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Gilles Marini Finally Makes ‘DAYS’ Debut

Gilles Marini

Actor finally makes his long-awaited debut today, June 5, on NBC’s “.” Here’s what you need to know!

Best known for his sexy turn as Dante in the 2008 box-office smash “Sex and the City,” the film offshoot of the HBO series bearing the same name, Marini heads to Salem as legal eagle Ted Laurent. The character represents Leo () in his sexual harassment claims against Sonny Kiriakis () and might be getting a little too personal himself with Kate Roberts ().

Competing during both season eight and later the All-Stars edition of “,” Marini appeared as multiple characters on “” from 2005-2017 and had a minor role in an episode of the final NBC season of “Passions.” The actor has also appeared in a number of episodes of “,” “,” “,” “” and “,” among others. 

According to Entertainment Weekly, the length of Marini’s appearance on “DAYS” remains unclear, but it’s said to last for at least a couple of months.

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