How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

When a good deed goes punished…
Monday, April 21, 2008 3:05 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Chelsea’s health takes a startling turn…


EJ and Nicole have a discussion about her divorce from Victor. Max professes his love to Stephanie. Steve tells Ava he’ll give her a baby if she lets them all go; but Ava has eyes on keeping Kayla’s baby for all she’s been through. Sami tells EJ no more visitations to the twins if he continues to help Nicole. Nicole threatens Victor and later informs Chloe that Victor knows where Brady is. John plots to use Paul as a way to take down the Kiriakis family. Philip comes to a face-off with John for his devious deeds. Stephanie is taken at knifepoint.


When Chelsea continues to get sick, Daniel wonders if she may have a post-operative infection. Chelsea is admitted into the hospital when it’s discovered that her infection is severe. While in the hospital, Daniel keeps a watchful vigil over Chelsea. Meanwhile Chelsea develops a fever.

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You can never be satisfied with what you have…
Monday, April 21, 2008 2:54 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Ava’s finally gets the news she was looking for, while Cassie’s guilt mounts…


When Natalia makes a request for Olivia to rent her house her and Rafe, Olivia’s nastiness towards her takes a turn when she passes out. Frank offers Rafe and Nat to move into the boarding house. Harley decides to finish up Gus’ caseload. Cyrus, thinking he disconnected the alarm to a house, breaks in, only for it to go off on him. Harley busts Daisy in her ID scam but Cyrus immediately covers. Jeffrey and Olivia sign the divorce papers. Coop becomes concerned about Ashlee’s health when she starts having pains shortly after her surgery. Mallet is not pleased to learn that Dinah is the real reason why he received the position of Police Chief. Alan tries to get his feet back on the ground by coming up with a new business plan.


Jeffrey tells Ava that she needs to confess her lie to Bill, however, Ava is deternined that once she’s pregnant, Lizzie will be out of Bill’s life for good. Lizzie lets Bill know that she’s not giving him up, no matter what schemes Ava comes up with. Ava finds herself scoping Remy out when he offers to help fix her car. Bill becomes uneasy when Lizzie pours on the kindess to Ava. Remy calls Lizzie asking for more money for his services regarding Ava. When Remy asks Ava out on a date, she tells him she’s involved with someone. Later, Lizzie sets Ava up by having her believe that Bill can’t stop talking about their baby. Ava kisses Remy for his kindess towards her. When she returns home, she learns that she’s actually is pregnant.

Harley invites Cassie over to the house to have dinner with her and Cyrus. Ashamed of her actions with Cyrus, Cassie feels the guilt, but Cyrus tells her that she needs to forget about what they did and move on. Both become even more uneasy when Harley dedicates a toast to the both of them being there for her. When news comes about a hiring freeze at the police station, Harley takes off, leaving both of them alone together. Marina and Harley learn that they are partners, and while on their beat, Harley has another panic attack. Harley and Cyrus have a heart-to-heart where she tells him that maybe they are not suited to be together. Cassie puts on the charm with a attractive stranger. Later, she learns that Cyrus has moved out of Harley’s place.

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OLTL PreVUE: Week of April 21 Edition

Secrets abound in Llanview.
Sunday, April 20, 2008 10:44 PM | By Scotty Gore

( — That’s what friends are for.


Cole puts two and two together and frantically searches for Starr at the clinic. Markko and a still disguised Langston panic upon learning that Todd is headed for the diner to spend time with Starr. Meanwhile, Starr and Cole come to a decision about the baby. Starr narrowly manages to switch places with Langston before Todd arrives. Cole lies to John about needing money for football camp and asks Markko where he can get fake IDs for he and Starr. Starr nearly confesses the truth to Blair before being interrupted by Todd, who shocks her by allowing her to see Cole if she stays away from him for six months. Blair is pleased with the change in Todd. Langston tries to assure Starr that everything will work out. Cole’s letter brings Starr to tears. Cole shares his future plans with Starr.

