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General Hospital Spoilers: Week of January 4 – 8

General Hospital Spoilers: Week of January 4 – 8

Here’s what’s coming up on “General Hospital” the week of January 4 to 8, 2016:

Monday, January 4
Sam and Jason’s close moment is interrupted by an emergency from Elizabeth.
Lulu resists temptation.
Nina and Franco reach a milestone.
Morgan opens up to Kiki about his condition.

Tuesday,  January 5
Anna fills in Jordan about her suspicions regarding Julian, Carlos and someone “on the inside.”
Paul assures Julian he has nothing to worry about from the DA’s office.
Obrecht thinks she has Robin where she wants her.
Jason promises Elizabeth that he will be an active co-parent with her.
Patrick is encouraged by but cautious about Sonny’s progress.

Wednesday, January 6
Robin and Patrick have a heart-to-heart with Emma, who offers a brilliant suggestion.
Jason is on the market for new living arrangements.
Franco keeps Jake busy with an art project.
An embarrassing error with the first Maxie/Nina/Dillon collaboration of Crimson could ruin all their plans.
Alexis is not thrilled with Olivia’s close involvement with Julian.

Thursday, January 7
Robin and Patrick’s party serves a dual purpose.
Laura tells Tracy to take some time for herself.
Nikolas is advised to move on without Hayden.
Tracy steps up her quest to regain control of ELQ.

Friday, January 8
Tracy surprises Hayden with information about her past.
Jason and Elizabeth discover something quite disturbing.
Nikolas surprises Jason with an ultimatum.
Valerie struggles at the PCPD.
Maxie makes a discovery.

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