DOOL App Releases Episode Two of ‘MB’s Kitchen’ with Galen Gering

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DOOL App Releases Episode Two of ‘MB’s Kitchen’ with Galen Gering

The second episode of "MB's Kitchen" was released on the DOOL app and finds Mary Beth Evans making her famous chocolate chip cookies alongside "Days of our Lives" co-star Galen Gering.

By Errol Lewis
MB's Kitchen, Mary Beth Evans, Galen Gering, Days of our Lives
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In the latest episode of “MB’s Kitchen,” Mary Beth Evans (Kayla Brady, “Days of our Lives”) welcomed co-star Galen Gering (Rafe Hernandez) to the counter as the two worked to create Evans’ famous chocolate chip cookies.

Fans tuning in will welcome the relaxed nature of Gering as he is shocked by Evans’ unorthodox way of preparing her ingredients as he jokes around with Evans for much of the seven-minute segment over her baking process. “We’re not very precise in Mary Beth’s kitchen,” Gering jokes as a seemingly annoyed Evans plays along. That’s not to say that he doesn’t remember her process, but he does later proclaim himself the “safety supervisor.”

“I must admit the first time I saw these, I was kind of judgy,” said Gering of the cookies after they took the finished product out of the oven. Clarifying to Evans, who thought he might have wanted the cookies to be fluffier or chewier, Gering said, “No, when I saw them. And then when I tasted them, they’re just crispy and delicious. And there is a company called Tates, I believe it is… these are far superior.” An ecstatic Evans responded to Gering and said, “My mother just told me the same thing!”

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As expected, Evans has made the quote of the day a running feature in “MB’s Kitchen.” This week, she referenced Julia Child’s famous quote, “You are the boss of your dough.” In Mary Beth’s case, she says, “You are the boss of your cookies.”

For the full ingredients and the steps to follow in order to make your own batch of chocolate chip cookies, watch the episode on the DOOL app or visit the DOOL app website.

“MB’s Kitchen” premieres new segments every Friday, exclusively on the DOOL app.