Gigi stands up for herself when Adriana claims that she can’t stay away from her man. Gigi and Adriana pretend to get along in front of Rex. Jared asks Gigi out to Capricorn as a friend after seeing Natalie and Miles having a drink together. After getting intimate, Rex and Adriana also stop by the club. Back in Missouri, Dorian and Layla interview Brody’s sister Nadine, who shocks them with the news that their mother lied to Gigi about Brody getting killed overseas. Adriana’s head spins after learning that Brody is alive, and later her mood darkens when Rex leaves for BE. Clint receives information about Calvin Jenkin’s son from Rex. Gigi tells Rex that he should spend less time around her and Shane since Adriana does not like them. Shane draws a comic book villainess that closely resembles Adriana. Dorian and Layla track down Brody Lovett, and tell him that Gigi left town because she thought he was dead. However, they are stunned to discover that he knew she was pregnant at the time. Adriana bubbles as Rex believes she has no problem with his friendship with Gigi. Marcie hides her true feelings when Adriana asks her to watch the guest book at the wedding instead of being a bridesmaid. Gigi manages to cover her true feelings for Rex when warns Rex to stay out of her personal life.


Cristian tells Antonio that there is nothing going on between Sarah and Cristian. Llanview reacts when John and Talia appear to flaunt their relationship in front of Antonio at Carpricorn. Cristian snaps and punches John when he kisses Talia, and later gets arrested after accidentally punching Eddie. Adriana stews as Rex rushes to help Gigi, who is knocked down in the confrontation. Back at the station, Ramsey scolds and insults Talia. Antonio is assured by Ramsey that, while Cristian will have to spend the night in jail, that no charges will be pressed against him. Jessica informs Cristian that she’s there for him. While tending to his cuts and bruises, Blair tells John that he is a piece of work. Ramsey continues to tend to his bedridden guest. As John and Talia work to establish a connection between their boss and Caitlin, Ramsey informs Janet of just how much Caitlin meant to him. Ramsey shocks everyone, except Antonio, by announcing that no charges will be filed against Cristian. Jessica and Cristian continue to be bothered by Sarah and Nash’s closeness. Michael gives Antonio the devastating news that Jamie is seriously ill with a heredity disease that is costly to treat. Ramsey overhears Michael and Antonio’s conversation about Jamie.


- Bo believes he has managed to persuade Calvin Jenkins to stop his attack on BE.

- Dorian vows to destroy Calvin if he doesn’t follow through with her plan.

- Bo doesn’t agree with Clint’s business tactics, however he does understand why his brother is doing what he’s doing.

- Jared challenges Natalie to kiss him and prove that she feels nothing for him.

- My View of Llanview: April 15 Edition. READ MORE

- Evans Brings Tina Back to Llanview. READ MORE


Monday: Cole tries to assure Starr that his plan will work; Gigi confesses her true feelings for Rex to Marcie; Natalie gives in to her feelings for Jared.

Tuesday: Bo agrees to fight dirty in order to protect BE; Antonio is temped by easy money; Starr and Cole put their plan in motion.

Wednesday: Starr and Cole’s future is uncertain; Antonio makes a surprising decision; Nash gets in deeper with his secret business partner.

Thursday: Adriana plots against Gigi; Todd and Blair discover what Starr is hiding; Calvin refuses to give in to Dorian’s demands.

Friday: Natalie can’t fight her feelings any longer; Blair blames Starr’s problems on Todd; Langston and Markko go to great lengths to keep Starr’s secret from Dorian.

Pictured: Brittany Underwood courtesy Donna Svennevik/ABC

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By Angela Rosa

( — Mr. Lansing releases a very dangerous entity back into Port Charles.

Rick Hearst


Claudia and Johnny are infuriated by Ric’s actions concerning their father. Anthony warns Johnny that Claudia is a dead woman if he dares disobey him. Ric hires Logan as Anthony’s bodyguard and informs Alexis and Diane that he’s now acting as Zacchara’s attorney. Sonny warns the two attorney’s that Anthony can never go free. Claudia attempts to turn Anthony against Ric. Jason manages to save Claudia after her brakes give out on her way to their meeting. Anthony orders his men to kill both Claudia and Jason. Jason and Claudia barely escape with their lives as gunfire breaks out around them. The duo seeks refuge from the determined assassin in a nearby cabin but soon realize that they have almost no ammunition left to defend themselves. Sonny’s efforts to dissuade Ric from defending Anthony are unsuccessful. Alexis warns Ric that he’s putting everyone he loves in danger. Claudia begins to open up to Jason while they wait for the gunman to make his next move. Shots ring out in the cabin

Spinelli and Maxie try to find clues tying Ian to Michael’s shooting in the doctor’s home. Ian arrives home early. Ian mistakes Maxie for the call girl he arranged for as Spinelli hides nearby. Nikolas tells Jason the truth about his connection to Ian. Jason comes to Maxie’s rescue in the nick of time. Jason orders Spinelli to dig into Ian’s bank accounts. Johnny and Claudia offer Ian money to leave town. Ian refuses the offer and issues Claudia a warning. Sam flirts with Ian, who accuses Sam of spying on him for Jason. Ian has a proposition for Nikolas, who finally cuts his ties with the dangerous doctor. Spinelli and Maxie team up to try and prevent Ian from leaving town.


