Brooklyn Rae Silzer’s Emma Heading Home to ‘General Hospital’

Brooklyn Rae Silzer

Grandma Anna (Finola Hughes) is about to get a very special house guest. Brooklyn Rae Silzer is heading home to “General Hospital” as Emma Drake, later this month.

Soaps In Depth broke the news that the adorable actress is returning to the soap for several appearances that will begin airing on March 30. The episodes were cleverly written to coincide with Emma’s spring break from school.

Emma was last seen on “General Hospital” on January 7, when she and her newly married parents, Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Robin (Kimberly McCullough), left Port Charles to start a new life together in California. The daytime family’s departure was precipitated by Thompson’s decision to leave “GH’ and head to “The Young and the Restless” to take over the role of Billy Abbott.

At the time of the trio’s exit, it was mentioned that young Emma might be coming back on occasion to visit her beloved grandmother, Anna. However, few expected it to be so soon. The character hasn’t even been off the canvas three months.

Not that anyone is complaining, mind you. Viewers have always adored the young actress, so any opportunity to see her — even if it’s only for a few days — is always a welcome one.

There aren’t any details about how young Emma will fit into the storyline. But considering the stress Anna has been under of late, absolutely any reason at all would suffice as a good one for her to have a visit from her bubbly granddaughter.