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Tweet This, Tweet That: Winter Olympics Edition! (2/10/14)




The 2014 are now underway, so it’s time for an edition of Tweet This, Tweet That! Each week we compile some of the most hilarious, thought-provoking, controversial, or interesting tweets from some of daytime’s most popular stars.

This week some of the world’s best athletes have traveled to , Krasnodar Krai, Russia to compete in the Winter Olympics. However, due to Russia’s questionable ethics on homosexuality and ’s less-than-stellar accomodations, this year’s Winter Olympics has become one of the most controversial in recent years. Which of your favorite soap actors are being Olympics fans? And which have flat out refused to watch the Olympics due to these controversies? Check it out in this week’s Tweet This, Tweet That!

The opening ceremony was held on Friday, February 7 and former “” actor-turned-movie star (ex-Leo du Pres) seemed excited about the festivities.

” vet (Victor Newman) shared Duhamel’s enthusiasm.

” baddies Jerry Jacks and Julian Jerome may have evil intentions on the show, but their portrayers seem very concerned with Russia’s ethics. Both and agree that Sochi was a poor choice to host the Winter Olympics.

Despite the politics involved, (ex-Danny Romalotti, “Y&R”) seemed to enjoy the Opening Ceremony, which featured more than 3,000 dancers and acrobatic performers.

Yet (Alexis Davis, “GH”) still questioned the decision to have the Olympics in Sochi.

However, as the Winter Olympics got underway, your favorite daytime stars began rallying behind the USA athletes. On Saturday, February 8, snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg became the first athlete to bring gold home to the USA this year. And (Taylor Hayes, “”) was impressed.

(Robin Scorpio-Drake, “GH”) was blown away by 15 year old Russian figure skater Julia Lipnitskaia.

Former “” actress (ex-Dusky), who now goes by the performer name EDEN, was rooting for Team USA in the figure skating competition.

The real winners this week will be the impressive athletes that take medals back to their home countries, but we have a winner here at Soap Opera Network too! The winner of this week’s Soap Opera Network Tweet of the Week, or #SONTOTW, is (ex-Vance Abrams, “Y&R”)! He tweeted a very good question! Please let us know if that works, Eric!

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