Ingo Rademacher Doubles Down on Anti-Vaccine Passport Mandate Stance, Responds to Calls for #FireIngo

Ingo Rademacher, Jasper "Jax" Jacks, General Hospital, GH, ABC
Nick Agro/ABC

“General Hospital” star Ingo Rademacher (Jasper “Jax” Jacks) is doubling down on his anti-vaccine mandate stance and is again directly addressing those who’ve created the “Fire Ingo” hashtag as a result of his opinion on the matter.

As previously reported, Rademacher took to his Instagram Stories earlier this week to address an allegation that he was the source of an alleged COVID-19 outbreak on the set of “GH” following word that co-star Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) had tested positive for the virus just days after receiving a negative test result. Burton claimed to have been “exposed at work.” Rademacher also responded to critics regarding his stance on being against vaccine mandates as several cities and states have been instituting vaccine passport requirements across the United States and other countries which would result in unvaccinated people losing access to employment opportunities, dining capabilities, and fitness resources should they be unable to produce their paperwork showing vaccination status.

In a new Instagram video posted yesterday, Rademacher once again addressed the anti-vaccine mandate matter, particularly as people have been trying to get him fired from “GH” for his viewpoints. In the video, Rademacher started things off by saying, “So, I’m going to address all of the morons that hashtag ‘fire ingo.’ I want to address you. I really… I dislike you at this point. I think that you’re bigots, and I think you know it.”

“To do something [using the hashtag] like that to another person just shows the kind of character you have, the kind of person that you are… you’re a horrible, horrible person, first of all. But, that said, I would never in a million years do that to you,” Rademacher said, adding, “Try to reverse the roles just for a bit and think that because we have a difference of opinion, I now went to your boss and said, ‘You should fire that person because I believe my opinion is right and my opinion should be the only one that counts.’ If you were in charge of this country you’d be a dictator. It’s not a democracy anymore when you can’t have open debate about something. You can disagree but what you can’t do is go to my boss and say fire me because I have a difference of opinion. That’s crossing the line, okay, now you’re a bigot.”

Sharing that he wouldn’t hesitate to save lives in his second job as an LA County lifeguard, regardless of one’s health status, Rademacher says, “I do that because I love contributing and saving lives when I’m at the beach.” He notes, “Not in a million years, even if I knew you hashtaggers that hashtagged ‘fire ingo,’ if you told me that right before you went in the water and you were out in a rip, and you were drowning, I would treat you just like everybody else. I would go out there and I would save your life. Know that! Okay, that’s the kind of person I am, so, maybe I’m just a better person than you are… that’s probably true because I don’t think you can say the same thing, could you?”

Rademacher continued to address those calling for his firing from “GH,” telling them to “go get some help.” He stated, “You’ve got some things going on that you should definitely seek help for. If you feel the urge to start a hashtag trending ‘apologize to Ingo,’ be my guest, and maybe, you know, admit at the same time that you’re a bigot because this kind of behavior is just not okay. You’re really dragging down the human race with that kind of talk. Take a long hard look at yourself, okay? A long hard look in the mirror and remember you can’t get the mirror to smile first.” 

Some of Rademacher’s former “GH” castmates, including Chad Brannon (ex-Zander Smith), Derk Cheetwood (ex-Max Giambetti), and Lilly Melgar (ex-Lily Corinthos), responded to his Instagram video in the comment section showing their support for the actor. “I support you @ingorademacher! Way to speak the truth!” wrote Brannon. “Amen Ingo!” said Cheetwood. Melgar quoted Rademacher’s statement where he said “Mandating any vaccine is wrong” ….,” and used the “arms in the air,” “heart with arrow” and “folded hands” emojis as a response. Chef Nicky Liberato, host and executive producer of Netflix’s “Restaurants on the Edge” commented, “Love you and your family. You put off nothing but positivity and love! We love you brother!” Flying magazine columnist Ben Younger used the hashtag “hire ingo.”

In the latter position of Rademacher’s Instagram video, he circled back on his stance on the vaccine and the vaccine mandates that are being instituted. 

To hear what he has to say on that matter, check out the full video below which was tagged by Instagram with a link to the COVID-19 Information Center for vaccine resources

At press time, Rademacher’s video has been viewed just over 61,000 times and has received nearly 12,000 likes.