DAYTIME EMMYS: Who Should Win? Outstanding Lead Actress (VIDEO)

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Kristen Blake is mad. Marlena has caused not one but two of Kristen’s weddings to implode. The first husband to be was John Black 14 years prior. He is now Marlena’s husband. The second, and Kristen’s true love, was Brady Black. Yep, John Black’s son. Granted, Kristen had a bad track record of doing somewhat unconscionable things to people. However, her love for Brady was real and had changed her for the better. Unfortunately, Marlena told Brady about one of Kristen’s schemes that she had put into motion before she fell in love with Brady. Shortly before their wedding, Brady cruelly rejects and abandons Kristen, leaving her on her knees much like John Black had done 14 years before. Marlena comes back to see Kristen to rub salt in the wound. Kristen does not take it well.