Patrick explains to an undeterred Carly that there’s been no change in Michael’s condition. Jax appeals to Jason to try and get through to Carly. Robin and Patrick are faced with the difficult task of delivering more heartbreaking news to Carly. The two medical specialists that Jax arranged for Michael inform Carly that Michael will definitely suffer some permanent brain damage if he even wakes up at all. Carly plans on taking Michael home and caring for him herself.

Robin begins to fear the challenges of motherhood. Elizabeth turns to Robin for advice on Jason and encourages her pal to make a go of it with Patrick. Robin explains to Patrick why she’s worried about Anna’s reaction to her pregnancy. Anna reacts to the news that she’s going to be a grandmother. An unsettled Robin overhears Patrick discussing just how attractive he finds … her mother.


- Diane’s blood boils when Sonny forbids her to continue her affair with Max.

- Claudia knows the real reason Sonny wants to go out with her.

- Diane gives Spinelli advice about going after the woman he desires.

- A mesmerized Spinelli can’t keep his hands off of Maxie.

- Johnny tries to push Lulu away for her own safety but she Lulu has other ideas.

- Lulu watches as a lethal Johnny confronts Sonny over Claudia’s disappearance


Monday: Sonny tries to cope with his near death experience. Things go from bad to worse for Claudia. Lulu witnesses Johnny’s dark side firsthand.

Tuesday: Claudia convinces Jason to help her. Lulu washes her hands of Johnny. Johnny sets his sights on Ric.

Wednesday: Claudia takes the stand at Anthony’s trial. Maxie sabotages Lulu’s work at Crimson. Tracy fears Luke will end up in the middle of a mob war.

Thursday: Kate is keeping a major secret from Sonny. Claudia clearly has her own agenda. Nikolas and Emily share a loving moment.

Friday: Carly refuses to accept the truth about Michael. Anthony shuts Claudia out as he asserts his power. Jason and Spinelli are hot on Ian’s trail.

My View of Llanview: April 15 Edition

Glory Days
Saturday, April 19, 2008 7:51 PM| By Scotty Gore

( – An examination of Andrea Evans’ popularity in Llanview.

Hello everyone. My sincere apologizes for this column being a few days late, but there has been a lot of excitement around here lately. From meetings and classes to homework and illnesses to an earthquake. Yes, that’s right….I was one of those people who was jolted awake last Friday morning at 4:38 am by the 5.2 magnitude quake. While it caused no damage or injuries here, it did shake things up…..literally. That was the first earthquake I remember going through, and it was both scary and fascinating at the same time. On a separate note, I received some very good news yesterday. For those of you who are familiar with the PRAXIS exams, then you’ll know what I’m referring to. For those who are not, it is a required test in order to become a certified teacher. I have to take three parts of the test, social studies, language arts, and classroom management/discipline (PLT). I take the last two next Saturday. Anyway, I took the social studies part back on March 15th and finally received the results in the mail yesterday. I passed the exam with a 178 (passing score is 149). I am so excited!!!!

So, because of homework, and in honor of Andrea Evans return to “One Life to Live” as Tina Roberts, here is a look back at an article from August 19, 1985 explaining the popularity of Evans and her character Tina. The article was written by Alan Carter and is entitled “It’ll take more than a bubble bath to clean up Andrea Evans’ act as daytime’s diva of dirt.” Hope you enjoy…….

As daytime’s answer to Alexis Carrington, Evans doesn’t wear dresses as fancy as Joan Collins’, but she certainly wears fewer clothes than any other actress in the afternoon soaps. For one recent shower scene, even the ABC censor visited the set. “I thought the scene was very sexy,” insists Evans. “People were coming up to me for weeks after that scene and saying, ‘Were you naked in there?’ and I’d say, ‘Well, do you wear clothes in the shower?’” Despite her sass, in Evans’ case the answer is affirmative: She wore a body stocking for the scene. With Evans, ABC’s “One Life To Live” has undressed for success, now ranking a strong third in the competitive daytime soap ratings. “She makes a tremendous difference to our show,” says producer Paul Rauch. “Her ability makes her go beyond the ordinary viper. In large part, she’s responsible for the show’s recent success.”

