Ashley Jones Revealed As Kristina Davis’ Professor on ‘GH’

Ashley Jones
Jill Johnson/JPI Studios

If you tuned into today’s episode of ABC’s “,” you might have been shocked to learn that the professor Kristina Davis () admitted to have been willing to have sex with in order to receive a passing grade was not a man, but a woman! Even more shocking was how the soap was able to keep any hint of who would be portraying the role under wraps. Enter “’s” (Bridget Forrester) as Parker Forsyth.

“They were so secretive about it that I’ve been scared to tell anyone,” the excited actress told Soap Opera Digest. “They made it very clear that [Parker’s gender] was a reveal and they didn’t want me to give it away.”

According to the magazine, Jones has already filmed two episodes and is looking forward to doing more. “I’ve watched ‘General Hospital’ over the years, so it’s just a pleasure to see all these people on set and in and out of the makeup room,” reveals the actress.

With just four soaps remaining on air, it’s not that unusual for daytime actors to find themselves running into each other from time to time. Case in point Jones catching up with (Julian Jerome), who played Bridget’s uncle, Storm Logan, on “B&B.”

“It made me chuckle to myself about how small the soap world is! I still think of him as my uncle,” Jones told Digest. “‘GH’ is very lucky to have her. She’s such a professional and a lovely person,” added deVry.