Johnny Wactor Stars in Music Video ‘There to Catch Me’ by Country Rock Band The Nashvillains

Johnny Wactor, Brando Corbin, General Hospital, GH, #GH, There To Catch Me, #ThereToCatchMe, The Nashvillains
Courtesy of Fate Entertainment

Johnny Wactor (Brando Corbin, “General Hospital”) is currently starring in the music video for the song “There To Catch Me” by The Nashvillains, a country rock band consisting of members Troy Johnson, Brett Boyett and Scott Lindsey.

In the video, Wactor can be seen as a groom celebrating his wedding night with his new bride as they travel across town having fun, eating, drinking, and celebrating the love they share with one another. In the end, however, it would appear to have all been a dream or a distant memory as Wactor wakes up the next morning in bed without his bride by his side as the song’s final verse, “Cause you ain’t there to catch me,” is sung. Wactor is then shown looking around the bedroom wondering where she went, or if it was all a dream as he closes his eyes as the video fades to black. Caitlin Harris and Clare Grant also star.

“So proud of this project,” said Wactor on Instagram shortly after the video’s release. “A true collaboration of filmmakers and musical artists to create this special piece. Honored to have been included.”

Directed by Bethany Ashton Wolf, the music video is a shorter version of “There To Catch Me” which is currently making its way through the festival circuit around the world. It was shot in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, CA.

“When I heard The Nashvillain’s song ‘There To Catch Me’ for the first time, it was so hauntingly beautiful that an entire story flashed before my eyes that I could see, feel, and touch,” Wolf said on Instagram. “Troy, Brett, and Scott have this throwback vibe to them that reminds me of The Outlaws. And the lead singer, Troy, his voice has this sensual, contrasting duality in it that is so mellifluous and gravelly, it pulls you in, wanting to hear more. I knew in an instant that I had to tell this story, with the band as the vessel in which it is told…”

She noted the song pays tribute to the band’s hometown of Nashville while also paying homage to the “cinematic romance of Hollywood.”

Watch the full music video below.