Evans sees herself as “a tigress,” which is in marked contrast to the “scared doe” one reporter called her four years ago. At that time the University of Illinois theatre graduate was making news by marrying her older (30ish) “One Life” co-star, Wayne Massey. They Valentine’s day ceremony took place in Evans’ hometown, Downers Grove, Ill., and was attended by her mother, Audrey, a piano teacher at Chicago’s American Conservatory of Music, and her father, Robert, a semi-retired apartment building manager. “I was very young then,” says the strawberry blonde. “I depended upon Wayne quite a bit. He took more control of things and I was like a scared doe. Now I’m on my own. The scared doe doesn’t exist anymore.”

Having played Tina Clayton since 1978, Evans left “One Life” in December 1981 with Massey, and the couple moved to Nashville. While Massey pursued a career as a singer (he now duets with his new wife, country crooner Charly McClain), Evans took it easy for a year. Then she landed the role of Patty on CBS’ The Young and the Restless, which is filmed in Los Angeles. “I don’t think it’s possible to run a marriage across the country,” says Evans, and hers didn’t travel well. The couple divorced last year.

Evans returned to “One Life” last January. “I’m more confident,” she explains. “I’m able to have fun with the character and have fun with myself.”

Like Tina, she’s also shrewder than she was in an earlier incarnation. In the tradition of her trade, Evans likes to shave four years off her past and give her age as 24. She insists that there is a typo in her college records. While in college she entered and lost the Miss Illinois pageant back home. “I’m not against beauty pageants,” she says now, “but I’m torn because I tend to be feministic in a lot of ways. Is feministic a word?” Savvy about cross-promotion as well as self-promotion, Evans recently signed with the Elite agency as a model. On the subject of romance, she is circumspect. Her current man is a publicity-shy L.A. producer. Though her marriage couldn’t withstand long distance, this relationship “gets a lot of help from GTE Sprint, People Express and MCI,” says Evans.

The steadiest males in her life are still Grompit (a nonsense word used by her father) and Uff da (a Norwegian expletive). The dogs even accompany Evans to work. “They sit in the makeup room under a sign that says, ‘Permanently reserved for the Evans boys.’ Bob Woods [a "One Life" co-star] said that if he’s ever reincarnated, he wants to come back as one of my dogs. Of course he said that after he found out they sleep with me.” Arf, arf.

Saving the best for last, it’s time to take a quick look at some of the plotlines coming up on “OLTL” a couple of weeks down the road. A jealous fiancé is responsible for bringing unwelcome visitor to town. Llanview’s leading lady convinces her enemy’s puppet to stop his attack on BE. A cop is tempted by cash recovered in a drug bust. And, as one couple goes on the run, another nearly gives into passion.

Well, that’s all for this edition of the column. I hope you enjoyed this edition of the column. That’s all for now; please be sure and join me again on April 30th. See you next time.

And until next time remember, we only have “One Life to Live” …..

Pictured: My View of Llanview courtesy Matt Smith/Soap Opera Network

AMC PreVUE: Week of April 21 Edition

Putting Up a Fight
Thursday, April 17, 2008 12:55 AM | By Angela Rosa

( — Has the damage been done or is resistance futile?



Sherry and the other inmates inform Erica that they want her to help them get their lives back. An excited Erica has major plans. Erica informs Jack and Samuel of her plans to implement programs such as job training and counseling at the prison. Samuel warns an undeterred Erica of a possible barrier between her and her goals – the prison Warden. Erica is thrown into solitary confinement after she and the Warden disagree over her attempts to improve the lives of her fellow prisoners.


Ryan moves back in with Annie and Emma. Ryan decides to stay in the guest room of the penthouse, a sleeping arrangement that Annie doesn’t want to last for a long. Ryan and Greenlee reminisce about old times. Ryan has his work cut out for him during his therapy session. Annie’s chat with Julia gives Mrs. Lavery an idea after she remembers how Ryan fell in love with her in the first place. A scheming Annie lies to Ryan and claims someone’s tried to break into their house.


