PATH TO PERFECTION: ‘DAYS’ and ‘GH’ Stars Share Their New Year’s Resolutions!

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Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

Lauren Koslow
Kate DiMera, DAYS

What is your New Year’s resolution?
“It might be to clean out my dressing room! I really don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, because I think we should always be striving to make things better for ourselves and others, but if I do set a resolution, it’s a tiny one, and I kind of like the idea of cleaning out my dressing room. I can only make excuses for it for so long! Also, I just rescued a wonderful little special-needs dog who was abused. She was such a hard luck case, poor thing. So I just want to add that if anyone is getting a pet [in the New Year] please, please, please look into adopting, either through an animal rescue or your local shelter, because a lot of times people just overlook that. And there are a lot of wonderful animal rescue organizations, but there are so many beautiful dogs at your local shelter. And that’s what I’m supporting, so I want to put that out there.”

What should Kate’s New Years resolution be?
“It’s so complicated this year! I mean, usually in the past, it’s been to let her children run their own life, but this year, I think she’s going to resolve to make all things right in the world and in Salem — in her mind, anyway!”

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