Tristan Rogers Back to ‘General Hospital’?

Tristan Rogers, Robert Scorpio, General Hospital, GH
Todd Wawrychuk/ABC

Drew Cain isn’t the only one to have vanished without a trace only to return after an extended absence on “General Hospital”: It looks like Robert Scorpio may have also been found after a three-month hiatus!

According to a recent post on Twitter by portrayer Tristan Rogers, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of Robert Scorpio in Port Charles starting in the near future. The actor tweeted, “I think it’s safe to safe say I’m back in the show. Let’s all be positive.” It’s presumed the actor is referring to “GH” in his tweet.

When we last saw the character it was on the special May 21 episode of “GH” wherein Robert celebrated the life of his dear friend, Sean Donely (the late John Reilly), and Sean’s daughter Annie (Caitlin Reilly) getting tested for her loyalty to the World Security Bureau (WSB). In the story, following her father’s death, the bureau contacted Robert and Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and asked them to determine whether Annie would make a good fit as a WSB agent. In the end, Annie proved she would stand by her oath of not disclosing what she knew about the secret agency. After everything was revealed, Annie was handed her official WSB badge which included her ID#, the same number her father used while he worked for the agency — 2261.

During his “GH” absence, Rogers has spent the summer attending Terrificon, a comic book convention in Connecticut, watching the Olympic Games on NBC, and traveling to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for vacation, among other adventurous activities.