Tad and Angie finally agree to go along with Jesse’s exhumation project. At the cemetery, Frankie and Angie relive the sadness they felt at Jesse’s funeral twenty years earlier. An armed and hidden Robert watches as the group waits for Jesse’s coffin to be opened. Jesse, Angie, Frankie and Tad are dismayed when all they find in the coffin is a stuffed toy elephant. Robert fumes as Angie recounts a tale that takes the original toy elephant from Frankie to Cassandra to a charity bin. Cassandra, meanwhile, makes plans to come to Pine Valley and has the toy elephant that Robert clearly covets with her.


Zach’s assertion that he forgives Kendall does little to ease the obvious tension that still exists between the Slater’s. Zach admits to a curious Greenlee that he and Kendall are having issues but blames their problems on the ordeal in the bomb shelter. Erica urges Kendall to stay strong and trust that things will get back to normal between her and Zach. Kendall insists to Zach that they need to get away and spend some time alone but Zach refuses to run away. Kendall won’t allow Zach to shut down on her and pushes him to unleash the anger he feels. Kendall storms out after Zach admits just how nuts the thought of her and Aidan together drives him. Zach is hot on Kendall’s trail as she returns to the scene of her crime and together they set fire to the house. Kendall and Zach do their best to put the mistakes of the past behind them as they watch the vacant house burn to the ground and then share a night of tenderness together. Zach allows himself to forgive Kendall but it’s clear he hasn’t forgiven Aidan.


- In an attempt to get Frankie to open up, Colby admits that her greatest fear is losing her father.

- Aidan takes a break from his bliss with Greenlee to ask his future bride’s father an important question

- Carmen refuses to believe that Erica and Jack still don’t have feelings for each other.

- Adam is uncharacteristically vulnerable as he admits to a concerned JR that he needs his help.

- Tad deals with the never ending sense of loss he feels over Kate.


Monday: Zach has plans for Aidan. Annie schemes to get Ryan to fall in love with her again. Kendall is optimistic that she and Zach are back on track.

Tuesday: Erica suffers the effects of being kept in isolation. A furious Greenlee confronts Zach about sending Aidan away. JR and Colby question Adam’s sanity.

Wednesday: Samuel comes to Erica’s rescue. Aidan decides to put his life on the line to save a friend. Annie continues to manipulate Ryan.

Thursday: Adam appears to be losing touch with reality. Tad is hopeful that he will eventually find his missing daughter. Robert is determined to get what he wants.

Friday: Aidan assures Greenlee that he will safely return from his dangerous mission. Adam exhibits some very odd behavior. Jake Martin is living on borrowed time.

Pictured: Susan Lucci courtesy ABC

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‘Top Model’ Joins ‘AMC’

By Angela Rosa

( — Has “All My Children” cast the beautiful girl that will steal Dre’s heart?

Sterling Sulieman

Angie (Debbie Morgan) and ex-husband Jacob’s (Darnell Williams) adopted daughter, Cassandra Foster, arrives in Pine Valley on Friday, April 25. The character of Cassandra debuted on the cancelled ABC soap opera “The City” and will now show up on ABC’s “All My Children” played by “America’s Next Top Model” Season 3 runner-up Yaya DaCosta.

DaCosta, a Brown University graduate, was born on November 15, 1982 in Harlem, New York. Since her time on “ANTM” the Ford Model has appeared in several music videos including Kanye West’s “Gold Digger,” and Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls.” DaCosta’s acting credits include a starring role in the motion picture “Take The Lead” which co-starred Antonio Banderas. The actress earned a Teen Choice Awards nomination for her work in the movie.

Expect DaCosta’s Cassandra to be thrown right into loads of drama as soon as she steps foot in town. Along with adjusting to her mother’s not-so-new boyfriend Jesse (Darnell Williams) and his striking resemblence to Jacob, ABC reports that Cassandra “will be pulled into the sinister plan Rob (David Rasche) has for Jesse.” Expectations are that Cassandra will be romantically linked to Dre Woods, played by the very handsome and underutilized Sterling Sulieman.

  • All My Children
  • Darnell Williams
  • Yaya DaCosta

    Is Love a Crime?
    Sunday, April 13, 2008 11:10 PM | By Angela Rosa

    ( — The limits the mind puts on the heart.


