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Say Goodbye to Jan Spears as Heather Lindell Ends Her Current Run on ‘Days of our Lives’

Say Goodbye to Jan Spears as Heather Lindell Ends Her Current Run on ‘Days of our Lives’

Heather Lindell is set to end her current run as Jan Spears on “Days of our Lives” next week but the actress is more than open to a return visit down the line.

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, on newsstands now, Lindell expresses how much fun she had playing the role again for the first time since 2005 — Lindell reprised the role in 2019 via the “Last Blast Reunion” digital series. In an interview with the publication, the actress says, “I feel like as a soap actor, the goal is to be part of a soap wedding and mostly be in a soap wedding, like, the bride, something I certainly never thought Jan would get to do. Even as kind of skewed and not real as it is, the fact that I got to put on a soap wedding dress and do the whole thing was epic. I loved it. I had so much fun. It’s so bucket list.”

Fans, and Belle’s (Martha Madison) family, in particular, were shocked to find Jan wearing Belle’s wedding dress during today’s episode. With Belle’s life on the line based on threats made by Jan if Shawn (Brandon Beemer) doesn’t marry her in the Monday, November 23 episode, it turns out the next Shawn Douglas Brady won’t be the love of Shawn’s life but the long-time high school villainess who has never gotten over her obsession of the jock she became way too fond of during their teenage days. Unfortunately for Jan, however, John (Drake Hogestyn) will get the best of her and Shawn will be gunning to save his intended.

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While Jan isn’t expected to leave the canvas until Tuesday, November 24, Lindell hopes to be back in the future as her crazy character. “I love playing this character,” she says to Digest. “Although she’s definitely had a one-track focus — and maybe she’ll continue to have that focus — I think that there are so many layers to her. There are so many ways she could be written and so many things she could do and so much trouble she could stir, whether she decides to move on and become obsessed with someone else or whether she focuses her mania on someone else, which we saw her do a lot with Claire — manipulate Claire and start to develop that friendship, which I thought was really unique and interesting that they wrote that. I would love to kind of see where these writers, if they bring her back, decide to go with her because’ there’s a lot you could do with the character.”

To find out how Jan exits Salem, and if Shawn and Belle can truly get their happily ever after, make sure to tune into “Days of our Lives” next week for all the juicy storyline beets.

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