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Is Paul Telfer’s Xander Cook Really Alexander Kiriakis on ‘DAYS’?

Is Paul Telfer’s Xander Cook Really Alexander Kiriakis on ‘DAYS’?

Bjoern Kommerell Photography
Bjoern Kommerell Photography

After playing Damon, a henchman who shot Clyde () in January and left the mobster for dead in Salem Park, a now short-haired  returned to “” in the newly created role of Xander Cook in late March, one of the town’s newest big bads who also happens to share a past with Serena Mason (). But could the character actually turn out to be the long missed son of Justin Kiriakis () and Anjelica Curtis? If today’s episode is anything to go by, it’s a definite possibility.

While spending much of his day in scenes with Nicole Walker () and Theresa Donovan (), Xander is shown in the last act of today’s episode in the apartment sized Kirakis mansion and says, “It’s been too long, uncle. I’m so happy to see you again.” Soon afterward, Victor () is shown on the scene. He reaches out to Xander and says, “Good to see you too, Alexandros. Welcome home!”

Although the show has yet to confirm the latest twist, and considering Justin is himself Victor’s nephew, it’s interesting to note how the show quickly returned Telfer to the scene after putting out a casting call for the role of Xander and that Sonny () recently returned from a visit with his half-brother, Alexander. The pieces all seem to fit considering the cards we’ve been dealt.

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Whether Xander is indeed the Alexander we know, or just another person with the same name, it’ll definitely be a fun ride in figuring out what happens next. It also might help solidify Justin’s role on the canvas now that Kurth has been placed on contract status with the soap opera, considering Smith is alleged to be exiting the canvas in the coming months as Sonny.

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