    Jax is disconcerted that his wife only seems to be comforted by Jason’s presence. Robin’s words send a determined Sonny to challenge an even more determined Carly. Carly continues to refuse to let Sonny see Michael as she blames him for what happened to Michael and also blames herself for allowing him to be a father to the boy in the first place. Jason is able to convince Carly that Michael needs his father. Sonny pours out his heart to Michael. Jax realizes that Carly’s in denial about Michael’s condition after having a chat with Elizabeth. A worried Jax implores Carly to go home and explain things to Morgan. Jax’s heart breaks as Carly promises Morgan that his brother will wake up and everything will be back to normal. Jax confronts Carly over being in denial. Carly insists that Jax stay away from Michael if he has no faith in him making a full recovery.

    Claudia and Johnny form a pact about their secret. Claudia seeks guarantees from Jason. Ric continues on his dangerous course with Anthony. Jerry warns Claudia that Ian is not to be trusted; meanwhile Jason and Spinelli uncover a clue that could lead them straight to the assassin. After making an agenda-filled stop at the Haunted Star, Sonny goes back to the hospital to be with Michael. Spinelli and Jason are able to identify the care on the warehouse surveillance tape as belonging to Ian. Sonny confronts Anthony, who is much healthier than he appears and has lethal plans for Corinthos. Jason doesn’t agree with Sonny’s course of action. Ian subtly threatens Claudia, while Johnny finally puts two and two together about the pair. Jerry threatens to kill Ian. Jason wants to know what Nikolas knows about Ian.


    Johnny pushes Lulu away for her own good. Lulu is honest with Logan and tells him that she can’t return his feelings; meanwhile Johnny is honest with his sister about his feelings for Ms. Spencer. Lulu challenges Johnny to tell her what he really wants but then admits that she can’t accept the mobster’s ruthless lifestyle. Luke worries about his daughter’s involvement with Johnny as the re-opening of the Haunted Star get underway. Lulu steams as Maxie flirts with Johnny. Lulu pulls Johnny into a kiss. Lulu and Maxie fight like cats and dogs as the work together at Crimson.

    Jason and Elizabeth decide to do what’s best for their son. Claudia believes that she and Jason have a lot in common when it comes to love and family. Jason informs Spinelli that he’ll never allow himself to have a family and confesses to the guilt he feels about not having kept Michael safe. Elizabeth and Sam clash after Sam spots her man with Jason’s favorite nurse. Sam realizes why Elizabeth ended things with Jason.


    - Diane accuses Alexis of being a hypocrite when Alexis chides her for sleeping with Max.

    - Robin extends herself to Patrick with regards to her pregnancy, and the pair of doctors grow closer.

    - Ric comforts Leyla when she’s affected over seeing Patrick and Robin together.

    - Alexis tries to steer Diane away from Max but Diane gets the last laugh when Jerry sidles up to Alexis.

    - Nikolas wants more of the illegal drugs from Ian, who leaves him with a dire warning.


    Monday: Anthony has a warning for Johnny. Sonny forbids Max and Diane to continue their affair. Spinelli and Maxie go sleuthing.

    Tuesday: Claudia doesn’t take Sonny at face value. Robin fears she’s underestimated what she’s in for being a mother. Jason comes to Spinelli’s rescue.

    Wednesday: Carly is forced to face the truth. Jason and Claudia’s lives are in danger. Ian has an offer for Nikolas.

    Thursday: Johnny breaks things off with Lulu. Nikolas is ready to move on with his life. Spinelli can’t keep his hands off of Maxie.

    Friday: Johnny faces off with Sonny. Anna is a bit too enthusiastic about Robin’s pregnancy. Claudia begins to open up to Jason.

    Pictured: Steve Burton courtesy ABC

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    Back in the game…
    Sunday, April 13, 2008 2:54 PM | By Venus Stone

    ( — Nicole’s back and already hatching new schemes…


    Caroline suspects that Kayla and Bo are keeping something from her. Ava tries to heat things up with Steve, while Hope is plagued with nightmares of not seeing her family again. Bo retrieves the surveillance tapes from the hospital parking lot to see what happened to Hope. Stephanie spends time with Max. Sami’s dislike for Nicole intensifies when EJ insists on being her lawyer. Chloe comes back to the Kiriakis mansion and faces off with Nicole. Chelsea passes out. Ava aims her gun at Hope.


    Marlena leaves town, which leave John plotting and scheming against Victor. Philip tells Nicole she has to leave the mansion. Alone, John points out to EJ that Sami is very jealous of Nicole. In order to get the goods on John, Philip devises a plan. Later, Philip locates Nicole and tells him she will be of good use to him; seducing John to get information on what he’s planning against his father’s business. Nicole pours on the charm and asks John out on a date.

