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AMC PreVUE: Week of April 21 Edition

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AMC PreVUE: Week of April 21 Edition

Putting Up a Fight
Thursday, April 17, 2008 12:55 AM | By Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Has the damage been done or is resistance futile?



Sherry and the other inmates inform Erica that they want her to help them get their lives back. An excited Erica has major plans. Erica informs Jack and Samuel of her plans to implement programs such as job training and counseling at the prison. Samuel warns an undeterred Erica of a possible barrier between her and her goals – the prison Warden. Erica is thrown into solitary confinement after she and the Warden disagree over her attempts to improve the lives of her fellow prisoners.


Ryan moves back in with Annie and Emma. Ryan decides to stay in the guest room of the penthouse, a sleeping arrangement that Annie doesn’t want to last for a long. Ryan and Greenlee reminisce about old times. Ryan has his work cut out for him during his therapy session. Annie’s chat with Julia gives Mrs. Lavery an idea after she remembers how Ryan fell in love with her in the first place. A scheming Annie lies to Ryan and claims someone’s tried to break into their house.


Tad and Angie finally agree to go along with Jesse’s exhumation project. At the cemetery, Frankie and Angie relive the sadness they felt at Jesse’s funeral twenty years earlier. An armed and hidden Robert watches as the group waits for Jesse’s coffin to be opened. Jesse, Angie, Frankie and Tad are dismayed when all they find in the coffin is a stuffed toy elephant. Robert fumes as Angie recounts a tale that takes the original toy elephant from Frankie to Cassandra to a charity bin. Cassandra, meanwhile, makes plans to come to Pine Valley and has the toy elephant that Robert clearly covets with her.


Zach’s assertion that he forgives Kendall does little to ease the obvious tension that still exists between the Slater’s. Zach admits to a curious Greenlee that he and Kendall are having issues but blames their problems on the ordeal in the bomb shelter. Erica urges Kendall to stay strong and trust that things will get back to normal between her and Zach. Kendall insists to Zach that they need to get away and spend some time alone but Zach refuses to run away. Kendall won’t allow Zach to shut down on her and pushes him to unleash the anger he feels. Kendall storms out after Zach admits just how nuts the thought of her and Aidan together drives him. Zach is hot on Kendall’s trail as she returns to the scene of her crime and together they set fire to the house. Kendall and Zach do their best to put the mistakes of the past behind them as they watch the vacant house burn to the ground and then share a night of tenderness together. Zach allows himself to forgive Kendall but it’s clear he hasn’t forgiven Aidan.


– In an attempt to get Frankie to open up, Colby admits that her greatest fear is losing her father.

– Aidan takes a break from his bliss with Greenlee to ask his future bride’s father an important question

– Carmen refuses to believe that Erica and Jack still don’t have feelings for each other.

– Adam is uncharacteristically vulnerable as he admits to a concerned JR that he needs his help.

– Tad deals with the never ending sense of loss he feels over Kate.


Monday: Zach has plans for Aidan. Annie schemes to get Ryan to fall in love with her again. Kendall is optimistic that she and Zach are back on track.

Tuesday: Erica suffers the effects of being kept in isolation. A furious Greenlee confronts Zach about sending Aidan away. JR and Colby question Adam’s sanity.

Wednesday: Samuel comes to Erica’s rescue. Aidan decides to put his life on the line to save a friend. Annie continues to manipulate Ryan.

Thursday: Adam appears to be losing touch with reality. Tad is hopeful that he will eventually find his missing daughter. Robert is determined to get what he wants.

Friday: Aidan assures Greenlee that he will safely return from his dangerous mission. Adam exhibits some very odd behavior. Jake Martin is living on borrowed time.

Pictured: Susan Lucci courtesy ABC

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