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Another Classic Episode of ‘GH’ to Air on Christmas Eve

Ron Tom/ABC

In its continuing effort to provide fans with classic episodes of “” during periods in which a repeat is expected, ABC announced today that it’ll re-broadcast episode #10945 (O.A.D. December 23, 2005) on Christmas , December 24.

In the episode, look for Courtney () and Jax () to bond over their baby just as Nikolas () calls from overseas to check on things; Carly () to initially blame Emily () for being the reason she’s in Rose Lawn over the Christmas holiday; Alan () reading the annual Christmas story at General Hospital before Noah Drake (), dressed as Santa, begins handing out presents to the children while Patrick () wisely concludes Noah’s inebriation.

A montage set to the song “Do You See What I See?” concludes the episode with several couples sharing an intimate kiss including Dillon () and Georgie (), Maxie () and Jesse (), and Ric () and Alexis ().

Memorable Moment: Audrey () hangs a photo of Lila Quartermaine () next to a picture of her deceased husband, Steve (), while Edward () looks on with a smile.

“General Hospital” is fully pre-empted on Christmas Day, December 25 as ABC will be airing sports programming in its place. The series will return with originals on Wednesday, December 26.

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