    Pictured: Arianna Zuker courtesy NBC

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    Facing the Music
    Thursday, April 10, 2008 4:13 AM | By Angela Rosa

    ( — Facing the consequences of the past could forever change the future in Pine Valley.



    Ryan’s revelation leads his therapist to question if he even wants to remember Annie. Meanwhile, Annie accuses Greenlee of only accepting Aidan’s proposal because she can’t have Ryan. Ryan is left unsettled by the story of how he and Annie fell in love. Ryan and Annie rush Emma to the hospital after she suffers an allergic reaction to a bug-bite. Annie’s heart breaks when she sees Ryan’s love for Emma which only serves to remind her that her husband still doesn’t love her.


    Jesse’s obsession with his past leads a frustrated Angie to a confrontion with Robert. Frankie opens up to his father. Angie is not a happy camper as she realizes that Jesse is feeling drawn back to his former career. Jesse informs Robert that he doesn’t think Rafael was really Papel, the person responsible for his long nightmare. Jesse is convinced a clue may be buried in his coffin and decides to dig it up. Tad admits to Joe that Robert gives him an uneasy feeling. Tad refuses to go along with Jesse’s latest plan. Angie is not pleased to learn that Jesse is still involved in the investigation into his past.


    Samuel visits Erica, who demands he find a way to get Carmen a new trial. Erica’s passion leaves an impression on Samuel. Laundry duty isn’t a disdained Erica’s cup of tea. Carmen implores Erica to keep a lower profile and not antagonize other prisoners. Later, Erica finds herself alone and surrounded by a group of tough looking inmates


    Colby tells Adam that she’s decided to attend a college in Pine Valley because she doesn’t want him to be alone. Colby and Krystal call the paramedics when Adam suffers some sort of attack. The love between Adam and Krystal is undeniable. Angie determines that Adam has been suffering from panic attacks, a diagnosis a cantankerous Chandler refuses to accept. Adam balks at Angie’s suggestion that he start seeing a psychologist. JR and Colby try to make a deal with their father.


    Kendall describes to Zach the despair she felt when she thought he was lost to her forever and finally confesses to her infidelity. Zach informs Kendall that he had already figured out the truth and explains to her that what hurts the most is that she didn’t trust him enough to tell him it from the beginning. Kendall’s emotions run the spectrum from guilt to anger to shame as she recounts for her husband how she ended up in bed with Devane. Determined to bury any doubts he has about her feelings for Aidan, Kendall takes Zach on an emotional field trip to the scene of her infidelity. Zach holds an emotionally wrecked Kendall in his arms. Later, Slater attempts to ease his wife’s fears as he assures her he has no intention of ever leaving her. Zach’s anger, however, later bubbles to the surface while alone in his office.


    Tad takes notice of Devane’s discomfort when Greenlee suggests that Kendall be his “best woman” at their wedding. Aidan admits the truth to Tad. Later, Devane feels a surge of financial impotency when his fiancé presents him with a very expensive gift. Greenlee breaks the news of her engagement to Kendall who although happy for her friend remains guilt-ridden. Zach struggles to stuff down his anger as Aidan inquires about the job at Cambias he offered him once before. Kendall panics when Zach accepts Greenlee’s invitation for them to have dinner with her and Aidan.


    Monday: Kendall assures Aidan that Greenlee won’t hear their secret from her. Zach and Kendall make love but things are still strained between them. Angie is concerned how digging up the coffin will affect Jesse.

    Tuesday: Zach tries to convince Kendall that everything will work out. Erica tells Carmen about her complicated history with Zach. Ryan decides to move back in with Annie and Emma.

    Wednesday: Adam reluctantly admits to JR that he isn’t at the top of his game. Angie and Frankie reflect on losing Jesse twenty years earlier. Zach refuses to discuss Kendall’s infidelity any further.

    Thursday: Zach vows that he and Kendall will put the past behind them. Annie comes up with a plan to make Ryan fall in love with her again. Erica enlists Jack and Samuel to help her fellow inmates.

    Friday: Zach has forgiven Kendall but clearly not Aidan. Jesse, Angie, Tad and Frankie discover what’s buried in Jesse’s coffin. Erica lands in solitary confinement.

    Pictured: Thorsten Kaye courtesy ABC

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