OLTL Recap: Friday, September 23, 2011


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “” Episode Recap – Friday, September 23, 2011.


The residents of Llanview wake from vivid dreams, revealing their hidden hopes, fears, and suspicions.

Bo finds John at Rodi’s, having spent the night. He recalls that the last time John went on a bender like that was after his wedding. It doesn’t take Bo long to realize John is thinking about Natalie. Meanwhile, Natalie has a dream that she can’t quite shake: seeing paternity test results indicating that John is Liam’s father. At EOD, Natalie goes to see John at Rodi’s. She has something to tell him.

Blair stops by to check on Téa. The two women go over their doubts concerning both Todd and Jack. Blair devises a plan to get the truth out of Jack. Téa opens a box of Victor’s belongings from his office at The Sun among those belongings is a copy of Natalie’s original paternity test.

At Llanview High, Shane overhears Jack reiterate his version of what happened the night Victor was murdered.

At EOD, a hopeless Todd has a visitor.

On the Next One Life to Live

  • Tina is on her way back home.
  • Victor’s estate is settled.
  • Téa visits Todd’s jail cell.

  • My2Cents

    Since when did jails have co-ed housing?? (Irene & Todd) Too funny.
    And how can Irene just walk out of jail?? Isn’t she being charged for kidnapping, along with a slew of other federal offences??

    I liked the opening of the show with all the dreams…..

    We know Shane knocked out Jack. But still, he didn’t kill VJ.
    I don’t believe Brody did either. He is behaving to normal for just killing someone.