Will ‘GH’s’ Dante and Lulu Lockdown Lead to a Passionate Reunion?


Hell hath no fury like a couple of estranged spouses locked up in a hotel room and forced to talk and work out their problems. But will “General Hospital’s” Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and Lulu (Emme Rylan) lockdown lead to a passionate reunion?

That’s the hope for Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Nathan (Ryan Paevey), who lured the duo into a room at the Metro Court, bolted the door shut and threw away the key. Not to mention, turned the room telephone off and jammed the WiFi signal, so Dante and Lulu can’t call for help. And they tell the pair that Dante’s mom, Olivia (Lisa Locicero), who co-owns the ritzy establishment is in on it.

Dante and Lulu are furious. They pound on the door and demand to be let out, but their pleas fall upon deaf ears. Maxie and Nathan, who are in the hotel hallway, ‘fess up to their part in the plot and insist the couple hash out their problems and figure out how to get along. After all, they do have a young son to think about.

Maxie points out she left something on the nightstand to get Dante and Lulu started. It’s an old issue of Crimson magazine. Lulu opens it to a page Maxie has marked and finds the article, Repairing Your Relationship in 10 Easy Steps. Exactly what this estranged couple needs.

Then, Maxie and Nathan split and leave Dante and Lulu alone to talk, read over the article and, hopefully, come to their romantic senses. After some more pounding on the door, Lulu finally gives up and stops.

She turns toward Dante and announces, “They’re gone. They left us.”

“So what do we do now?” Dante asks her.

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