Edith González Returns to Telemundo in ‘Eva La Trailera,’ Debuting January 26


Edith González returns to Telemundo for the starring role in “Eva La Trailera,” premiering Tuesday, January 26 at 9p. The Mexican soap actress last appeared on the Spanish-language network in 2008 in “Doña Bárbara.” 

González stars alongside Jorge Luis Pila (“La Patrona”) and Arap Bethke (“Señora Acero”) in the new telenovela written by Valentina Párraga (“La Patrona” and “Los Miserables”).

Eva La Trailera tells the story of Eva Soler (González) an impetuous, strong and determined woman, who has worked hard to improve her family’s fortunes, rising to become the owner of a transportation empire. But life deals her a cruel betrayal at the hands of those she least expects, turning destiny on its head and committing her to a course of revenge against her enemies.

Pila plays Eva’s husband Armando Montes, a man whose friendly facade hides a selfish man with a violent nature who winds up causing great harm to his family. Bethke portrays Pablo Contreras, a young detective with strong moral values who brings a new hope to Eva’s life and rivals Armando for her affections.

The show’s cast also includes Erika de la Rosa, Vanessa Bauche, Javier Díaz Dueñas, Henry Zakka, Roberto Mateos, Alfredo Huereca, Karen Sentíes, Mónica Sánchez Navarro, María Raquenel, Sofía Lama, Antonio Gaona, Minnie West, Katie Barberi, Martha Mijares, Paloma Márquez, Ana Osorio, Jonathan Freudman, Jorge Eduardo García, Nicole Apollonio, Michelle Vargas, Adrián Carvajal, Tony Vela and Gustavo Pedraza.

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