Editor’s Notebook: Updates Galore


Late last month we released a new layout of our website that was to allow us to present our content in manner we’ve been working towards for some time. Unfortunately, the design came with some issues that needed to be cleaned up. That cleanup left the site virtually silent news and interview wise. That’s now over.

Cleaning up any and all noticeable issues we’ve encountered in the backend since its initial release, we’ve re-built the layout from scratch and changed the placement of key areas of the site including the masthead, which indicates what program an article/report is particularly about, brought back the most recently published content to appear in the header on all pages – allowing a quick read for noteworthy articles – while also providing a cleaner sidebar, just to name a few of the updated features. Also looked into was a better search, which automatically shows related content before clicking on the search button, we’ve cleaned up the category, topic and other assorted archive pages so that they are more user friendly and accessible responsively on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Soap Opera Network started its life in October 2001 as a community where fans could discuss their favorite daytime soap operas. It soon evolved into a news magazine covering daytime and primetime soap operas, and other forms of entertainment.

In the coming weeks we plan to release more of our original content, news, interviews, previews, etc. We’ll also be adding our actor, writer, director and producer archives, much of which is currently available on our message boards, to the website. The archives include episode counts, television and film credits, and a new presentation of our ratings database.

This should be the final Editor’s Notebook specifically discussing technical matters. The next Notebook published will be solely based on talk about the programs we cover and the content we publish.