GH Recap: Wednesday, November 30, 2011


( — “” Episode Recap – Wednesday, November 30, 2011.


Jason and Sam share time together stargazing – but they feel miles apart. Meanwhile, Franco is making graffiti art in Port Charles. Shawn, Carly and Jason view Franco’s DVD. Sam follows a suspicious man into an alley.

Disturbed by the violence at his strip club, Johnny questions Abby about other dancers and the investigation progress. Who is watching them from afar?

Mac discovers a distraught Robin, and they discuss Stone and Lisa.

Patrick and Maggie meet when Emma is brought in. Steve and Olivia have an important discussion. As Lucky and Maggie get to know each other, Ethan arrives at General Hospital.

On the Next General Hospital

  • Mac asks Alexis to represent Robin and Maxie if they need legal help.
  • Dante is assigned a new partner.
  • Spinelli uses his social networking skills.

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  • My2Cents2

    JZ? JZ?? LMAO! The strippers are calling Johnny, JZ!!!

  • My2Cents2

    Duh. Really Patrick? A tummy ache and you bring her in?? Was the ER closed? Or did you lose your Doctor license?? Was this suppose to be a chemistry test between you and new looney Lisa? Bringing Emma in was as brilliant as Lulu running out the door of Dantes house to the hospital yesterday instead of calling 911.