Hutcheson

    NBC better renew Day’s!

  • over 20 years of watching

    I have been watching days faithfully every single day for over 20 years. NBC will be put out with the trash if they decide to drop days. NBC will never be watched in my household either. Sad that you are even considering dropping a show that has been running for soooo many years, a show that has brought you faithful continuous daytime viewers for what? Shame on you!