Morgan Fairchild Done at ‘DAYS’

Angela Weiss/Getty Images

If you tuned into the Friday, August 25 episode of “,” you discovered that Anjelica Deveraux had met her maker, marking the conclusion of portrayer ‘s short run on the daytime soap.

Following an altercation with Bonnie Lockhart (), in which Anjelica learned that Bonnie had slept with Lucas Horton (), who had believed he was spending time with ex-girlfriend Adrienne Kiriakis (also played by Evans), Anjelica kicks the bucket leaving Bonnie and Hattie Adams () scrambling to cover their tracks. In doing so, they make it seem as though Lucas actually had a drunken romp with Anjelica instead.

In addition to her stint on “DAYS” that began in mid-June, Fairchild has starred on such soaps as “,” “,” “,” “” and “.” Fairchild also played Dorothy for a couple of episodes on “” in 2009. Outside of soaps, the actress has appeared in such sitcoms as “,” “” and “,” among others.

Below watch a clip of from “Days of our Lives” showing what happens next in the storyline.

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