General Hospital Spoilers: February 1 – 5, 2016

Rebecca Budig, Tyler Christopher
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

Here’s what’s coming up on “General Hospital” the week of February 1 to 5, 2016:

Monday, February 1
Calamity strikes Sam, triggering a chain of potentially deadly events.
Dante and Lulu’s encounter takes a drastic shift.
Julian isn’t thrilled with Nina’s idea for the next issue of Crimson.
Kristina pushes her professor’s buttons.

Tuesday, February 2
Sam’s attempt to save her life could actually cost it.
Paul’s threat evokes a strong reaction from Ava.
Kiki reluctantly trusts Sonny.
Mac and Felicia come to Robert and Anna’s rescue.
Michael gets a clear picture of Sabrina’s intentions.

Wednesday, February 3
A fired up Ava is prepared to take legal action against Sonny.
Hayden passes Nikolas’ test and their relationship moves to the next level, only for a wrench to be thrown into their happy moment.
Scotty stuns Laura with a most unexpected document.
Franco and Nina flip gears from frisky and physical to deep and serious.
Morgan and Kiki agree to take it slow and go out on a proper date.

Thursday, February 4
A frightening complication arises in Liz and Jason’s life.
Hayden is forced to play dumb, but Nikolas remains suspicious.
Morgan pulls the plug, when things get hot with Kiki.
Dante gets a first-hand look at Valerie moving on.

Friday, February 5
A guilty Jake speaks up, when his conscience gets the best of him.
Sam’s life is on the line.
Sonny meets his new doctor, who is connected to someone in town.
Morgan is frustrated by the side effects of his medication.
Kristina opens up to Molly about what happened to her in school.