Lifetime Renews ‘UnREAL’ for Fourth Season

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

More than a year after announcing a third season renewal for drama “UnREAL,” its fictitious behind-the-scenes look at a “Bachelor-esque” reality show, Lifetime announced during its portion of the Television Critics Association press tour on Friday that it has picked up the series for a fourth season.

“UnREAL” follows the story of Rachel Goldberg (), who uses her skills manipulating her relationships with, and among, the contestants of reality show “Everlasting” to get the vital dramatic and outrageous footage that the program’s dispassionate executive producer, Quinn King (), demands. “” alum (ex-Cutter Wentworth) plays Jeremy Caner, Rachel’s ex-boyfriend and “Everlasting’s” director of photography. Rounding out the cast are  as “Everlasting’s” creator, Chet, who is on a quest to reclaim his full power on set, and  as Jay, a field producer whose ambitions run far beyond the show.

’s” (ex-Hope Logan) played contestant Tiffany James during the show’s second season.

The third season of “UnREAL,” which is set to premiere in early 2018, features new feminist “suitress,” Serena (, “Masters of Sex”), who is determined to have her pick of eager male suitors.

While production has already wrapped on the third season, it’s unknown when the fourth season will begin production or when it’ll premiere.